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Experts on History

Art History:

Carol Emmons, Professor Emerita of Art and Design (Art, Art History).
Art history. Contemporary art. Contemporary sculpture.

U.S. History:

James Coates, Associate Professor of Education.
American sport history. African-American history.
465-2857 (o), 469-9644 (h).

Harvey Kaye, Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies (Sociology, History) and Director of the Center for History and Social Change. Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professor.
American history and politics. Intellectuals. Radicals.

Peter Kellogg, Associate Professor Emeritus of Humanistic Studies (History).
Modern U.S. history. African-American history. American Indian studies. Human relations and the humanities.

J. Vincent Lowery, Associate Professor of Humanistic Studies (History).
United States history since the Civil War. African-American history. Ethnic diversity. Memory studies. History of the U.S. South.

Eric J. Morgan, Assistant Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies (History).
Modern U.S. history, contemporary U.S. politics, U.S. foreign relations, social movements, and South Africa.

David Voelker, Associate Professor of Humanistic Studies (History).
United States history to 1900. American religious history. American thought.

Wisconsin, Northeastern Wisconsin History:

Debra L. Anderson, Coordinator of Archives and Area Research Center in the Cofrin Library.
Records, historical documents and photographs for Northeastern Wisconsin (eleven counties). Genealogy. Historical information on population patterns for area; building and community histories; and immigration (with special focus on Belgian-Americans). Special emphasis on primary sources (original materials) and their research as well as preservation issues.

William Laatsch, Professor Emeritus of Urban and Regional Studies (Geography).
Cultural geography. Settlement geography. Northern lands. Belgians of Northeast Wisconsin. Historic and cultural preservation.

Jerrold Rodesch, Associate Professor Emeritus of Humanistic Studies (History).
U.S. history. History of Wisconsin. Intellectual history.

Ellen Rosewall, Professor of Art and Design.
Arts and culture in Northeast Wisconsin.

World History:

Gregory Aldrete, Professor of Humanistic Studies (History).
Roman history and culture. Ancient Greek history and culture. Ancient civilizations. Gestures and non-verbal communication. Oratory and persuasive public speaking. Floods. Military history.

Craig Lockard, Professor Emeritus of Social Change and Development (History). Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professor.
History of the world, particularly that of Southeast Asia and China. History of the Vietnam War. Modern Malaysia and China. Folk, protest and popular music in the U.S. and the world.

Joyce Salisbury, Professor Emerita of Humanistic Studies (History). Frankenthal Professor.
History of Christianity. Medieval history. Women in the ancient world. Martyrdom.

Heidi Sherman, Associate Professor of Humanistic Studies (History).
Medieval Europe. The Vikings (history and archaeology). Russia (history). Medieval Islam.

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