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Theatre & Dance

University Theatre

Ext. Th. Hall

University Theatre is a 450 seat proscenium theatre with dressing rooms and a green room.  Most Theatre Mainstage productions are produced in this space.  Additionally, music events, recitals, and the annual Danceworks concert are produced in this space.

UT seats

UT Technical Specifications

Seating Capacity: 457 (without seats on lift); 482 (with seats on lift)
Design: Step Level (no balcony)

Proscenium Opening: Width: 50 ft., Height: 23 ft. 4 in.
Curtain Line to Cyc: 34 ft.
Curtain line to Orchestra Pit: 3 ft.
Curtain Line to Front of Stage (with orchestra pit a stage level): 14 ft.
Proscenium to Back Wall: 38 ft. 6 in.
Proscenium to Stage Right Fly Rail: 15 ft. 8 in.
Proscenium to Off Stage Left Obstruction:  22 ft.
Additional Off Stage Left Storage Space: Width 19ft. 10 in., Depth 23 ft. 6 in.
Height of Grid: 55 ft.

Stage Floor
Type: Masonite Hardboard over 1 ½ inch Plywood
Substructure: 2 x 10 on 24 inch centers
Finish: Flat Black - Latex
General Condition: Good
Stage Left / Right beyond Wings: Concrete

Orchestra Pit
Can be placed at stage level, audience level with seating, or as an orchestra pit 8 ft. below stage level
Type: Hydraulic
Depth: 12 ft. 8 in. at center, 8 ft. 10 in. at outer edges
Width: 36 ft.

Stage Loading
Loading Door Location: Off Stage Left at Stage Level
Type: Overhead Door at Ground Level with direct access to stage area
Dimensions: Width: 8ft., Height: 13 ft
Overhang: 13 ft. 2 in. High Outside of Loading door
Full Size Trucks Cannot Back Straight Up to Door
Parking facilities with direct access to stage and dressing rooms

Stage Rigging
Type: Single Purchase Counterweight
Location of Fly Rail: Stage Right at Stage Level
Working Line Sets: 36, including 5 Electrics and Cyc
Length of Pipes: 59 ft. (lines 32-34: 54 ft.); Low Trim: 3 ft. 2 in., High Trim: 52 ft
Half Galleries: Stage Left / Right 25 ft above Stage Floor

Soft Goods
House Curtain: Flies in and out - color: gold
Borders: 8 Black - Width: 59 ft.  Height: 11 ft.
Legs: 7 Sets Black - Width 16 ft.  Height : 30 ft.
Travellers: 2 Black - Width: 59 ft.  Height: 25 ft. (with Fullness)
Cyclorama: Line 35 (not moveable)
Curves down to line 24

Clear - Com System
9 Portable Single Channel Belt Packs
Can be Located in Each Booth, Stage Left, and Stage Right
Stage Monitors to Dressing Rooms and Green Room

Control: Stand Century Mini - Light Palette memory board
Dimmers: 2.4 K - 132
6 K - 24 (Dimmers 25 - 36 and 109 - 120)
Patch Bay: Located at Half Gallery Stage Right
292 Circuits - Slider Type
Circuits 1 - 194 into Dimmers 1 - 77
Circuits 195 - 292 into Dimmers 81 - 159
Location of Control Board: In Booth at Rear of House
Remote Locations: Stage Right and Center of House
House Lights with Aisle Lights on Separate Control
House Light Controls in Each Booth, Downstage Left and Right Proscenium Wall, and Rear of House
Front of House Lighting Positions: #1 - 19 ft. from Proscenium - 45 Degrees to Curtain