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Tutoring Services

About Us

Tutoring Services offers free academic support in a variety of undergraduate subjects each semester. Courses affiliated with tutoring vary each semester during the spring and fall semesters of each academic year. Individual Tutoring and Study Groups are available. Peer Tutors will offer one-on-one assistance during individual tutoring sessions. Study Group Leaders guide study groups. Student Tutors & Group Leaders are subject area experts who have successfully completed the course, usually with the same professor. They are able to answer questions, review course material, assist with preparing for exams, guide discussion and provide tips on study strategies in the content area.

Individual Tutoring

Students seeking tutoring for a course are encouraged to see the Front Desk Staff in the Tutoring & Learning Center, CL 206, to complete a tutor request form for each course. Individual tutoring sessions begin the second week of the semester. If the course is supplemented by tutoring, Front Desk Staff assists to schedule the appointment. Contact us to ask about an individual peer tutoring solution by calling 920-465-2958, or by stopping by the new location for Tutoring and Learning Center, Cofrin Library 206.

Study Groups

A variety of courses each semester have study groups affiliated with them. Group tutoring usually starts the third week of the semester. Locations, dates and times, will be available on the UW-Green Bay Tutoring Services Facebook page and we will post Study Groups available each day. No prior appointment is needed to attend study groups.