University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Technology Council

Technology Council
Minutes of the meeting held 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
October 12, 2009

Present: Derryl Block, Kate Burns, Sharon Dimmer, Scott Furlong, David Kieper, Dan McIver, Kathy Pletcher (chair), Christine Vandenhouten, Zach Voelz
Not Present: Lisa DeLeeuw, Jacob Lopez, Daniel Meinhardt, Tim Sewall, Mike Stearney
Guests: Dan Spielmann, Paula Ganyard

  1. Called to order by chair at 2:00 pm
  2. Electronic Records Management - Dan Spielmann discussed the need for retention of email and other electronic documents as required to meet open records law and for legal e-discovery requests. Kathy indicated that the campus policy has been that individuals are responsible for retaining or deleting their emails and electronic documents as required by law. We can use general record retention schedules whenever applicable or we can establish record retention schedules when needed. Our email back-up system is designed for disaster recovery rather than archiving. Dave Kieper reported that there are no UW campuses that are archiving email. UW system has come up with a methodology for capturing and storing electronic records that are under e-discovery. Dave indicated that we last looked at the cost of archiving all email for students, faculty and staff the cost was prohibitive. However, if we only needed to archive a set of administrators the cost might be more manageable. CIT staff will investigate alternatives and cost for automatic archiving of all emails for selected user’s mailboxes and bring this information back to a later meeting. Kathy agreed to send out links to the UW System videos regarding ERM and that she would follow-up with Dan on the issue.
  3. Policy for Guest Access - The Council did a first review and had a discussion of the draft policy for guest access. It was suggested by Sharon Dimmer that it needed a policy statement and she volunteered to write something. It was further suggested that the word “furniture” be removed from the 12th bullet item and that the last sentence of the first paragraph be moved to after the bullets. These suggested changes will be made to the document and then it will be on the November agenda for a second review and approval.
  4. University Website – student’s homepage - Marketing and University Communications suggested that CIT lock down on-campus computers to always start on the campus “mainpage.” Currently, faculty and staff are allowed to set their homepage, and the homepage in student computing labs is set to the Current Students page ( viewing the pages and discussing the pros and cons, Council members unanimously agreed that it is best to leave things as is.The Current student page is designed to bring together the primary resources that students use on a daily basis and make it easy for them to navigate. Council members felt that Marketing and University Communications could ask the University Webmaster and the Student Affairs Webmaster to add links to important stories or spotlights to the students page and the faculty/staff page as appropriate and this should address the concern.
  5. Other business: There was no other business for the Council.
  6. Next meeting: November 16, 2009, 2:00 pm The Council will be discussing:
    • Student photos in SIS
    • Pictures of faculty and staff in online directory
    • Lab plan and usage statistics
    • Faculty access to student demographic/contact information in SIS
  7. Adjourned: 3:00 pm