University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Technology Council

Technology Council
Minutes of the meeting held 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
October 17, 2011

Present: Brenda Amenson-Hill, Sharon Dimmer, Scott Furlong, Craig Hanke, David Kieper, Liz Leist, Sue Mattison, Dan McIver, Kathy Pletcher, Chuck Rybak, Mike Stearney, Christine Vandenhouten, Zach Voelz; ex-officio: Paula Ganyard
Excused: Michael Hengels, Mike Marinetti
Guest: Linda Dupuis

  1. Called to order by Chair 3:30 pm.
  2. Introductions of new members were made.
  3. Minutes of the September 2011 meeting were approved with a minor date correction.
  4. Mobile Strategy
    1. Report back from Council Members
      1. Sharon Dimmer reported on Business & Finance Area's idea for mobile applications:
        • Bursar's office is interested in students being able to access SIS to view student financial accounts and make payments. Also interested in the possibility of e-billing notifications via text message.
        • Weidner center is interested in an app that would share event information. Campus maps, building maps with room numbers would be helpful.
        • Human Resources thinks open jobs might be work pursuing.
        • Public Safety reported that parking decal, SIS, and Tracs would be systems they are interested in accessing.
        • The Union asked if the new CMS will allow for easy development of mobile versions of websites.
        • The Union also thinks that EMS master calendar, JSA: online card office, ProVenue TicketStar, Zimride and Fore! all would be nice to have in mobile versions.
        • Dining would like to have daily menu selections, dining events and nutritional info available on a mobile app.
      2. Brenda Amenson-Hill reported that an events calendar and maps was the most popular items from Student Affairs.
      3. Liz Leist reported for University Advancement which are interested in a giving option, directory, emergency information, calendar and maps.
      4. Dan McIver reported that Athletics website provider is already building a app for them, but felt that access to SIS and maps would be helpful.
      5. Zach Voelz reported that Outreach and Adult Access has been talking about mobile technology in regards to course integration, pedagogy, and mobile learning
    2. Report on mobile strategy work group: Co-chairs are Kathy Pletcher and Marlys Brunsting. Members are: Bridget Carriveau, Andrew Gavin, Josh Goldman, Kelly McBride, Kimberly Vlies, Erik Steliga, Lisa Tetzloff, Mona Christenson, and Darrell Renier. Sharon will check into a representative for Business and Finance. First meeting is October 18th.
  5. Progress Report on Tech Plan 2015 - Kathy shared an update with the Council on the progress made on the Tech Plan.
  6. Technology Survey - Student and faculty technology surveys are being drafted. We hope to have the surveys available October 31 - November 11. Tech Council members are invited to review the surveys.
  7. Other topics - A questions was raised about how to keep up on new technologies. Kathy shared that we try to share information about new technologies through the Library’s faculty newsletter, LTC workshops, CATL workshops, and LOG announcements.
  8. Next Meetings are scheduled for:
    • Monday, November 21, 3:30-4:30 pm
    • Monday, December 12, 3:30-4:30 pm
  9. Meeting was adjourned at 4:29 pm