University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Technology Council

Technology Council
December 4, 2006

Present: Derryl Block, Kate Burns, Lisa DeLeeuw, Sharon Dimmer, Scott Furlong, David Kieper, Jacob Lopez, Dan McIver, Tim Sewall, Mike Stearney Christine Vandenhouten
Not Present: Daniel Meinhardt, Kathy Pletcher (chair), Zach Voelz
Guests: Diane Blohowiak, Paula Ganyard

  1. Called to order by Paula Ganyard, who was chairing the meeting in Kathy Pletcher’s absence, at 2:00 pm
  2. Minutes: Minutes of November 16 meeting were approved with a correction of the number of PCs in LS 102 lab.
  3. Lab Plan – Diane Blohowiak reported back to the Council that several classes with 14-20 students would make use of the LS 102 if it receives the eight additional computers.  CIT will be able to move forward with this change for the spring 2010 semester.  Diane also reported that CIT will be moving the MAC 120 lab to CL109B and turning MAC 120 into a tech classroom. This change will require about $1500-2000 to pay for the furniture to be dismantled and for the electrical to be taken care of properly.  There is a possibility that this will be in place for the spring 2010 semester.  Scott Furlong suggested that the Dry Lab computers be reduced to 8.  To address Kate Burn’s concern about the IS1129A lab, 2 PCs were added bringing that lab to 44.  These changes to the lab plan will require leasing 75 instead of 72 computers next year, because there are 3 additional PCs needed for LS 102 to bring that lab to 21.  The Council approved the lab plan.
  4. IT representation on sustainability committee – Scott Furlong reported back to the Council that he had contacted Kevin Fermainch about an IT representative on the Sustainability Committee.  The group is rethinking how they are organized and has submitted a proposal to the Chancellor.  Until they work through the changes the committee will contact CIT or the Technology Council if there are any IT issues that need to be addressed.
  5. Pictures of faculty and staff in the online directory – the Council agreed that this issue was not something that they should decide.
  6. Faculty access to student demographic/contact information – Christine Vandenhouten explained why she requested this be on the agenda.  After discussion it was determined that this was permissions issue and that it should be addressed within the faculty member’s department.
  7. Other business: There was no other business for the Council.
  8. Next meeting: To be decided for the spring 2010 semester.
  9. Adjourned: 2:30 pm