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Dining Points & Plans

A variety of Dining Plan options are available to the UWGB students, from the required minimum plan for all residence hall students, to an array of optional plans.

*All plans for fall 2016 semester are tentative as of now, until further completion. Plans and cost are per semester.

2016 Tentative Fall Semester Plan
Total Cost
Dining Points
Phoenix/All Access $1,395/semester $150 Best value at $11.85 a day
Green 19 Meals/Week $1,345/semester $150 Three meals a day M-F & 2 meals a day Sat.-Sun.
UWGB 14 Meals/Week $1,295/semester $125 For an average eater, or if you cannot choose.
Varsity 10 Meal Plan $1,245/semester $125 Suggested for Upperclassmen with Kitchens
Bay Block Combo Plan $1,225/semester $300 Recommended for Commuter Students

All Dining Plans include an administrative fee. At any point during a semester, a student can add to their Dining Plan account or take advantage of the Pass Point options.

Dining Points carry over from fall to spring semester, but must be used by the end of the academic year.

UW-Green Bay Meal Plan Basics

  • All-Access Plan (Phoenix) - Allows for unlimited access to the main dining hall during all normal operating hours.
  • 10/14/19 Meal Plans (Varsity/UWGB/Green) - Allows for a number of entries each week into the main dining hall during all normal operating hours.
  • Block Meal Plans (Bay/Commuter) - Allows for a number of entries each semester into the main dining hall or a combo meal from one of the various dining outlets on campus during all normal operating hours.
  • Dining Points - Pre-paid declining balance account that can only be used for the purchase of food at on campus dining locations.
  • Pass Points - Pre-paid declining balance account that can be used for the purchase of food and supplies at on and off campus dining and retails locations.
  • Dining Hall Location - The Marketplace inside Leona Cloud Commons is the main dining hall on campus where all-you-can-eat meals are served weekdays and weekends through the academic year.
  • Retail Dining Location - Common Grounds Coffeehouse, The Corner Store, Union Lower Level Food Court, Garden Café, MAC Hall Cart, Rosewood Café, and Shorewood Golf Course are locations on campus where students can make use of their meal plans, dining points, and pass points. The All-Access (Phoenix) Plan has limited access to these venues.
  • Transfer Meals - 10/14/19 and Block Meal Plans all include this option where a Combo Meal is available for one block meal or one of the 10/14/19 meals for that week. The All-Access Plan may have some access to this option but then the student is prohibited from entering the dining hall until the start of the next meal period.
  • Combo Meal - This is a meal option where a student can receive a pre-defined combination meal usually consisting of an entrée, one side, and a beverage.

How to purchase Dining Points and Plans

  • 1. Residence Hall Dining Plans are selected when you go through Residence Life's check-in process and will be billed directly to the student's SIS account.
  • 2. Students living in apartments or off campus can purchase Dining Points in any dollar amount, to be used at all locations on campus that serve food. Purchase Dining Points online with a valid MasterCard or VISA by clicking on the Quick Deposit link, via charging to your SIS account online by clicking here (select dates prior to financial aid disbursement ONLY) or visit the University Ticketing & Information Center.

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