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Tutoring Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Tutoring Services would like to invite you to allow us to be part of your study routine! Let us help you meet your goals and build your academic confidence!

Who can use Tutoring Services?

All undergraduates currently enrolled for credit at UW-Green Bay.

Is there a cost for tutoring?

No, it is free!

What kind of tutoring will I receive?

Tutoring Services offers both study groups and individual peer tutoring.**

What is peer tutoring?

Peer tutoring is a way to learn through subject area experts who are students just like you, but have successfully completed the course material, usually with the same instructor. They have received additional training to help you succeed.

Where will tutoring take place?

The Tutoring & Learning Center location is in the plaza level of the Cofrin Library, CL 206. This space can accommodate individual tutoring as well as small group gatherings. Some group tutoring will occur in various locations on campus, generally in classroom space.

Where can I find more information on Tutoring Services??

Please call 920-465-2958 to speak with the Coordinator, stop by the Tutoring & Learning Center.

** Not all undergraduate courses are supplemented with tutoring and the list varies each semester.