University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Technology Council

Technology Council
Monday, April 2, 2012

Present: Scott Furlong, Craig Hanke, David Kieper, Mike Marinetti, Anne Buttke (representing Sue Mattison), Kathy Pletcher, Chuck Rybak, Mike Stearney, Christine Vandenhouten, Sharon Dimmer, Mike Marinetti
Excused: Brenda Amenson-Hill, Liz Leist, Dan McIver, Steve Vandenavond; ex-officio: Paula Ganyard
Guests: Marlys Brunsting, Mark Roe

  1. Called to order at 3:32 pm by Kathy Pletcher.
  2. Minutes: Minutes from the March 5, 2012 meeting were approved without any changes.
  3. Review of Revised Workstation Policy: Next revision of the policy was reviewed by Kathy Pletcher and Mark Roe. Several clarifications were suggested in regards to adding text about replacement priority and adding laptop differential costs along with a few wording corrections to clarify some points. Kathy and Mark will make the suggested changes to the policy draft and circulate for an approval via email before the next meeting of this Council.
  4. Review of draft Mobile Strategies document: A significant amount of discussion occurred regarding the draft mobile strategies document. A few wording changes were suggested. Most of the conversation was not with the draft itself, but more in how the strategies would be implemented. There is some interest/need in forming a campus group to facilitate planning, knowledge transfer, and coordination of projects around the development of applications and web content that can be consumed on mobile devices. Currently, only about five percent of campus web site visits come from mobile devices. But this number is expected to increase quickly in the future. There was discussion on where any style guide/branding would be applied (would be applied to official University business content/sites, but not perhaps to student organizations or informal class/student groups). The potential importance of mobile applications and content with a focus on the community, current and future students, and alumni was discussed.
  5. Progress Report on Technology Plan 2015: A progress report has been made available on GBShare for Technology Council members to review. Questions/comments can be directed to Kathy Pletcher. Since time was short, any discussion of the report was tabled until the next Technology Council meeting later in the month.
  6. Other Business: No other business was brought forward to the meeting.
  7. Next meeting (last for 2011/2012 school year): Monday, April 30, 3:30-4:30 pm
  8. Meeting was adjourned at: 4:35 pm