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Experts on Women's Issues

Psychology of Women:

Illene Cupit, Professor of Human Development (Psychology, Women's and Gender Studies). Director of Institute on Death, Dying and Bereavement.
Infancy and early childhood. Attachment relationships of babies and young children to caregivers. Bereavement and grieving.

Christine Smith, Associate Professor of Human Development (Psychology, Women’s and Gender Studies).
Psychology of women. Body image and weight. Romantic and interpersonal relationships. Lesbian and gay issues. Prejudice and stereotyping. The impact of social class (classism).

Women and Justice:

Andrew Austin, Associate Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies.
Crime and justice issues. Race and justice. Social class and justice. Women and justice. Anti-environmentalism.

Women in History:

Joyce Salisbury, Professor Emerita of Humanistic Studies (History). Frankenthal Professor.
History of Christianity. Medieval history. Women in the ancient world. Martyrdom.

Women in Literature:

Jennifer Ham, Professor of Humanistic Studies (German).
German language. 19th and 20th century German culture, literature and popular entertainment. Nietzsche. Animal studies. Philosophy of education and pedagogy.

Women in Math:

Kate Burns, Associate Professor of Human Development (Psychology).
Stereotyping, emotion and self-regulation. Women in math.

Women in Science:

Heidi Fencl, Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences (Physics).
Science education, especially issues related to retention of women and girls.

Donna Ritch, Associate Professor of Human Biology and Biology.
Women in science.

Women's Issues in Global Perspectives:

Lynn Walter, Professor Emerita of Social Change and Development (Anthropology, Women's and Gender Studies).
Women's issues in global perspective.

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