UW-Green Bay

Pass Points

As a student, faculty, or staff of the University, you have a Pass Point account that can be accessed by the magnetic stripe on your University ID.

The Pass Point account allows you to prepay for goods and services in most retail areas on campus, as well as select off campus locations. The Pass Point account is a declining balance or prepaid debit account. When you make a purchase with your Pass Points, the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your Pass Point account and your remaining balance will be displayed at the cash register or any self-service vendor (vending machines, balance readers, laundry machines, etc.).

UWGB Student will receive a 5% discount when purchasing food items from the campus dining locations, using their Pass Points as payment.

How to Purchase Pass Points

  1. Visit the online card office here.
  2. Visit the University Ticketing & Information Center in the University Union.
  3. Visit either of the Value Transfer Stations located in the Cofrin Library or in the computer lab in the Instructional Services building.

Please note: You can purchase Pass Points using cash, check or credit card. Pass Points are non-refundable while you are enrolled at UW-Green Bay. Pass Points remain active until you are no longer enrolled in classes at UW-Green Bay. Within two weeks after your departure from the University, you are eligible for a partial refund of your balance, upon your request.

*Pass Points can be used to purchase prescriptions at CVS Pharmacy.

Pass Point Refund Request Form

Off Campus Merchants Accepting Pass Points

BP Gas Station

Address: 2260 Nicolet Drive
Phone: 920-465-8055

Address: 2278 Bay Settlement
Phone: 920-288-0038
Website | Facebook

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 930 Main Street
Phone: 920-436-9382
Website | Facebook

Festival Foods

Address: 2430 University Avenue
Phone: 844-465-3707

Address: 2534 Steffens Court 
Phone: 920-465-3800
Website | Facebook


Address: 2925 Voyager Drive
Phone: 920-406-8000
Website | Facebook

Noodles and Company

Address: 2450 East Mason Street
Phone: 920-469-3095
Website | Facebook


Address: 2042 Main Street
Phone: 920-432-3232
Website | Facebook


Address: 2260 Nicolet Drive
Phone: 920-884-7827
Website | Facebook

Kwik Trip

Address: 2400 University Avenue
Phone: 920-469-7527
Website | Facebook