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Our enquiry is around the questions related to Information Technology and Systems.

Our discussion is directed towards general audience (such as all business majors and minors).

Some sample questions are given below.

Knowledge Category

Some Key Questions


Why do we need information systems?

* What is the purpose of an information system?

* I use Facebook to connect with my friends, is that an Information System?


What is essential technology?

* What are the organizational and societal impacts of Information Systems such as Facebook?

* What are the tools available to work collaboratively?

* What is Green IT? How can IT be used in a sustainable way? Can IT help in making the organizations "greener"?


Who uses information systems?

* How can organizations understand the person who visited their site, but left just before completing the order.

* How do information systems help the managers who must make the right decision?


How are information systems developed and managed?

* How does an Information Systems department in an organization function?

* If IT is outsourced, why do the organizations still need to manage it? How do they do it? Where do they get the talent from?

* Privacy on the Internet. Do we care? Should we care? How can we care?

* Internet Security. What' that? Why should I care?

* How can social networking be utilized profitably by the organizations?

* Has IT made the world flat? Really?