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Rick Warpinski

I started working in the Student Union (the name at the time) on the UWGB campus as a junior in the fall of 1989, as a student building manager. In January of 1990 I also worked as an activities assistant; working with student organizations and the leadership and development programs. I graduated in June of 1991 and started working full-time in the Student Union as the operations manager supervising the building manager, custodians, and event setup and support areas. In the fall of 1992 I moved to Arlington, Texas taking a job as a night and weekend manager at the University of Texas-Arlington and after a few months was promoted to the operations supervisor position. I returned to UWGB in September of 1994 to work in the expanded University Union (the new name) as the operations manager. In 1997 I was promoted into the assistant director of building services position adding responsibilities for maintenance and campus reservations. In the spring of 2003, looking to fulfill a life-goal to operate/manage a golf course, I was hired away from the Union to manage UW-Green Bay’s Shorewood Golf Course. I returned to the Union as the director in January of 2005 retaining management of the Shorewood operation in addition to the Union director roles and responsibilities. When July of 2012 arrives, I will have worked professional in the Union and Student Activities area for 21 years with 19 of those years at UW-Green Bay.

In my current role as director of the University Union & Shorewood Golf Course, I am responsible for the overall management and supervision of your 105,000 sq. ft. University Union including all operational and physical aspects of the facility. The Union has many “tenants” including The Phoenix Bookstore, Office of Student Life and the American Intercultural Center. A good portion of the director role includes contractual management of the University Dining Services (Chartwells), campus-wide vending (Konop and BE’s) and banking services (UW Credit Union). In total, there are 12 professional staff and over 70 student employees with an annual budget of $2.3 million (totals closer to $6 million when the contract operations are included). In addition, the Shorewood Golf Course operation continues to report through me. That area has two professional staff, four limited-term employees, and 15 students working seasonally for a golf course that sees over 22,000 golfers and another 5,000 restaurant customers each with a budget of about $400,000.

I spent five years completing my undergrad program at UWGB culminating a double-major in business and psychology (’91 Alum). I followed that with an MBA (Masters Business Administration) through UW-Oshkosh in December of 1998. That education has been augmented with numerous personal and professional development experiences highlighted by the attendance and participation in the Indiana Professional Development Seminar in the summer of 1994. My background and exposure to the “College Union Idea” are rooted in these various experiences and guide most decisions in support of the University Union here at UW-Green Bay.

I’m a nearly lifelong (absent the two years spent in Texas) Green Bay resident, having grown up on the east side Green Bay. I occasionally roamed the tunnels here a teenager and only ever thought of going to UWGB after graduating from Preble High School (’86). I married by high school sweetheart – Heidi Shackelford - in June of 1992 (as of this writing it has now been 20 great years). We have two children – Katie (Katelynn) 13 and Jake (Jacob) 10- and reside in the Preble School District just a few short blocks from where I grew up as a kid.

I obviously enjoy golfing, most any sport, plus sailing on the waters of Green Bay with Heidi and her family. I enjoyed handy work around my house and here in your Union (for what I am allowed to and am capable of doing). In recent years I’ve taken on two treasurer roles with local non-profit operations in the areas of sailing and youth baseball. My son plays baseball and I have helped coach his teams for a few years now, which has been highlighted by many tournament wins and travel throughout the state and region in support of his interests. With maybe half my career over, I hope to add to the above with many wonderful and rewarding experiences over the next 15-20 years in support of my alma mater! Go Phoenix!

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Phone: (920) 465-2090