University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Technology Council

Technology Council
Meeting Minutes - March 7, 2011

Present: Kathleen Burns, Adam Dahlka, Sharon Dimmer, Scott Furlong, Paula Ganyard, Craig Hanke, David Kieper, Liz Leist, Dan McIver, Kathy Pletcher (chair), Mike Stearney, Christine Vandenhouten
Not present: Derryl Block, Tim Sewall, Zach Voelz
Guest: Diane Blohowiak

  1. Called to order - 2:32pm by chair
  2. Approval of the Minutes from February 7, 2011 - approved as written.
  3. IT Action Plan 2010-12 - The Council continued reviewing the IT Action Plan starting with the progress on the Going Green objectives. Blohowiak gave an update on the launch of Green Print on campus and reported that this will not only save us money, but also give us better data about campus printing. Pletcher reported on the Office Technology initiative which is looking at multiple-function devices to replace printers, faxes, copiers, etc. within offices. The advantage to the multi-function machines is that they are more toner and electrical efficient. The initiative is also testing 100% recycled paper to replace the 30% recycled paper we currently use.
  4. LS 102 computer lab proposal - Blohowiak shared with the Council a proposal to increase number of workstations in LS 102 from 21 to 26. The cost to Lab Mod would be $3265, but because the original lab proposal was based on higher costs per unit this cost should be covered with the lower price point we are actually buying at. Discussion about the proposal took place and was approved.
  5. LITC update of plagiarism survey and review of classroom technology - the LITC will be conducting a survey of the faculty and students regarding plagiarism and hopes to have it out by late April. The Council also asked the LITC to look at the classroom technology and this is on the agenda for their next meeting.
  6. Other Topics
    1. Social media strategy, policy issues - It was recommended that we invite Todd Sanders to meet with the Council at the April meeting. In addition, other individuals such as Sue Bodilly, Adam Halfmann, and Bridget Bishop would be invited to participate.
    2. Exploring laptop initiative - Discussion took place about exploring a laptop initiative as it is part of the Tech Plan. Most members questioned why we would be doing this at this point when over 80% of students report that they already have a laptop. It was suggested that it might be more beneficial to put our energies to ensuring that our services run on mobile platforms since handheld mobile devices are increasing rapidly.
  7. Adjourned at 3:30pm