University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Technology Council

Technology Council 2007/08 Annual Report
Kathy Pletcher, Chair, Technology Council

Purpose & Membership

The Technology Council is advisory to the Provost and responsible for developing and monitoring the campus technology plan and recommending technology policies. The Council is chaired by the Associate Provost of Information Services. Membership consists of representatives from each of the divisions, three faculty members, and one student.

Members for 2007/08 were:

Activities for 2007/08
  1. Reviewed progress on the IT 2007 Action in October and March.
  2. Monitored the clicker (interactive response systems) pilot.
  3. Implemented use of GB-Share for Technology Council document management.
  4. Reviewed utilization data for all computer labs and approved Academic Computer Lab Plan for 2008/09, which included the following changes: added two new small labs in the Athletics Department and one PC to the Social Sciences project rooms; eliminated the GIS teaching lab and reallocated three computers to a GIS project room; reduced the number of computers in the language lab from eight to five. The 2008/09 plan includes 110 networked PCs in eight locations; 76 surplus PCs in 5 locations and 41 Macintosh computers in 7 locations. The total cost for the 2008/09 plan is $85,000, which is funded from the Lab Mod Fund.
  5. Recommended to the CIO that the three year replacement cycle for computers be flexible in the case of computers that support lab science labs. The CIO agreed as long the computers can function effectively and be kept up-to-date with security software to ensure the campus network is safe.
  6. Sponsored Annual Technology Forum, May 1, which focused on Office 2007 rollout, the Web site redesign project, and a demonstration of clickers.
  7. Sponsored ECAR Undergraduate Survey of Computer Technology.
  8. Responded to the Committee on Committees survey regarding the work of the Technology Council.
  9. Revised the Information Security Policy and forwarded it to the Cabinet for action.
  10. Decided to defer a campus-wide survey of students and faculty/staff to fall 2008.
Value of the Council

The Technology Council members feel that the work of the Council is very important to the campus.  The Council meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters and is very productive.