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Student Life

Fundraising Form

At least two weeks prior to the fund-raiser, a member of the sponsoring organization must complete and submit this form. A representative of Student Life will review the form and reply to the sender. No fundraiser can be done without first having this form approved by Student Life.

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Type of Fundraiser:

Location of Fundraiser:

What will your organization be doing
with the money earned?

If you are making a donation with the money,
what organization are you donating it to?

Start Date of Fundraiser:

End Date of Fundraiser:

(Leave blank if the fundraiser will only be one day)

Please use the area below to indicate what type of food (or non-food) are you selling, what kind of raffle, or other (please explain):

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Terms and Conditions

I agree to the terms and conditions

By submitting this form, we agree to comply with all the requirements of the Student Organization Fund-Raising Policy and all other University policies. We understand that violation of this agreement may result in discipline of the student organization, potential loss of right to use university facilities, and other possible legal action.