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Technology Council

Technology Council
Monday, April 1, 2013

Present: Brenda Amenson-Hill, Rajeev Bukralia (chair), Craig Hanke, Andy Kersten, David Kieper, Chuck Rybak, Mike Stearney, Paul Wikgren, Kimberly Vlies, Steve Vandenavond; ex-officio: Paula Ganyard
Excused: Scott Furlong, Sue Mattison, Dan McIver, Eric Morgan.

  1. Minutes from February 25, 2013 were approved as written.
  2. Technology Plan Discussion –
    Bukralia shared a document “The Building Blocks of the Tech Plan” with the Council. He reminded everyone that the focus should be what is good for the whole University. Bukralia presented for discussion a number of questions regarding the purpose and process of rewriting the tech plan. All agreed that this is an institutional IT plan. Concern was expressed about where it is that we dig down deeper in certain areas and when the plan stays at a higher level. It was suggested that a two-year cycle should be used because it goes with our budget cycle. We should plan to stay 1 year ahead of the biennium. It was also mentioned however that 3-years seems to the be reality that we live in.

    Who are the stakeholders of the plan was also discussed. There was a specific discussion about if and how the community fits into this plan. It was decided that community and UW System could be partners in project implementation stage rather than in the strategic development phase. A suggestion was made that K-12 schools be considered as a possible stakeholder as well. How do we work with the stakeholders was also discussed. Rybak said that the faculty should be given the freedom to do what they want in regards with technology.

    It was suggested that in order to solicit good feedback that the question be reframed to be “what strategic goals of your unit do you think that technology may be able to help with?”

    The Technology Council will continue to be part of the process, as will the IS Leadership Team, and the working group of (Bukralia, Ganyard, and Kieper)

    Bukralia reviewed the vision of the tech plan with the Council. He stated that it is factual, but not very inspirational. The Council was asked to think about the vision and send any ideas to Bukralia. The themes of the current plan were also reviewed along with the themes of the University’s strategic plan. The group discussed if those themes could be used instead. No decisions were made regarding themes at this time.

    Bukralia told the Council that they will each receive, via email, a template to complete with their items for the tech plan.

  3. Since there was no further business the Council adjourned.

Next scheduled meeting, May 13, 2013.