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Office of Marketing and University Communication

Experts on Education and Learning

Adult Education:

Eric Craver, Director of External Relations, Outreach and Adult Access.
Adult education. Adult degree programs.

Ryan Kauth, Director of the Small Business Development Center at UW-Green Bay.
Economic development and entrepreneurship. Small business issues, including start-up, management and marketing. Young professionals.

Christina Trombley, Director of Adult Degree Program.
Adult education and related trends. The adult learner. Online education, including leadership strategies for online degree programs in public higher education.

Christine Vandenhouten, Associate Professor of Nursing.
Community health nursing. HIV/AIDS. Social justice. Impact of poverty on health outcomes. Immersion/simulation learning face to face and virtual worlds (e.g., Second Life). Health policy. Assessment of education outcomes. Adult education (educational technology).

Children's Literature:

Joan Thron, Associate Professor Emerita of Education.
Children's literature.

College Credit in High School:

Meagan Strehlow, Coordinator of College Credit in High School and Credit Outreach, Division of Outreach and Adult Access.
Opportunities for college credit in high schools.

Disability Issues in Postsecondary Education:

Lynn Niemi, Coordinator, Disability Services.
Disability issues and laws in postsecondary education.
465-2849 (o), 429-0428 (h).

International Education and Travel:

Kristin Aoki, Student Services Coordinator, Office of International Education.
Study abroad. Immigration policies. Japan. Scotland.

Brent Blahnik, Director, Office of International Education.
International education.

Paula Ganyard, Director, Cofrin Library.
Japan. Germany. Italy. France. Austria. Poland. Czech Republic. England. Scotland. Northern Ireland. Netherlands.

Elizabeth Hessler, University Services Program Associate, NEW Partnership for Children and Families.
Guam, Samoa and Hawaiian culture. Polynesian dancing.

Robert Wenger, Professor Emeritus of Natural and Applied Sciences.
Contemporary China. Chinese environmental problems and policy issues.

Learning Disabilities:

Timothy Kaufman, Associate Professor of Education. Chair of Professional Program in Education and Education Graduate Programs.
Managing change, particularly in educational settings. Learning disabilities.
465-2003 (o), 490-1661 (h).


Paula Ganyard, Director, Cofrin Library.
Libraries and librarianship.

Philosophy of Teaching:

Jennifer Ham, Professor of Humanistic Studies (German).
History and philosophy of teaching. Philosophy of education and pedagogy. German language. 19th and 20th century German culture, literature and popular entertainment. Nietzsche. Animal studies.

Science Education:

Scott Ashmann, Associate Professor of Education.
Science education. Teacher preparation.

Heidi Fencl, Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences (Physics).
Science education, especially issues related to retention of women and girls.

Teacher Preparation:

Scott Ashmann, Associate Professor of Education.
Science education. Teacher preparation.

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