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Office of Marketing and University Communication

Experts on Sports and Athletics

Eric Morgan, Assistant Professor of History and Democracy & Justice Studies. U.S. Foreign Policy; South Africa; Political History; Sport History; Literary History; Social Movements; Travel and Tourism; National Parks
(920) 465-2714.

Athletics Marketing and Publicity:

Bryan Carr, Assistant Professor of Communication, Information Sciences and Women & Gender Studies. Video Games, Online Culture, Comics, Superheroes, Social Media, Advertising, Race and Gender representation in media and popular culture, Broadcasting—Radio and Television, Podcasting
(920) 465-5042.

Molly Christel, Assistant Director of Ticket Sales & Services.
(920) 465-5087.

Joseph Daniels, Director of Strategic Communications. Men's Basketball. Volleyball. Golf.
(920) 465-2498.

Molly Vandervest, Assistant AD for Development.
(920) 465-2010.

Middle and High School Athletics:

Pao Lor, Associate Professor of Education. Teacher Preparation; Educational Administration; Hmong Americans; Middle and High School Athletics
(920) 464-2426.

Academic Support for Athletes:

Michael Kline, Student-Athlete Academic Coordinator. Academic support for athletes.
(920) 465-2950.

Athletics Training:

Jana Fogaca, Assistant Professor of Sport and Exercise Psyhcology. Health and Wellness. Sports and Athletics.
(920) 465-2569.

James Marker, Associate Professor of Human Biology. Fitness; Exercise Training,; Ergogenic Sports Aids; Sports Nutrition;  Environmental Physiololgy; Hormones and Exercise; Caloric Expenditure/Metabolism; Folk music and folk guitar/banjo
(920) 465-2230.

Amanda Nelson, Associate Professor of Human Biology and Associate Dean of College of Science & Technology. Athletic Training; Exercise Physiology; Anatomy & Physiology; Neuroanatomy
(920) 465-2197.

Lynn Niemi, Coordinator of Disability Services. Disability Issues; K-12 Disability and Reasonable Accommodations; Resources for Families Regarding Disability; Sports & Athletics—hockey
(920) 465-2849.

Brandon Schlotthauer, Director of Strength & Conditioning and Associate Lecturer of Human Biology. Strength & Conditioning; Injury Risk Reduction; General Athletic Development
(920) 465-2681.

Athletics Coaching:

Daniel Bickett, Head Coach, Men's Tennis and Women’s Tennis.
(920) 465-2145.

Jeremy Bonomo, Head Coach, Men's Soccer.
(920) 465-2092.

Kevin Borseth, Head Coach, Women's Basketball.
(920) 465-5077.

Kim Brandao, Head Coach, Women's Soccer.
(920) 465-2737.

Sean Burdette, Head Coach, Women's Volleyball.
(920) 465-2573.

Linc Darner, Head Coach, Men's Basketball.
(920) 465-5046.

Kelsey Frey, Head Coach, Women's Golf.
(920) 465-2145.

Michael Kline, Head Coach, Men's and Women's Cross Country.
(920) 465-2950.

Lee Reinke, Assistant Director of Business/Retail and Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach. Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach; General Manager of Shorewood Golf Course
(920) 465-2233.

Reed Robelot, Head Coach, Swimming and Diving.
(920) 465-2367.

Beth Spoehr, Head Coach, Women's Softball.
(920) 465-2364.

Steve Teclaw, Head Coach, Men's and Women's Nordic Skiing.
(920) 465-2145.

Bruce Vandenplas, Associate Lecturer of Human Biology and Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education. Radio Broadcasting; Sports and Athletics
(920) 465-2094.

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