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Dining Points & Plans

A variety of Dining Plan options are available to the UWGB students, from the required minimum plan for all residence hall students, to an array of optional plans.

 *All plans include $100.00 overhead fee that covers administration of the plans, utilities and infrastructure costs associated with dining on campus, and equipment replacement needs in the dining operations.

Dining Plan 2015-2016
Total Cost
Dining Points
Pass Points
UWGB Plan $1,100 $1,000 $0 That's $10 a day or $72 a week for food
Nicolet Plan $1,500 $1,250 $225 This equates to about $12.50/day for meals and $15/week for incidentals.
Phoenix Plan $1,750 $1,525 $225 This equates to about $15/day for meals and $15/week for incidentals.

All students residing in a residence hall are required to purchase a Basic Dining Plan, each semester. All Dining Plans include an administrative fee. At any point during a semester, a student can add to their Dining Plan account or take advantage of the Pass Point options.

Dining Plans are accepted as a form of payment at all locations on campus that serve food. Meals are a la carte and students may eat as much or as little as they wish, paying only for the items they have selected to purchase. Students do not pay sales tax on food purchases when using a Dining Plan. Dining Plans carry over from fall to spring semester, but must be used by the end of the academic year. Students will be given the opportunity to transfer up to $100 of their Dining Plan to Pass Points, during the last two weeks of the spring semester.

How to purchase Dining Points and Plans

  • 1. Residence Hall Dining Plans are selected when you go through Residence Life's check-in process and will be billed directly to the student's SIS account.
  • 2. Students living in apartments or off campus can purchase Dining Points in any dollar amount, to be used at all locations on campus that serve food. Purchase Dining Points online with a valid MasterCard or VISA by clicking on the Quick Deposit link, via charging to your SIS account online by clicking here (select dates prior to financial aid disbursement ONLY) or visit the University Ticketing & Information Center.

*All residence hall students are required to purchase the basic Residence Hall Dining Plan, but can couple that plan with any other plan or Point option. Residence Hall Dining Plans are billed directly to the student's SIS account.

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