June 2003

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Phoenix Sports Center project

UW-Green Bay bear study

Schools receive Partnership grants

RCMS receives funds

Regents approve promotions

Griebling, Meredith recital

Music camp fundraiser

'Featured Faculty' honors

Theater awards, scholarships

New book on Lewis and Clark

Summer camp for young entrepreneurs

Spring semester academic honors

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Phoenix Sports Center project takes another step forward

GREEN BAY - Planning for an updated and expanded Phoenix Sports Center took a second major step forward today (June 18) with a key endorsement from the commission that oversees state facilities development.

The State Building Commission voted unanimously to allow the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to begin spending planning money on the project during the 2003-05 biennium.

"We're delighted by this action," said UW-Green Bay Chancellor Bruce Shepard, speaking from Madison where the vote took place. "The merits of this project are such that, even in difficult economic times, we have been able now to gain support from both the executive and legislative branches of state government."

Shepard's reference was to the fact that the Building Commission is chaired by Gov. Jim Doyle, and the Legislature's budget-writing Joint Finance Committee was already on record in support of the projected $30 million sports center plan. The Chancellor noted also that Sen. Robert Cowles, R-Green Bay, backed the project as a member of the Building Commission, and Cowles' local Democratic counterpart, Sen. Dave Hansen, attended today's commission meeting in support.

The state would fund $7.5 million or one-fourth of the project. Half, or $15 million, would come from UW-Green Bay students who voted to dedicate additional fees over a 20-year period. The remaining $7.5 million would be sought via private fund-raising.

"We are looking ahead to the community stepping forward for this very important project," Shepard said. "It is obviously a high priority with our students. We are moving closer to finalizing the state's financial commitment, so the private gifts will be the final piece of the puzzle."

The Joint Finance Committee voted June 2 to insert language into the 2003-05 budget to promise bonding for the Phoenix Sports Center in the 2005-07 budget as long as other funding pieces are in place. That action must still be confirmed by both houses of the Legislature and signed by Gov. Doyle.

The Building Commission approval involves the use of $700,000 in program revenue (funds already collected) to prepare preliminary plans and a design report. With planning in the upcoming biennium, groundbreaking could come in 2005 with completion in 2007. The proposed Student Sports and Events Center would include seating for 3,000 to 4,000 as the home of UW-Green Bay women's basketball and site of major activities including commencement, student concerts and special events. The project includes major remodeling of the existing, outdated building and expansion of fitness and recreation opportunities.

(03-133 / 18 June 2003 / CS)

UW-Green Bay study will use new technology to benefit bears and people

GREEN BAY-Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and the U.S. Forest Service have launched a new five-year study of bears in Oconto and Forest Counties that may, in the long run, benefit the bears and the humans who live near them.

The study is believed to be the first in Wisconsin to use geographic information systems technology to accomplish two primary goals-documenting the movements of bears in relation to people and landscape, and comparing the health of bears in an area of high human density to that of bears in an area where few people live.

"We hope our results will contribute to the sustainable conservation of black bears in Wisconsin and to the health and safety of humans who live in proximity to these bears," says Prof. Robert Howe, director of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity at UW-Green Bay.

The study was the idea of Two Rivers wildlife veterinarian Dr. Chris Katz, who previously served as veterinarian for bear population studies conducted at UW-Stevens Point.

"I thought there were new ideas in bear research that needed to be explored," says Katz. Specifically, he wanted to try to answer multiple questions with one study. "If you're going to anesthetize the animal, you might as well get as much information as you can," he explains. His questions: How much time do bears spend around human habitation, and what are the health aspects of bears living near people and domestic animals?

Katz approached Howe with the proposal. Howe says he saw the project as a good research opportunity for UW-Green Bay students.

Katz will serve as an adjunct assistant professor in the Environmental Science and Policy graduate program at UW-Green Bay, and will lead the team studying the bears in the field.

Primary team members include biologist Scott Anderson of the U.S. Forest Service, Nicole Waliszewski, a student in the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, and UW-Green Bay graduate student Andrew Hinickle. Other UW-Green Bay students involved include graduate student Mike Stiefvater, who has helped with programming the high-tech collars, and undergraduate Barbara Sullivan, who has assisted with the fieldwork. Other students will assist with the project during summer and fall 2003.

The two study sites-the Lakewood-Townsend area in Oconto County and the Argonne Experimental Forest in Forest County-will enable researchers to compare bear movements and behavior in areas with more and less human activity. Up to 10 bears in each area will be trapped and fitted with satellite-linked radio collars.

While the bears are sedated for collaring, members of the field team will weigh the bears, assess their general health, and remove ticks. Waliszewski will take the ticks to Madison for identification. The team also will take blood samples to learn whether the bears have been exposed to diseases found in livestock and pets, and to diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Blood will be tested for Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis, all transmitted by ticks; West Nile virus, borne by mosquitoes; common roundworm, transmissible to humans; tularemia, also known as rabbit fever; and brucellosis, a disease primarily of cattle. Analyses also will be made for blood levels of lead, arsenic and mercury, toxins that can have serious human health effects.

In addition, Katz will take into the field a new battery-powered machine that will record the bear's heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure and body temperature. With it, the researchers will be able to compare the safety of two different anesthetics used to sedate animals for testing.

The collars have Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receivers that record a bear's location every two hours-and more often once a week-from the time it is collared until January 2004. Its movements can then be plotted in relation to houses and other landscape features. GPS is a government-sponsored navigation system that uses the specialized receivers to calculate position based on signals broadcast by NAVSTAR satellites.

Howe says the data will enable researchers to learn whether human activity attracts bears, or if it seems to drive them farther into the forest. Geographic readings also will document how often bears are close to humans, compared to the number of times people actually see them.

According to Katz, few universities in the United States study black bears, partly because such studies are time consuming and expensive. "The advantage of GPS is that it's less labor intensive," he explains. The collar receivers will store the bears' position information, and researchers only have to locate an animal once a week to remotely download the data to their computers.

The University's strength in geographic information systems-a general term describing computer-based technology used to record and process position information-makes the project a good one for UW-Green Bay, says Howe. GIS courses and well-equipped labs give students the opportunity to learn the technology, and previous UW-Green Bay projects have used it to model habitats for studies on animals such as birds and insects. Graduate student Stiefvater, who has helped program the GPS collars and who'll assist with the data processing, is a specialist in GIS technology.

The new project received a permit from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to trap the bears, and Anderson has secured permission from the U.S. Forest Service to conduct the research in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

(03-132 / 12 June 2003 / VCD)

Local schools receive more than $70,000 in Partnership research grants

GREEN BAY - Schools in northeastern Wisconsin districts of Ashwaubenon, Green Bay, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Mishicot, Plymouth, Reedsville, Seymour, Sheboygan Falls and West De Pere, will share more than $70,000 in research grants from the Institute for Learning Partnership located at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The one-year grants begin July 1.

Educators in many CESA 7 and 8 districts have received a total of more than $425,000 in applied research grants from the Institute since 1998.

John Crubaugh, Institute director, and Michael Marinetti, coordinator of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Institute for Research, co-chaired the grant committee. Nine educators from northeastern Wisconsin served on the selection team.

The Institute supports school-based action research projects that improve instructional practices and curricula and lead to effective strategies. The Institute is a partnership of UW-Green Bay, St. Norbert College, technical colleges, business leaders, CESA districts 7 and 8, the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Partners in Education, the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) and the WEAC Professional Development Academy.

The 13 projects winning grants for 2003-2004 were selected from among 57 proposals. The recipients are:

Valley View Elementary School, Ashwaubenon, led by Cory Hansen, will receive $2,850 for "Integrating Technology into Social Studies Instruction." The project investigates how to meaningfully integrate technology into the third grade curriculum, and provides a model for curriculum changes.

Doty Elementary School, Green Bay, led by Pamela Haugh, Linda Mettelka and Linda L'Huillier, will receive $4,717 for the "Extended Learning Initiative (ELI)." ELI will provide tutorial support for first through fifth grade students who have been recommended for participation in the program by their teachers. St. Norbert College and UW-Green Bay students will work with Doty teachers.

Fort Howard Elementary School, Green Bay, led by Richard Schaal, will receive $9,823 for "Increasing At-Risk Pre-Kindergarten Children's Reading Success." This project is designed to meet the needs of Fort Howard's student population, based on collected data.

Howe Elementary School, Green Bay, led by Melissa Arnoldi, will receive $2,711 for the "Bilingual Family Literacy Project," aimed at improving skills in elementary bilingual students by providing books for their families to share and read at home.

King Elementary School, Green Bay, led by Joan Beyerl Pierner, will receive $8,800 for the project, "Reading Magic: Parents Reading to Children." The grant will provide funding for workshops and new books for the families of Native American and at-risk children in kindergarten, first and second grades.

Kewaunee High School, led by Mark Schmitt, will receive $10,000 for "Implementing the High Quality Intellectual Work Model." The reform effort is based on the successful school restructuring effort researched by UW-Madison's Center on Organization and Restructuring.

Manitowoc Public School District, led by Deb Douglas, will receive $5,000 for "From Survive to Thrive in Junior High". The project will create a two-day summer camp for approximately 40 in-coming gifted seventh grade students to prepare them for succeeding at in accelerated coursework.

Mishicot School District, Eastern Wisconsin Instructional Technology Consortium, led by Melanie Reineke, will receive $10,000 for "Active Research on a Summer Institute Technology Academy." This project will help 12 schools and a technical college investigate how to assess technology integration.

Cascade Elementary School, Plymouth, led by Nadine Neuhaus, will receive $4,986 for the project, "Cascade School Guided Reading Project." First- through third-grade teachers will implement guided reading to improve comprehension in their students.

Reedsville Middle School, led by Mary Lovin, will receive $1,500 for "Middle School Newspaper." Middle school students will express their thoughts, concerns, and academic skills by creating a monthly newspaper.

Seymour Community High School, led by Dennis Rohr, will receive $2,910 to "Improve Student Understanding of Local Groundwater." Students will hone their understanding of math and science by studying a local-real world problem.

Sheboygan Falls Elementary School, led by Roy Schwab and Cheri Pieters, will receive $5,737 for "Improve Balanced Literacy Through Guided Reading." The project will improve reading materials, enhance the current literacy program, increase students' love of reading and strengthen literacy strategies.

Westwood Elementary School, West De Pere, led by Mary Bain received $1,500 for "Star Readers." The funding will provide an extended day reading program for fourth grade students who need additional reading instruction.

(03-131 / 10 June 2003 / VCD)

UW-Green Bay receives $1.2 million to continue program for high school science students

GREEN BAY-The Regional Center for Math and Science (RCMS) at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has received nearly $1.2 million in federal funds to continue operating through October 2007.

RCMS is a summer program that brings high school juniors and seniors who are interested in health sciences careers to the UW-Green Bay campus for six weeks. It's an intensive experience aimed at helping them prepare for college. Science classes are taught at college level. Eligible students come from families where no one is a college graduate, and they must meet family income requirements. The UW-Green Bay program serves students from six states.

RCMS at UW-Green Bay has a high degree of success.

"Of the students who completed the program, 96 percent have enrolled in a postsecondary program," says Director Michael Casbourne. "Of those enrolled in a postsecondary program more than four years, 87 percent have graduated from college." He adds that 69 percent of the college graduates majored in science, mathematics or engineering.

The program has served about 425 students in its 12 years, including those enrolled this summer.

"RCMS is an effort to eliminate any and all barriers to post-secondary education," explains Casbourne. He notes that a strong part of the program is a college readiness course that includes information on how to prepare college applications and apply for scholarships. Also, contact with the students continues after they go home. Casbourne stays in touch with them, and even visits in their home schools.

The UW-Green Bay RCMS began in 1992, and until 1996 was a one-year program for high school juniors. Beginning in 1997, students could return for the summer before their senior year in high school and most do, says Casbourne. Fifty students now enroll each summer, about evenly divided between juniors and seniors.

RCMS is one of several federally funded programs, known collectively as TRIO programs, that are aimed at helping low-income Americans enter college and graduate. Other TRIO programs at UW-Green Bay are Upward Bound, and Student Support Services, including the Equal Opportunity Program.

(03-128 / 5 June 2003 / VCD)

Regents approve promotions for 11 at UW-Green Bay

GREEN BAY-The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents approved promotions for 11 members of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay faculty at its June meeting.

Larry Smith, a member of the Social Change and Development and Economics academic units, was promoted from associate professor to the rank of full professor. He joined the UW-Green Bay faculty in 1970. Smith has particular interests in the economics of development, and in addition to teaching courses in his area of expertise, has a long history of community involvement in issues of sustainable development and planning. He earned Master's and Ph.D. degrees in economics from the University of Chicago.

Nine faculty members were promoted from probationary status as assistant professors to the rank of associate professor.

They are Angela Bauer-Dantoin and Brian Merkel, both Human Biology and Biology; John Mariano, Communication and the Arts and Theater; and William Witwer, Communication and the Arts and Music. Bauer-Dantoin also teaches in Women's Studies. The foregoing joined the faculty in 1997. Also promoted were Andrew Fiala, Humanistic Studies and Philosophy; Regan Gurung, Human Development and Psychology; Aeron Haynie, Humanistic Studies and English; Jennifer Mokren, Communication and the Arts and Art; and Kim Nielsen, Social Change and Development and Women's Studies; all of whom began teaching at UW-Green Bay in 1999.

In addition, Denise Bartel, who joined the faculty in Human Development in January 2002 as an instructor, was promoted to the tenure-track status of assistant professor.

(03-127 / 10 June 2003 / VCD)

Griebling, Meredith will sing at Green Bay Botanical Garden

GREEN BAY-Soprano Lynn Griebling and mezzo soprano Sarah Meredith will perform in recital at 7 p.m. Friday, June 13 in the Kaftan Lusthaus at the Green Bay Botanical Garden, 2600 Larsen Rd. Griebling is a faculty member at St. Norbert College, and Meredith is on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Pianist Linda Halloin will accompany them. Assisting in the recital will be tenor John Plier of UW-Green Bay, and bass-baritone Michael Rosewall of St. Norbert College.

The program includes works by Purcell, Dvorak, Puccini, Thiman, Keel, Humperdinck, and Johann Strauss.

Griebling has performed in Europe and New Zealand, as well as in the United States, and has recorded for New Zealand Radio and Television, and BBC Radio in England. She has earned note for her performances of contemporary music, and has premiered works by several contemporary composers. Griebling's bachelor's degree is from St. Olaf College, and her Master of Music degree is from UW-Madison. She also has a master's degree in counseling, specializing in therapeutic uses of music. She taught previously at Carleton College, and at Shepherd School of Music at Rice University.

Meredith has been a member of the UW-Green Bay faculty since 1988. She has performed as a soloist and recitalist throughout the Midwest. In addition, she has performed extensively and given master classes in a number of eastern European countries, frequently introducing American music to audiences who have had little exposure to it. Meredith taught at the Academy of Music and Drama in Bratislava, Slovakia, during academic 2001-2002. Meredith has a Master of Music degree from Northwestern University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Iowa.

Pianist Halloin has collaborated with a number of vocalists, including a 1991 tour of Poland, Ukraine and Germany with Meredith. She also has performed solo, concerto, orchestral and chamber music in the U.S. and in Europe. Halloin has taught at Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University, and at UW-Green Bay.

The recital is free, but admission to the Green Bay Botanical Garden for nonmembers is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children.

(03-126 / 4 June 2003 / VCD)

Ticket deadline approaching for UW-Green Bay music camp fundraiser

GREEN BAY - Tickets still are available for a fund-raising event Wednesday, June 11 featuring Miss Green Bay Area 2003 Laura Kolar.

Kolar, a UW-Green Bay music education student, will put her talents and wardrobe on display to raise money for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Summer Music Camps.

The fundraiser will be held from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, June 11 at the SC Grand, 1250 Mid-Valley Drive, De Pere. The deadline for reserving tickets is Friday, June 6.

Kolar, a UW-Green Bay music education student, will preview her vocal performance and wardrobe for the Miss Wisconsin pageant in Oshkosh June 19-21. Kolar's platform for the Miss Wisconsin pageant is "Empowering Through the Performing Arts."

In addition to Kolar's performance, the fundraiser will feature entertainment by Maryjane VanDuyse Sorgel and the Green Bay Packer Golden Girls, Miss Green Bay Area 1969 Jan Butz, Miss Green Bay Area 1995 Shelly Mayer, and members and friends of Kolar's family.

Lisa Malak from WFRV-TV Channel 5 and "The Rookie" from WDUZ-AM Sports Radio will serve as emcees of the fund-raising event.

Tickets may be purchased by calling (920) 430-8015. The $22 price of a ticket covers dinner, dessert and entertainment.

(03-125 / 3 June 2003 / SH)

Two receive 'Featured Faculty' honors at UW-Green Bay

GREEN BAY -- Two members of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay faculty have been named Featured Faculty members for 2003-2004. They are Professors Kaoime Malloy and Illene Noppe.

The Faculty Development Council makes the awards each year to recognize exemplary teaching.

Malloy, an assistant professor of Communication and the Arts, joined UW-Green Bay in fall 2000. She teaches primarily in the Theater unit where her expertise is in theater costume design. Noppe, a professor of Human Development, also teaches in the Psychology and Women's Studies programs. She has been on the faculty since 1984.

The two will make presentations about their teaching at the Faculty Development Council's 8th annual faculty development conference in January 2004. Award winners receive an honorarium and a plaque.

(03-124 / 3 June 2003 / VCD)

UW-Green Bay theater students win awards, scholarships

GREEN BAY-Six theater students at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay received end-of-year awards for 2002-2003, and scholarships for 2003-2004 at the annual "Coarse Awards" event sponsored by the Alternate Theater Organization.

Sunam Ellis was named Outstanding Theater Student. During the past year, Ellis had major roles in three plays, "Our Town," "Flyer" and "Arcadia," and directed a student-led play, "Spinning Into Butter." She was a finalist in the Irene Ryan Acting Competition at the regional American College Theater Festival in January.

Steven Marzolf and Terra Schultz received Excellence in Performance awards. Marzolf had leading roles in "Dames at Sea" and "Arcadia," and directed a student-led production of Samuel Beckett's "Endgame." Schultz portrayed lead characters in "Our Town" and "Flyer." Based on their performances, Marzolf and Schultz both received nominations to the Irene Ryan Acting Competition at the regional American College Theater Festival in January.

The Excellence in Production award went to Christopher Woller. Woller was stage manager for "Dames at Sea," and sound designer for "Flyer," and served as assistant technical director for "Arcadia."

Ellis and Eric Klingbeil received Theater First Nighter scholarships for next academic year. Klingbeil is emphasizing studies in technical theater and has had responsibilities as props master, fly master, technical director and scenic design assistant in various UW-Green Bay productions. The First Nighters are a community-campus group that supports the theater program.

Erica Fuss won the Louis O. Erdmann Memorial Scholarship. Fuss had a leading role in "Arcadia," as well as serving as dramaturg for the production. She was stage manager for "Flyer," and performed in the cast of "Our Town." Erdmann was a member of the Theater faculty at UW-Green Bay.

(03-123 / 3 June 2003 / VCD)

New book examines how Lewis and Clark expedition 'traveled on its stomach'

GREEN BAY-Members of the Lewis and Clark expedition survived by literally "living off the land" during their heroic journey from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean in 1804-1806, but had the 26-month expedition lasted longer, inadequate nutrition and health problems would have taken a toll.

That's the conclusion of a new book by Elaine Nelson McIntosh, just published by The Center for Western Studies at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, S.D. McIntosh is a professor emerita at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay where she helped to develop the Nutritional Sciences program, and taught for 28 years before retiring in 1990.

According to the publisher, the book, "The Lewis and Clark Expedition: Food, Nutrition, and Health," is the first to examine those three factors as interrelated and critical to the success of the expedition sent by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly purchased Louisiana Territory and seek a water route to the Pacific Ocean.

McIntosh is a registered dietitian, and holds a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry, bacteriology, and bacterial physiology from Iowa State University. She examined diet and health aspects of the Lewis and Clark expedition in the context of today's dietary knowledge.

McIntosh became interested in Lewis and Clark's journey while writing an earlier book, "American Food Habits in Historical Perspective" (Praeger, 1995).

McIntosh says her research uncovered information about explorers and the food problems they often faced, and she was reminded of something that health professionals have long known — that certain groups of people such as soldiers, sailors, and explorers tend to be at special risk for malnutrition. Starvation ended the efforts of many explorers and pioneers.

"As I read the literature and — through the journals — followed the Corps of Discovery, I became increasingly appreciative of the party's compelling need to obtain food from the land, daily," McIntosh explains, adding that food, even more than weapons, ammunition, and other goods, was the critical supply for Lewis and Clark and their party.

McIntosh's book begins with an assessment of diet and health in the colonial period and the early years of the new Republic up to the launch of the Lewis and Clark expedition. She surveys the medical knowledge of the time, and details how Lewis and Clark prepared for the food and health needs of the expedition they were about to undertake. And she gleaned expedition participants' journals and other documentation for information about what the travelers ate, how they acquired their food, their health, and how health problems were treated.

McIntosh concludes that dietary deficiencies, injuries, and rigors of the journey caused increasing health problems as the expedition progressed. She credits the excellent leadership, the good medical care — by standards of the day — that resulted in only one death, the youth of the men, and the relatively short duration of the trip for the success of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery. Adds McIntosh, "Finally, throughout the expedition, the corps had enjoyed lots of luck."

(03-122 / 2 June 2003 / VCD)

New UW-Green Bay summer camp is for young entrepreneurs

GREEN BAY -- Green Bay high school students interested in business and finance can enroll in the new Entrepreneurial Youth Leadership Institute from July 6 through 18 at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 2420 Nicolet Dr.

The two-week series of workshops will focus on the stock market and business plans.

Student teams will develop their own business plans including financing, human resources, accounting, marketing and advertising, and present their plans to a panel of local business leaders for critique. They'll also use various resources, including the Internet, to build and track their own stock portfolios. At the end of the Institute, members of teams with the highest scoring business plans and best performing stock portfolios will receive savings bonds.

Members of the UW-Green Bay business faculty will teach the workshops. Guest speakers, field trips, and other activities are scheduled.

Students will live in modern student housing on the UW-Green Bay campus, and have classes in University classrooms. Counselors will supervise evening and weekend activities.

Students admitted to the Institute will receive scholarships.

The Institute is a partnership between UW-Green Bay and the Entrepreneurs of Color Council. Sponsors include Procter & Gamble Paper Products Co., Swan Corp. One, AON Financial Services, U S Bank, Green Bay Packers Inc., OIC of Greater Milwaukee, and the Green Bay Public Schools.

The number for information is (920) 465-2445.

(03-121 / 2 June 2003 / VCD)

UW-Green Bay announces spring semester academic honors recipients

GREEN BAY -- The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has made public the names of students receiving academic honors for the spring semester.

Students who maintain a 4.0 gradepoint average, which represents all "A" grades, receive highest honors. High honors go to those earning 3.99 to 3.75 gradepoint averages. Honors are given to students with 3.74 to 3.50 gradepoint averages.

Students are listed by the county claimed as place of permanent residence. All were full-time students in the spring term.


Ashland -- Paul Skoraczewski, Ashland.
Barron -- Kari Moriak, Clayton.
Brown -- Laura Bednarski, Kimberly Collins, Amanda Fullan, Pamela Jordan, David Kay, Marilou Melcher, Andrew Meyer, Lisa Renn, and Renee Wielgus-Meyer, De Pere; Melanie Dart and Joni Kolarik, Denmark; Sarah Altmann Johnson, Jared Bankson, Paul Belanger, Jeremiah Bohr, Kevin Brennenstuhl, Michele Chapin, Laure Cisler, Aubrey Duncan, Carrie Fonder, Gregg Fredrickson, Nicholas Grimm, Sharon Gronseth, Joellen Gueths, Douglas Gussert, Wendy Havel, Karin Heesacker, Robert Hoyer, Angela Johnson, Steven Johnson, Bruce Juchniewich, Matthew Juley, Charlotte Kilmer, Glen Kitts, Pamela Kuester, Matthew Latus, Amber Lequia, Jesse Lloyd, Michelle Lowe, Amanda Malueg, Marina Martin, Nicholas Mayer, Megan Mindock, Lacey Moore, Jilreen Morris, Lor Mee Moua, Patrick Naidl, Ewa Narkiewicz-Jodko, Jeanne Neidenbach, Sueann Omdahl, Danica Oudeans, Mary Peterson, Kara Plamann, Michelle Prestine, Christina Prust, Jordan Rankl, Neil Sandhu, Mary Jo Scanlan, Michelle Schaetz, Heidi Schmitt, Jill Sigl, Steven Sorenson, Roseanne Swallow, Don Tepsa, Teri Valitchka, Michelle Wacek, Jo Ann Watson, Susan Wellhoefer, Renee Wesolowski, Scott Willems, Jesse Wouters, Laura Younkle, and Mari Zimmerman, Green Bay; Christina Leick, Greenleaf; Cathy Brienen and Dixie Vandervest, New Franken; and Jeri Thiem, Oneida.
Calumet -- Benjamin Garrity, Appleton; Wendy Berth, Brett Birschbach, Darcy Sporer, and Mary Jo Steffen, Chilton; Melinda Propson, Hilbert; Deborah Nett, Kaukauna; Heidi Anderson, Kiel; and Katie Hemauer, Stockbridge.
Dane -- Lori Miller and Laura Wipperfurth, De Forest; Adam Yousef Ben-Zikri and Seth Bodden, Monona.
Dodge -- Natalie Otto and Heather Schoenfeld, Beaver Dam; Crystal Helmer, Fox Lake; Marc Biedermann, Horicon; and Erin Kempf, Mayville.
Door -- Roxanne Jauquet and Nicole Tassoul, Brussels; Stephanie Schlicht, Forestville; Sylvia Malcore, Luxemburg; and William Bishop, Meghan Goettelman, and Elizabeth Rockendorf, Sturgeon Bay.
Fond Du Lac -- Sara Miller, Eden; Krista Kliment and Ellen Simon, Fond Du Lac; Crystal Roitt, Mount Calvary; Rachel Abhold, North Fond Du Lac; and Sarah Olson, Ripon.
Green Lake -- Crystal Smith, Berlin.
Jefferson -- Amber Bartels and Meghan McGee, Watertown.
Juneau -- Luke Shaw, Mauston.
Kenosha -- Anne Schultz, Kenosha.
Kewaunee -- Tara Stangel, Algoma; Jennifer Bloniarz and Elena Bussiere, Kewaunee; and Nicole Deprey and Brian Rueckl, Luxemburg.
La Crosse -- Erica Fuss, Holmen.
Lincoln -- John Reich, Merrill; and Lacy Roberts, Tomahawk.
Manitowoc -- Mark Klessig, Francis Creek; Nicholas Scharenbroch, Kiel; Ryan Foote, Douglas Maedke, Rachel Seehaver, Erin Specht, Diana St. Mary, Melissa Swanson, and Karly Vesely, Manitowoc; Dale Christel and Crystal Reinemann, Reedsville; Jessica Behrendt, Kari Daffner, and Casey Thayer, Two Rivers; and Amanda Dworak and Eryn Wallander, Whitelaw.
Marathon -- Jill Ciszewski, Hatley; Angela Wix, Mosinee; Christopher Jones and Megan Warosh, Schofield; Chad Griepentrog, Spencer; Janelle Tomlinson, Stratford; and Brian Bradley and Camilyn Haworth, Wausau.
Marinette -- Rebecca Manincor and Jesse Milquet, Crivitz; Amber Langill, Marinette; and Kari Fendrick, Tina Seewald, and Annette Wagner, Pound.
Milwaukee -- Sarah Heidtke and Kristen Keane, Franklin; Stacie Gabel and Erin Jarvey, Greendale; Amanda Hautala and Andrew Kettlewell, Greenfield; Daryl Olszewski, Milwaukee; and Kathleen Irwin, West Allis.
Oconto -- Luke Martinson, Abrams; Melissa Anderson and Allison Willmann, Little Suamico; Ellen Dehut, Jenna Retzlaff, and Shallyn Tipler, Oconto; and Michelle Lambert, Pulaski.
Oneida -- Tye Moe, Rhinelander.
Outagamie -- Amanda Block, Sunam Ellis, Amy Helander, Deanna Kratzke, Kevin Miller, Ashley Moreno, Krista Olearnick, Sarah Seidler, and Kelly Weyers, Appleton; Christina Potter, Black Creek; Jessica Danforth, De Pere; Amanda Evers and Jennifer Kubat, Kaukauna; Peter Kraft and Jill Vandenheuvel, Seymour; and Barbie Bloedorn, Shiocton.
Ozaukee -- Linda Mason, Scott McClune, and Tracy Trummer, Cedarburg; Jill West, Grafton; and Alan Meyer and Eric Ryer, Port Washington.
Racine -- Adrianne Prince, Wind Lake.
Richland -- Elizabeth Bostwick and Leah Williams, Richland Center.
Rock -- Ryan Nodorft, Beloit.
Rusk -- Rachel Galetka, Glen Flora; and Eric Proden, Ladysmith.
Sauk -- Shana Danube, Merrimac.
Shawano -- Jessica Rew, Birnamwood; Yuliya Dolgaya, Bonduel; Julia Geiser, Cecil; Stacy Low, Eland; and Andrew Long, Wittenberg.
Sheboygan -- Kari Obbink and Pamela Termaat, Cedar Grove; Beth Cherney, Howards Grove; Courtney Peil, Kohler; Kimberly Velier, Oostburg; Janice Ourada, Plymouth; Adam Thill, Random Lake; and Kristin Anderson, Nathan Brendel, Jessica Gries, Stacie Mancheski, Angela Meyer, and Trisha Senkbeil, Sheboygan.
Taylor -- Vincent Czahor, Gilman.
Trempealeau -- Kathleen Lacey, Arcadia.
Vilas -- Kathy Mlaker, Eagle River.
Walworth -- Rebecca Sharpe, Elkhorn.
Washington -- Natasha Botty, Spooner; Jamie Kearns, Hartford; Sarah Pollpeter, Kewaskum; and Shaun Kempf, West Bend.
Waukesha -- Jennifer Hahn, Hartland; Deanna Machac and Sarah Oldenburg, Menomonee Falls; Heather Gall, New Berlin; and Lindsay Zarnoth, Sussex.
Waupaca -- Debra Desens and Mandy Miller, Clintonville; Brian Gnadt, Manawa; and Cathy Boeck, New London.
Winnebago -- Angela Grady and Carrie Stroud, Larsen; Maria Goin, Aaron Hulse, and Jane Wehrel, Menasha; Amy Rachubinski, Neenah; and Katherine Johnson and Emily Roberts, Oshkosh.
Wood -- Linsay Anderson, Rudolph.

Other states:
Delaware -- Rachel Plunkett, Magnolia.
Illinois -- Nicole Vaux, Champaign; Karrie Koch, Lake Villa; and Robin Becker, Naperville.
Michigan -- Kerstin Martwick, Crystal Falls.
Minnesota -- Casey Treptow, Hastings; Hannah Miyamoto, Minneapolis; Angela Gaetz, Saint Cloud; Johanna Winters, Saint Paul; Tracy Reich, Shoreview; and Joseph Guell and Nicholas Reckinger, Woodbury.
North Carolina -- Jodi Lapalm, Candler.
Pennsylvania -- Adam Houle, West Chester.

Other countries:
Canada -- Robert Shahmelikian.
Switzerland -- Matthias Von Allmen.


Ashland -- Cally Kilger, Butternut.
Brown -- Lori Beyer, Michael Jonas, Mark Kitslaar, Holly Majeski, Melissa McCutchan, Karen Peterson, Jennifer Smith, Bridget Thomson, and Tina Willems, De Pere; Joe Schoen, Denmark; Jeanie Achterberg, Jill Baeten, Nicholas Bandoch, Alyssa Barnes, Andrew Behrendt, Jennifer Bergstrom, Trisha Birnbaum, Matthew Bos, Anne Brede, Jeremy Brunette, Patrick Christie, Amy Davies, Pamela Dellise, Raymond Dempsey, William Drew, Yves Dumoulin, Maureen Ferry, Jodi Frazzell, Ralph Gadbois, Jessica Gillis, Angela Gilson, Sarah Gresch, Amy Greve, Taylor Hansen, Mark Herrick, Aaron Hilpipre, James Hinze, Kristen Hodek, Elizabeth Honett, Kelley House, Kristin Hubbell, Jeffrey Johnson, Michael Kennedy, James Kilbride, Sara Kleinschmidt, Jesse Knoespel, Nathan Kollath, Sarah Kollman, Lori Krumrei, Lisa Larson, Angela Lasecki, Sally Leclaire, Sheryl Ledvina, Wendy Legrave, Dawn Lowis, Christina Maes, Holly Manders, Jeanne Martin, Jeanine Mead, Amanda Meyer, Alicia Michaud, Raimonda Mier, Jane Moon, Bryan Mulheron, Jill Mulroy, Leah Murray, Elizabeth Nadolski, Christine Nuthals, James O'Meara, Jana Ostrowski, Rebecca Pasterski, Megan Pichette, Sarah Postel, Ann Prevost, Marcus Reitz, Jessica Riederer, Lauren Roberts, Lindsay Rose, Thomas Sawyer, Rhonda Schmitt, Amber Schramm, Mary Sederstrom, Inna Silantyeva, Rachel Strehlow, Paul Struss, Jon Swanson, Carrie Thompson, Leah VanDenLangenberg, Kelly Vanbeaver, Bailey Vorpagel, Anthony Wilcox, Toni Wilhelm, Jacquelyn Wilson, Johnathon Yoder, Jason Young, Rodney Zinkel, and Christina Zuraski, Green Bay; Kristine Klug, Greenleaf; Debra DeBauche, Nick Katers, Kelly Olson, and Paula Rentmeester, New Franken; Nicole Rentmeester, Oneida; Polly Nowak and Krystal White, Pulaski; Kathleen Covi and Samantha Eiler, Suamico; and Luke Felchlin, Wrightstown.
Calumet -- Amanda Williams, Brillion; Russell Dern, Holly Jerrett, Hope Krepline, Ashley Seipel, and Michael Voigt, Chilton; and Michael Halbach, Hilbert.
Chippewa -- Joseph Devoir, Luke Jacobson, Elizabeth Samb, and Scott Summers, Chippewa Falls.
Clark -- Krystle Lange, Abbotsford; Kerry Kassie, Colby; Becky Wood, Curtiss; Clint Vandeberg, Neillsville; and Erica Eloranta, Owen.
Columbia -- Stephanie Werdin, Pardeeville.
Dane -- Carrie Weis, Madison.
Dodge -- Adam Fett and Katie Kastenmeier, Beaver Dam; Michelle Beall, Horicon; Leslie Kuhn and Sarah Rampanelli, Juneau; and Fawn Giese and Tanya Radke, Mayville.
Door -- Tiffaney Dejardin and Nicholas Vogel, Brussels; Alexis Rericha, Fish Creek; Joshua Lardinois, Forestville; Gregory Pouliot, Luxemburg; Lauren Rice, Sister Bay; and Margaret DeVito, Gretchen May, Jill Robertson, and Laura Tice, Sturgeon Bay.
Douglas -- Burton Ford and Brooke White, Superior.
Eau Claire -- Stefanie Kozenka, Altoona.
Fond Du Lac -- Kelly Flood, Megan Raether, Ann Theisen, and Sarah Theisen, Campbellsport; April Soyk, Eden; Jerome Allen and Heather Zick, Fond Du Lac; and Denise Bord, Mt. Calvary.
Forest -- Stefanie Kircher, Crandon.
Green -- Matthew Phillips, Monroe; and Jonathan Lindh, New Glarus.
Green Lake -- Rebecca Mamerow and Tanya Smith, Berlin.
Jefferson -- Erin Christian and Crystal Pierre, Watertown.
Juneau -- Jill Hamm and Darryl Teske, Mauston.
Kenosha -- Michael Jones, Twin Lakes.
Kewaunee -- Peter Schmidt and Sarah Tebon, Algoma; Laura Vandehey, Denmark; Brian Dolski, Holly Grimm, and Sarah Janda, Kewaunee; and Lacy Burkett, Melissa Dart, Jamie Miesler, and Cynthia Smits, Luxemburg.
La Crosse -- Jessica Hansen, La Crosse.
Lafayette -- Leta Fischer, Argyle.
Langlade -- Lenita Nichols, Antigo; and Mary Sponholz, White Lake.
Lincoln -- Catherine Bartling, Merrill.
Manitowoc -- Nicholas Muench, Cato; Lisa Stemper, Cleveland; Amy Christopherson, Nicole Dedering, and Nichole Morley, Kiel; Paula Backus, Amanda Bergene, Sara Bruckschen, Neil Free, Sarah Kinderknecht, Kathryn Krall, and Teri Williams, Manitowoc; Leah Bonde, Newton; Katherine Larsen and Breanne Loefer, Reedsville; and Chad Jacquette and Jennifer Neuser, Two Rivers.
Marathon -- Angela Paul, Athens; Ashley Chrapkowski and Robin Kuklinski, Hatley; Matthew Kowalski and Justin Tiedemann, Mosinee; Lisa Fluegge and Melanie Lesstrang, Ringle; Rebeca Marcell, Schofield; and Casey Helke, Stephanie Hunter, Rebecca Murphy, and Daniel Vandellen, Wausau.
Marinette -- Matthew Bougie, Armstrong Creek; Bethany Goethe, Coleman; Tessa Gruszynski and Sarah Kwiatkowski, Crivitz; Kelly Gruszynski, Jeremy Nelson, Regina Rouse, and Bethany Welch, Marinette; Tanya Bishop, Renee Eklund, Sarah Marotz, and Erin Oliver, Peshtigo; and Susanne Tuttle, Wausaukee.
Milwaukee -- Amber Pyne and Michelle Stark, Franklin; Daniel Brzozowski, Hales Corners; Lauren Cleary, Erika Giesfeldt, Andrea Libber, Daniel Meier, Theresa Okokon, Kimberly Stella, Michelle Streets, and Frances Walczak, Milwaukee; Erin Cook and Sarah Douglas, Oak Creek; Stefanie Porter, South Milwaukee; Kristin Murphy and Melissa Sundell, Wauwatosa; and David Mueller and Nicole Schmidt, West Allis.
Monroe -- Amy Anderson, Wilton.
Oconto -- Anne Eckenrod, Renee Engels, and Bennett Reinhard, Abrams; Amanda Gauthier and George Kafer, Coleman; Melinda Young, Gillett; Julie Lemere, Stacy Scott, and BobbiJo Svejda, Lena; Anisha Vijan Anand and Gretchen Hunsberger, Little Suamico; Benjamin Sohrweide, Oconto; Jan Betts, Andrea Konitzer, and Emily Krause, Oconto Falls; and Katherine Bessey, Pound.
Oneida -- Angela Greatsinger, Eagle River; Renee Koskey, Lake Tomahawk; and Christine Davis, Rhinelander.
Outagamie -- Matthew Bonson, Alison Decker, Bryan Hermus, Katrina Kloehn, Jennifer Loomis, Amanda Meredith, Tiffany Mor, Mitzie Murdock, Brandon Nelsen, Nicholas Seipel, Kelly Stults, Jessica Vandenheuvel, and Mark Wittig, Appleton; Ryan Leland, Fremont; Erin Vandenboogaard, Grand Chute; Jody Vandenlangenberg, Greenville; Jenny Pingel, Hortonville; Rebecca Levy, Kaukauna; John Reider, Kimberly; Ann Klemm, Cassandra Mahder, James Phelan, Adam Uecker, and Greg Verhagen, Little Chute; Jason Hill, New London; and Kelly Braun and Matthew Howlett, Seymour.
Ozaukee -- Ashley Hammen, Michelle Mason, and Anne Piotrowski, Cedarburg; Jessica Heller and Russell Tillmann, Grafton; and Melissa Kaker and Carrie Maas, Saukville.
Portage -- Bridget Havlovick, Stevens Point.
Price -- Jim Hilbrand, Brantwood; Brittney Gustafson, Butternut; and Kristen Pesko and Bailey Williams, Phillips.
Racine -- Rochele Steckling, Burlington; Jennifer France and Adam Seitz, Racine; and Joshua Wintersteen, Union Grove.
Rock -- Jesse Justus, Beloit; and Grethe Swenson, Janesville.
Rusk -- Sarah Manosky, Bruce.
Sauk -- Deidre Webber, Reedsburg.
Shawano -- Diane Sohr, Bonduel; Jackie Blohowiak and Joshua Gretzinger, Pulaski; and Nathanael Isaacson, Amanda Kugel, Kelly Lamkin, Luke Retzlaff, and Julie Strand, Shawano.
Sheboygan -- Robert Logemann, Adell; Sadie Luecke and Jessica Potter, Elkhart Lake; Casie Boeldt, Howards Grove; Joshua Bender, Kohler; Amanda Hand and Jana VanEss, Plymouth; Michael Sinnen and Justin Ternes, Random Lake; Amanda Loewen, Heidi Rose, Deette Schmitt, Paul Schneider, Jill Tewinkle, and Andrea Zimmermann, Sheboygan; and Curtis Huibregtse, Sheboygan Falls.
St. Croix -- Jennifer Ernie, Hudson.
Taylor -- Amber Glamann, Amber Wiinamaki, and Sarah Wiinamaki, Medford.
Trempealeau -- Kristina Chase and Emily Schiefelbein, Osseo; and Leslie Larson, Trempealeau.
Vernon -- Josh Bayer, La Farge.
Vilas -- Michael Taylor, Conover.
Walworth -- Sarah Voss, Burlington; Elizabeth Frye, East Troy; and Meghan Count, Elkhorn.
Washington -- Christy Corrigan and Jeffery Johnson, Cedarburg; Laura Mangan, Jackson; and Sherri Dixon, Slinger.
Waukesha -- Colleen Hamill and Lori Wertschnig, Brookfield; Jonathan Grosskopf, Colgate; Heidi Volkmann, Elm Grove; Megan Horne and Joseph Wangerin, Hartland; Theresa Gust, Menomonee Falls; Tiffany Wier, Muskego; Jamie Coster, New Berlin; Anthony Gielow, Stephanie Kendziorski, and Aaron Timmerman, Sussex; Shane Hoelz, Wales; and Amanda Maki, Waukesha.
Waupaca -- Julie Bonikowske and Courtny Timm, Manawa; and Tracey Euhardy, Samuel Huber, and Christine Knapp, New London.
Waushara -- Nicole Pribnow, Berlin.
Winnebago -- Tina Ratchman and Nicole Ribble, Menasha; Benjamin Anderson and Laura Langacker, Neenah; Holly Reiter, Melissa Roberts, and Diane Schneider, Oshkosh; and Sherry Buskirk and Sarah Campbell, Winneconne.
Wood -- Becky Siegler, Rudolph; Ryan Krug, Vesper; and Tracy Johnson, Wisconsin Rapids.

Other states:
Arkansas -- Kelli Howell, Hope.
Georgia -- Iryna Soltys, Marietta.
Illinois -- Adam Aten, Freeport; Andrew Beuster, Geneseo; and Christina Rasane, Park Ridge.
Indiana -- Greg Babcock, Mishawaka.
Michigan -- Joshua Bastianello, Iron River; Christopher Woller, Kingsford; Sara Boyer, Rapid River; and Cheryl Leiphart, Stephenson.
Minnesota -- Christina Brandon, Austin; Nora Kaitfors, Duluth; Kristin Smith, Eagan; Rachel Frantz, New Brighton; Aimee Jonsgaard, Rushford; and Krista Karl, Worthington.
Virginia -- Catherine Alley, Richmond.

Other countries:
Denmark -- Jes Engby-Larsen and Esben Pedersen.
Poland -- Magdalena Dzierzynska.
Thailand -- Thuy Anh Nguyen.
The Netherlands -- Jennifer Josephina-Amelia Bos.


Adams -- Stephanie Brown, Friendship; and Faye Bokelman, Nekoosa.
Ashland -- Stacy Nye and Teckla Paraventi, Ashland; and Adalia Altman, Cory Linsmeyer, and Julie Linsmeyer, Butternut.
Barron -- Sandra Hayes, Chetek.
Brown -- Kristy Baeten, Jennie Beaumier, Tia Behnke, Eric Beining, Crystal DeLaruelle, Dena Holtz, Brian Houston, Amy Kiley, Stephanie Koenig, Suzanne Kohlmann, Angelina Korb, Melanie Lindgren, Andrea Longlais, Sean Martin, Amanda Melcher, Mandy Parczick, Brady Piontek, Deborah Sawicky, Brian Schumacher, Jeff Servais, Jennifer Vanlanen, Frank White, and Amanda Ziemer, De Pere; Dennis Rosloniec, Denmark; Lindsay Albright, Patricia Bacelis, Christopher Barlow, Lynn Barrett, Jason Bartlett, William Beaumier, Richard Berceau, Kristin Blankenheim, Michael Bobula, Kristine Bohrmueller, Lisa Bretl, Katherine Buckman, Jean Bullough, Jason Burich, Casey Burkett, Jennifer Calawerts, Jeremy Conant, Justin Connaher, Bradley Conrad, Darla Czarapata, Heather DeChamps, Jolene DeNamur, Jennifer Debauche, Rebecca Deer, Heather Dehlin, Amy Demaster, Kacee Desjarlais, Angela Deuchert, Ryan Dudley, Lisa Dumke, Lori Duval, James Fenlon, Rachel Gajeski, Jay Garbe, Amanda Gay, Crystal Gierczak, Kimberly Gregory, Eric Grunseth, Laura Hales, Hope Heck, Rebecca Heim, Eric Helgerson, Scott Hodek, Tammy Holtz, Christine Howland, Robert Hudson, Jeanne Hultman, Kristie Ingraham, Shannon Jahnke, Amy Johnson, Steven Joski, Sara Judkins, Michael Karadimos, Ashley Kassner, Sara Kipp, Sarah Klein, Eric Klingbeil, Trisha Klotz, Andrew Kluth, Nicholas Kohn, Lauran Kolar, Marc Kostac, Joseph Kreinus, Tim Kurtz, Dawn Kuschel, Rachel Lardinois, Janna Lauren, Julie Laurent, Katherine Lautenbach, Brooke Leclaire, Keri Lenss, Adam Lewitzke, Jason Limberg, Mary Loeffler, Julie Lovaj, Daryl Lutz, Toni Malcheski, Charles Marbes, Tiffany Martin, Carolyn Masse, Katherine McDevitt, Crystal Meyer, Bradley Mueller, Jayme Murphy, Dean Nemecek, Derek Neumann, Kimberly Novak, Lisa Olmsted, Angela Olson, Gillian Penn, Natasha Peterson, Fernando Puerto, Brent Racine, Jesse Rahikainen, Megan Raupp, Ryan Raygo, Eric Reimer, Aaron Renquin, Rebecca Ripley, Sarah-Irene Ropson, Sharon Rytilahti, Nathaniel Schauer, Terra Schultz, Jessica Shefchik, Sarah Showman, Kimberly Shukosky, Billi Sims, Vanessa Sobeck, Peter Soens, Karen Stilp, Shara Summers, Tetyana Sushkova, Amanda Tarras, Kia Thao, Ying Thao, William Theisen, Scott Thompson, Angela Tilleman, Brandy Todd, Nathan Tuff, Sarah Urban, Paula Urcavich, Emily Vandenbush, Anna Vandeyacht, Jessica Vaniten, Angela Vanlaanen, Erin Vanvonderen, Jennifer Vervoort, Amanda Vorpahl, Stacy Weinreis, Matthew Weizenicker, Amber Wendt, Sarah Wiesner, Jason Willard, Justin Willis, Somsamy Xiong, Choua Yang, Nou Yang, Pa Yao Yang, Shaun Yonts, Alexander Zacarias, Nicole Zaker, and Christian Zuidmulder, Green Bay; Sarah Hendricks and Teresa Smits, Greenleaf; Ryan Barbiaux and Paula Tolksdorf, New Franken; Melissa Erickson, Oneida; Eric Drzewiecki, Julie Jarmuskiewicz, Angela Karcz, and Brent Schroeder, Pulaski; Bradley Kregel and Richard Saeger, Suamico; and Anna VandeHey, Wrightstown.
Buffalo -- Jaclyn Feuling, Alma.
Calumet -- Nicole Lehman and Lynda Ross, Appleton; Jonathan Enneper, Brillion; Heather Anhalt, Matthew Lisowe, Jeff Meier, and Kimberly Rach, Chilton; Samantha Franczek, Peter Hofmeister, and Amy Koffarnus, Hilbert; Elizabeth Anderson, Kiel; Travis Pitzen, Malone; Mandi Jasinski and Russell Luniak, Menasha; Rhonda Cerkas, Sherwood; and Heather Klein, Stockbridge.
Chippewa -- Patricia Blomquist, Cadott; Ashley Geissler, Chippewa Falls; and Johanna Hinke, Stanley.
Clark -- Geena Parnewicz, Owen; Mariah Luchterhand, Unity; and Julie Henaman, Withee.
Columbia -- Rhonda Zander, Columbus; Kelli Cooke, Portage; and Brittany Braithwaite, Poynette.
Dane -- Andrea Jordan, Cross Plains; Krista Kittleson, Deerfield; Christopher Hendricks, Monona; and Christina Tosh, Verona.
Dodge -- Christine Swanson, Horicon; Katie Schall, Juneau; Melinda Wondra, Mayville; Matthew Ludtke and Angela Sette, Reeseville.
Door -- Amanda Guilette, Casco; and Anna Balestrieri, Aaron Fett, Michael Maggle, Elizabeth Meissner, Colette Reimers-Fernandez, Elizabeth Roig, Patrick Rowe, and Daniel Sallinen, Sturgeon Bay.
Eau Claire -- Kraig Western, Boyd; Jessica Ehr, Eau Claire; and Rebecca Stephan, Fall Creek.
Florence -- Tracy Kranzusch and Mindy Meyers, Florence.
Fond Du Lac -- Maureen Kranig, Eden; Ashley Pucker, Eldorado; Tiffany Heim, Michael Petersen, and Rachel Reimer, Fond Du Lac; Jamie Stephanie, New Holstein; Kelly Andrew, North Fond Du Lac; Crystal Pollack, Ripon; and Justin Feldner, Rosendale.
Forest -- Mitchell Frydrych and Kimberly Gudowicz, Armstrong Creek; Stacy Baltus, Trampas Baltus, and Karen Karl, Laona; and Paul Lyman, Wabeno.
Green -- Miranda Maring, Hazel Green.
Kenosha -- Brian Bose, Erin Bose, and Brian Jones, Kenosha; and Michele Breuer and Jessica Halvorson, Twin Lakes.
Kewaunee -- Rachel Delebreau, Ashley Klessig, Jennifer Mertens, and Adam Novak, Algoma; Tory Annoye, Casco; Bethany Hovis and Dean Hrabik, Kewaunee; and Tiffany Dart, Donna Mleziva, and Nathan Vandervest, Luxemburg.
La Crosse -- Sondra Craig, Mindoro; and Katie Lobner, Onalaska.
Lafayette -- Amy Becker, Benton.
Langlade -- Jason Winkel, Elton.
Lincoln -- Aimee Hein, Michelle Kaminski, Natasha Rasmussen, Jillian Schofield, Jessica Schuster, and Jenny Zoellner, Merrill; and Cory Schiller, Tomahawk.
Manitowoc -- Kristin Utecht, Kiel; Julie Anderson, Sarah Brachmann, Rachel Danay, Arben Dulo, Heather Lafond, Rebecca Schnell, Sarah Stock, Beth Uek, Nicky Waskow, and Kimberlie Woodkey, Manitowoc; Bram Sortwell, Shae Sortwell, and Olivia Warpinski, Maribel; Carla Lemberger, Newton; Alison Kumbalek, Reedsville; and Rebecca Bourget, Lauren Brandl, Thomas Kleckner, Jamie Leclair, Nathan Petrashek, Matthew Richmond, and Kory Schmidt, Two Rivers.
Marathon -- Melissa Ewoldt and Candice Kaiser, Edgar; Brian Peterson, Marshfield; Tammy Fleischman and David Peter, Rothschild; Amanda Brown, Schofield; Casie Rindfleisch, Spencer; and Anne Fait, Cassie Gering, Bryan Kloos, Maria Pergolski, Michelle Pingel, and Sue Xiong, Wausau.
Marinette -- Tara Maedke and Stephen Richer, Coleman; Kimberly Bergold, Roman Miller, and Chris Weber, Crivitz; Ashley Boivin, Wendy Diehlmann, Sara Klemp, Michael Nast, Julie Vanvleet, and Keri Vieth, Marinette; Tonia Gunville and Jackelyn Kinsella, Niagara; and Angela Biernasz, Peshtigo.
Milwaukee -- Eric Pigo, Brown Deer; Jacob Zausch, Cudahy; Juliet Hahn, Katie Hanrahan, and Andrea Koebernik, Franklin; Kathryn Jarvey, Greendale; Sarah Ciganek, Greenfield; Michelle Brown, Lucas Godshall, and Danielle Jackson, Milwaukee; Amanda Hammernik and Stephanie Zylka, Oak Creek; Hilary Carr, Christine Jelacic, and Judith Venus, Saint Francis; Caroline Radtke, Shorewood; Andrew Gurka, Wauwatosa.
Monroe -- Angel Hundt, Cashton.
Oconto -- Heather Klemens, Lore Raatz, and Lindsey Rodefer, Gillett; Matthew Ruechel, Lakewood; June Kruse, Adam Sellen, and William Whiting, Lena; Juli Griffin and Jessica Peterson, Little Suamico; Amanda Rasmussen, Mountain; William Bake, Benjamin Bourassa, Theresa Schulte, Renee Sikma, and Nicole Storms, Oconto; Karly Heimke and Aaron Johnson, Oconto Falls; and Leala Cyr, Sheila Haluska, Amy Keon, Carmen Majewski, and Cathleen Wilinski, Pulaski.
Oneida -- Cindy Stuhmer, Minocqua.
Outagamie -- Megan Gibson, Tricia Grassell, Emily Johnson, Danielle Karr, Alissa Oudenhoven, Nicholas Schreiter, Amanda Timmers, Meghan Weyers, Heather Witzke, Elizabeth Zeman, and Daniel Zwicker, Appleton; Bradley Holz and Jason Morrow, Black Creek; Wayne Pierre, Clintonville; Elizabeth Timm, Combined Locks; Lindsey Goeders, De Pere; Brian Mulroy, Greenville; Elizabeth Bauer, Elizabeth Fannin, and Jayme Kaddatz, Hortonville; Bryan Bohm, Andrew Krubsack, Sara Krueger, Michelle Nieuwenhuis, and Kristin Underwood, Kaukauna; Autumn Wysocky, Kimberly; Andrea Gerl and Sandy Kress, Little Chute; Luke Engel and Olivia Thoma, New London; and Darla Dorosz and Katie Legler, Seymour.
Ozaukee -- Emily Acterberg and Cori Thiermann, Cedarburg; Thomas Hawkins, Timothy Marshall, Karen Mixdorf, and Melissa Staley, Grafton; Kevin Kowaleski, Mequon; Kristin Gasper, Alicia Jones, and Marie Yokes, Port Washington; and Jennifer Keene and Angela Stangel, Saukville.
Portage -- Brady Megal, Amherst; Kari Thompson, Amherst Junction; and April Burant and Patrick Meyer, Stevens Point.
Price -- Cynthia Pingel and Sydni Williams, Phillips; and Rebecca Swan, Prentice.
Racine -- Christine Fanning and Trisha Lynch, Burlington; Barry Hankel, Racine; Diane Berczyk, Union Grove; and Karen Erickson, Waterford.
Rock -- Shelly Hansen, Beloit; and Michelle Austin, Milton.
Rusk -- Amanda Leonhard, Ladysmith.
St. Croix -- Travis Stoddard, New Richmond.
Sauk -- Carissa Mercier, La Valle; and Stephanie Louis, Merrimac.
Shawano -- Penni Olson, Bonduel; Michelle Buettner and Alissa Sellen, Cecil; David Robertson, Gresham; Cami Peeters, Pulaski; and Huldah Gronvall, Bobbie Pawelczyk, Lisa Tucci, and Jennifer Wolfmeyer, Shawano.
Sheboygan -- Stephanie Ford, Cascade; Jason Brill, Hingham; Marc Winter, Howards Grove; Gregory Lindstrom, Kohler; Kristin Mauk, Dayna Rentmeester, and Sara Weeden, Plymouth; Jennifer Ahrens, Kristin Boutelle, Kristin Grudzielanek, Kayla Knier, Hana Leitzke, Sarah Murphy, Patricia Newton, Mandi Okcugil, Lindsay Sasse, and Jonathan Virant, Sheboygan; Kathryn Ten Haken, Sheboygan Falls; and Amanda Kumrow, Waldo.
Taylor -- Chris Tylka, Medford; and Nicole Peterson, Westboro.
Trempealeau -- Labrena Boullion, Osseo.
Vernon -- Elizabeth Ofte, Coon Valley.
Walworth -- Emily Thompson, Delavan; and Ashley Whettam, East Troy.
Washington -- Nicole Krebs, Benjamin Perthel, and Margaret Wollmer, Colgate; Julia Aggen, Jessica Bailey, Corey Bauman, and Brian Heidenreich, Germantown; Kristin Lau, Paul Mueller, Sean O'Brien, and Tracy Winkelman, Hartford; Megan Rushmer, Hubertus; Daniel Kern and Brianna Zander, Jackson; Melissa Wojtanowski, Slinger; and Sarah Lawton, Alison Lester, Casey Rohrick, and Shelley Scheer, West Bend.
Waukesha -- Thomas Heidenberger, Brookfield; Scott Schweiger, Colgate; Rachel Workman, Menomonee Falls; Richard Krause, Mukwonago; Daniel Klewer, Muskego; Amanda Kaminski, Laura Strasse, and Kristin Trost, New Berlin; Kayce Kendziorski, Lindsey Otto, and Elizabeth Yeh, Sussex; Heidi Huebner, Luanna Marko, and Aimee McGeen, Waukesha.
Waupaca -- Diana Jensen, Clintonville; Amber Schoepke, Fremont; Jonathon Swenson, Iola; Kristy Gnadt and David Helpap, Manawa; Abbe Jueds, Marion; Brian Besaw, Adam Guenzel, and Heather Rose, New London; Holly Brogaard, Waupaca; and Matthew Rohde, Weyauwega.
Waushara -- Crystal Gustin, Hancock.
Winnebago -- Erin Burkhardt and Corey Roth, Appleton; Sarah Bradley, Larsen; Melissa Joerndt, Menasha; Amber Appleton, Heidi Arndt, Jennifer Arndt, Andrew Farrell, Amy Rubbert, and Melissa Wollerman, Neenah; Rod Krings, Omro; Anne Hanson, Sarah Jungwirth, Matthew Mentele, and Sara Roggenbauer, Oshkosh; and Lindsey Oostra, Winneconne.
Wood -- Tiffany Haslow, Clarence Mitten, Lia Revling, and Kristen Schmidt, Marshfield; and Sarah Oligney and Nicholas Wallner, Wisconsin Rapids.

Other states:
Arizona -- James Boeck, Sahuarita.
Illinois -- Kimberley Lesniak, Chicago; Lori Nolan and Leah Szott, Mt. Prospect; and Chad Lovejoy and Rick Zimmerman, Rockton.
Indiana -- Abby Scharlow, New Albany; and Natalie Yudt, Portage.
Iowa -- Brandon Steenlage, Coralville; Rachel Haas, Ottumwa; and Krystal VanEe, Pella.
Florida -- Kasey Cleghorn, Jacksonville.
Michigan -- Karen Hoffman, Iron Mountain; and Laura Wiandt, Wallace.
Minnesota -- Julia Eller and Jonathan Schubbe, Afton; Blake Simonsen, Barnesville; Daniel McMahon, Shoreview; Heidi Hittner, White Bear Lake; Dustin Haugen, Windom; Adam Hatfield and Ben Mogren, Winona; and Mary Kulenkamp, Woodbury.
Oregon -- Megan Habermann, Oregon City.

Other countries:
Bulgaria -- Stiliana Georgieva.
Norway -- Calix Black Ndiaye.
Sri Lanka -- Dushani Corea-Dharmaratne.
United Kingdom -- Adam Faux.

(03-134 / 25 June 2003 / BBP)

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