University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Technology Council

Technology Council
Monday, September 24, 2012

Present: Rajeev Bukralia (chair), Scott Furlong, Craig Hanke, Andy Kersten, David Kieper, Sue Mattison, Dan McIver, Eric Morgan, Chuck Rybak, Mike Stearney, Steve Vandenavond, Kimberly Vlies, Paul Wikgren; ex-officio: Paula Ganyard; guests: Christina Trombley
Excused: Brenda Amenson-Hill.

  1. Called to order at 11:01 am by the chair. Introductions of committee members were made.
  2. The Technology Council charge was reviewed and the minutes from the May 2012 meeting were approved as written.
  3. CIO updates: Bukralia told the Council that he was meeting with a lot of faculty and staff to learn about technology issues on the campus and that he met, for the first time last week, with the UW System CIO Council. Bukralia also reported that there were some D2L issues at the beginning of the semester and that the problem was throughout the entire UW System. It is not clear what cause the issue, but some changes were made and it has been performing better. We will continue to update the UWGB faculty and students as things progress. Concern was expressed over the possibility of this happening again in the spring semester and whether or not we should notify students of the possibility. It was suggested that maybe we should be communicating a major issue like this to the entire campus instead of just to faculty and/or students as more people use D2L than just them. Rybak suggested faculty could maybe run their course via a blog as an alternative if D2L was to go down again in the future. It was also suggested that the Council discuss recommendations that they would like to make to the D2L Steering Committee.
  4. Issues to address this year:
    • D2L issues
    • Early alert part of D2L
    • Projection systems in classrooms
    • Adobe Connect / Blackboard Collaborate
    • Cloud Storage (document storage and collaboration)
    • Ensuring that web pages are mobile ready
    • Update on CMS status
    • Lyris list web mail functionality options for email campaigns
    • Analytics
  5. Technology Survey Results: Ganyard shared with the Council a quick review of the survey results from 2011.
  6. Adjourn: 12:00 pm