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Experts on War in Iraq, Afghanistan

Denise Bartell, Associate Professor of Human Development.
Teaches human and family development. Can discuss family dynamics and relationships in families separated by war.
465-5041, 465-2368 (messages).

Illene Cupit, Professor of Human Development (Psychology).
Has done research on adolescents coping with death and loss. Can talk about adolescents and young people coping with the impact of war.
465-2703, 465-2368 (messages).

Scott Furlong, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs (Political Science).
Teaches American government, public policy and administrative law. Can speak to issues of domestic politics, American public opinion and how the war is perceived in the United States.
465-2995, 465-2336 (messages).

Derek Jeffreys, Professor of Humanistic Studies.
Teaches religious studies and human values courses. Can speak to ethical implications of war and Christian attitudes and responses.
465-2672, 465-2348 (messages).

William Lepley, Associate Professor of Business Administration.
Teaches and advises students in finance. Can address impact on financial markets.
465-2044, 465-2051 (messages).

David Littig, Associate Professor Emeritus of Public and Environmental Affairs (Political Science).
Political behavior, comparative political systems. Can speak on domestic issues, public opinion about the war, political impact.

Craig Lockard, Professor Emeritus of Social Change and Development (History). Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professor.
History of the world and modern world. Can discuss America in the world, including how the U.S. is perceived by other countries and why.

Timothy Meyer, Professor Emeritus of Information and Computing Science (Communication).
Mass communication and impact of media coverage, particularly electronic media. Can discuss media coverage of the war.

Cristina Ortiz, Professor of Humanistic Studies.
Can talk about impact of federal directives related to international students, how international community views the war.
465-2450, 465-2348 (messages).

Jerrold Rodesch, Associate Professor Emeritus of Humanistic Studies.
Prof. Rodesch is a former Foreign Service officer. Can talk about history of U.S. foreign policy.

Meir Russ, Professor of Business Administration.
Teaches international business and has lived in the Middle East. Can talk about the impact of the war on international business, the history of the region and the region's perspectives on the war.
465-2757, 465-2051 (messages).

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