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University Union

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pay my tuition/pick up my refund check?

Answer: Bursar’s Office, located in the Student Services Building

Where can I buy a parking pass?

Answer: Bursar’s Office. Visitor parking passes can be purchased at the Parking Hut located on Main Entrance Drive near the Weidner Center. Parking tickets are also paid at the Bursar’s Office.

I need pass points before tomorrow morning and I live off-campus. Can you put money on my card over the phone?

Answer: No, we cannot, but you can add pass points online by clicking here.

The vending machine ate my dollar! Where can I go for a refund?

Answer: The University Ticketing and Information Center can refund vending machine errors up to $3.00.

My organization is having a bake sale and we need a money bag. How do we go about getting one?

Answer: All change fund requests must be done through University Union Financial Services. Applications can be picked up at the University Ticketing & Information Center in the Union and returned to Financial Services, located on the 3rd floor of the Union. Financial services needs three days notice to make a bag for your organization.

I lost my scarf and it’s really cold without it. Would you know who I could contact to find it?

Answer: The University Ticketing & Information Center operates and maintains the main lost and found for UWGB. Smaller lost and founds are located at the Weidner Center, Kress Events Center, Hendrickson Community Center, Public Safety, and the 3rd floor of the Library. Lost items are kept for two months before they are donated. The University Ticketing & Information Center is the only place on campus that holds lost ID cards.

My ID card doesn’t work anymore. Can you reactivate it for me?

Answer: Unfortunately, ID Cards cannot be reactivated. You can get a new ID card at the University Ticketing & Information Center in the Union during their regular business hours. A replacement ID is $15. Dining and pass points are available immediately for use, but it can take up to 20 minutes for your residence hall or apartment key to be functional.

Wow, it’s really snowing out here! Are classes cancelled for the day?

Answer: The University will not cease operations unless the GB Metro also ceases operations. However, professors may choose to cancel their classes. To see a list of class cancellations, stop by the UTIC in the Union or call us at 920-465-2400, or email

My child is going to be entering college next year and we were interested in touring UWGB. Where can we set up a tour time?

Answer: The admissions office in the Student Services building puts together tour times. They can also be contacted at 920.465.2111.

How can I see how many more classes I need to get out of here?

Answer: Academic Advising can help you choose the classes you need to graduate. Also, once you enter a major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor from within the major to help you decide what classes to take.