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Student Technology Issues – ACTION PLAN

Office 2007

The switch to Office 2007 has been challenging but there are number of tools to help you:

Exchanging files between Office 2007 and Office 2003 - To ensure that others can access your Office 2007 files please follow the steps in the document "Compatibility - Office 2007, Office 2003."


Students expressed an interest in having wireless access expanded to classrooms. The current campus wireless network is funded through student technology fees and reflects the priorities of the students: the Library, Student Union, and common gathering areas in classroom buildings. As part of the planning process for Tech Plan 2015 the Technology Council will review expansion of wireless access in classrooms, labs, and faculty offices. Additional base funding would be needed to accomplish this. University Housing is evaluating the possibility of adding wireless access to common areas in campus housing.

Kiosk Stations

Kiosk stations are very popular but many of you expressed frustration with how slow they are. In consultation with the student technology advisory group we are converting the full service kiosks to true kiosks. Essentially the kiosks will be stripped down internet machines that will be faster but will not have all the software that is available at computers in the general access labs across campus. In addition, we will be adding a couple more kiosks around campus to increase availability.

Computer Labs

Firefox - Many of you asked for Firefox to be installed on lab PCs. Unfortunately, Firefox does not work with our student network profiles, which means that personal settings and bookmarks would not be available. As an alternative, we have created instructions for you to install the portable version of Firefox on a flash drive so you can run it from there.

Graphics Lab (SA 314) - A new Xerox Phaser 7760 tabloid printer has been installed. "Local profiles" for the graphics students have been created, which will improve speed and eliminate disk quota problems.

Using flash drives in computer labs is now available - You should no longer require administrator assistance when trying to use a flash drive. If you should encounter this issue again in any of the labs, please report it to a lab consultant or the CIT Help Desk (465-2309).

Additional Macs in library - Two iMacs have been added to the 3rd floor open area in the library. Also the library project room 604M now has an iMac instead of a PC. All of these Macs are configured for dual-boot, so that they can be used as either a Macintosh or a Windows PC. Instructions are provided at the machine for booting into the OS of your choice.

IS General Access lab hours - You indicated that you wanted longer lab hours, so we have expanded them to:

Printing Services

Duplex printing - In an effort to "go green", duplex printing will be implemented this summer for the black and white General Access lab printers. Duplex printing will not be a default, it must be selected each time and the charge will be for printing two pages because of the toner used.

Wireless Printing - We are also evaluating a wireless printing service for possible implementation this summer.

Remote Lab Service

We are working to improve the Remote Lab service by scheduling weekly machine checks to improve speed and changing the time-out period to one hour to reduce the number of disconnections. Logging out of your remote lab session rather than just closing the browser will help to ensure that the machine doesn't hang and is available for the next student. You may also find that Remote Lab will work better if you use Firefox. If you experience problems with the Remote Lab, please contact the CIT Help Desk at 465-2309.


We have scheduled several one-hour introductory workshops to help you navigate the GBShare collaborative document management system. In addition, there are Quick Guides and Training Videos found in the left panel on the GBShare site that should help. The new version of GBShare, to be released summer 2009, has a more user-friendly interface.

Library Project Rooms

In the recent IS Survey students expressed interest in reserving study space in the library. To accommodate this request we now have 4 locked project rooms. Each room has a computer, table, and 4 chairs. Anyone wishing to use these rooms can make a reservation for up to 2 hours at a time. Reservations can be made at the Library Plaza Welcome Desk or by calling 465-2333. Keys can be checked out and returned to the Plaza Welcome Desk.