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University Union

Rooms and Spaces

The University Union’s meeting rooms, promotional spaces, multi-purpose event rooms, as well as outdoor areas, may be reserved for meetings, conferences, banquets, dances, or other types of gatherings.

1965 Room
Square Feet 1666
Conference 40 People
U-Shape 33 People
Class Room 55 People
Theatre 80 People
Tables & Chairs 54 People
Christie Theatre
Square Feet 2126
Conference N/A
U-Shape N/A
Class Room 188 People
Theatre 188 People
Tables & Chairs N/A
Heritage Room
Square Feet 541
Conference 18 People
U-Shape 16 People
Class Room 20 People
Theatre 30 People
Tables & Chairs 16 People
Manistique Room
Square Feet 352
Conference 20 People
U-Shape 15 People
Class Room 15 People
Theatre 21 People
Tables & Chairs 15 People
Phoenix Room A
Square Feet 1324
Conference 32 People
U-Shape 25 People
Class Room 40 People
Theatre 100 People
Tables & Chairs 64 People
Phoenix Room B
Square Feet 3664
Conference 50 People
U-Shape 40 People
Class Room 120 People
Theatre 300 People
Tables & Chairs 160 People
Phoenix Room C
Square Feet 2338
Conference 50 People
U-Shape 40 People
Class Room 72 People
Theatre 140 People
Tables & Chairs 96 People
Wequiock Room
Square Feet 421
Conference 20 People
U-Shape 15 People
Class Room 20 People
Theatre 28 People
Tables & Chairs 16 People
Room 103
Square Feet 1100
Conference 40 People
U-Shape 40 People
Class Room 45 People
Theatre 90 People
Tables & Chairs 32 People
Room 125
Square Feet 481
Conference 26 People
U-Shape 21 People
Class Room 20 People
Theatre 35 People
Tables & Chairs 24 People
World Unity A
Square Feet 460
Conference 20 People
U-Shape 12 People
Class Room 20 People
Theatre 28 People
Tables & Chairs 16 People
World Unity B
Square Feet 558
Conference 26 People
U-Shape 21 People
Class Room 24 People
Theatre 40 People
Tables & Chairs 18 People

Academic Buildings

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay offers many viable rooms for every occasion. Two weeks after each semester starts, University Reservations will take requests for space use in academic buildings. For more information on reserving spaces throughout the campus please contact the Reservations and Event Support Coordinator Andy Wenig.

Lambeau Cottage

Nestled on the bay of Green Bay, Lambeau Cottage offers the right location for any event. Once Curly Lambeau's cottage, and now a home for your grand event. Lambeau Cottage is surrounded by lush green nature, creating a private setting, and the bay of Green Bay will be the perfect backdrop to your event. A brick-laid barbeque stands kitty corner from the cottage, perfect for entertaining guests. Lambeau Cottage provides a cozy warm setting for pre-Packer parties, meetings, team builders, with just the right amount of nostalgia. Lambeau Cottage is fully furnished with a brick-laid fireplace, a small kitchen, and restrooms. There is no WI-FI or air conditioning within Lambeau Cottage, however the cement walls help to keep the temperature cool.

Student Usage

University approved meetings or events sponsored by registered student organizations, student-focused departments, or academic classes do not pay meeting room usage fees. Student's should be the primary attendees or participants at these scheduled events.

Faculty & Staff Usage

Departmental meetings and any faculty / staff / student meetings where the event is tied into the mission of the University do not pay a room usage fee, if a fee is not charged to guests attending the event. However, if an event does charge a fee to its attendees, an incidental fee may be charged.

Incidental Fees

The internal rental rate would apply to "University Mission Statement" related meetings or events that are co-sponsored by faculty, staff, alumni groups, or university departments. Whether the university department is actually charged for the room usage depends upon the funding of the meeting or event.

If the event is fully General Purpose Revenues funded and put on by a University department, there is no incidental fee.

For all University departments sponsoring meetings or events that are funded with non-General Purpose Revenues dollars, (an example would be a department putting on a conference and charging a conference fee), an hourly incidental fee would be applied. If you have questions on your rate, please contact University Reservations at 920.465.2462.

External Rental

The external rental rate would apply to all off-campus individuals or groups renting meeting room space on the campus. It would also apply to any faculty, staff, or student member that is using a room for a private, personal event, where the majority of the guests are non-campus related.

Room/ Incidental Fees/External Fees

1965 Room - $25/hr · $40/hr

Christie Theatre - $25/hr · $40/hr

Heritage - $10/hr · $20/hr

Manistique - $10/hr · $20/hr

Leona Cloud Commons - $35/hr · $50/hr

Leona Cloud A - $15/hr · $30/hr

Leona Cloud ABC - $55/hr · $90/hr

Phoenix Rooms A - $15/hr · $30/hr

Phoenix Rooms B - $35/hr · $50/hr

Phoenix Rooms C - $25/hr · $40/hr

Phoenix Rooms A/B - $45/hr · $70/hr

Phoenix Rooms B/C - $55/hr · $80/hr

Phoenix Rooms A/B/C - $65/hr · $100/hr

Wequiock - $10/hr · $20/hr

Phoenix Club (Entertainment Side) - $20/hr · $30/hr

Phoenix Club (Party Room) - $10/hr · $20/hr

Phoenix Club (Recreation Side) - $20/hr · $30/hr

Room 103 - $15/hr · $30/hr

Room 125 - $10/hr · $20/hr

Room 206 - $15/hr · $30/hr

World Unity A - $10/hr · $20/hr

World Unity B - $10/hr · $20/hr


Location: University Ticketing & Information Center


Phone: (920) 465-2462