December 2005

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Adult Degree Hoppe Scholarship

Athletic teams have high graduation success rate

Commencement ceremony

Service award recipients

Seniors win special awards

First students earn degrees in new social work program

Regents grant sabbaticals

Programming transition
for Weidner Center

Fourth Estate awards

Play, actors get
theater festival bid

Commencement is
Dec. 17

Courses for educators

Creative teaching awards

Percussion concert

December graduates announced

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Adult Degree Hoppe Scholarship awarded to Jennifer Wilson

GREEN BAY - Jennifer Wilson, a student in the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay's Adult Degree Program, has been awarded the program's Patricia L. Hoppe Scholarship.

Wilson, of Green Bay, will receive the scholarship of $750 for the 2006 spring semester. The scholarship recognizes a nontraditional student who exhibits maturity, ability and desire to meet the program's challenges.

The scholarship is made available to UW-Green Bay Adult Degree Program students by the family and friends of Patricia L. Hoppe, a former student in the program who died of cancer before she could complete her degree. Before she passed away, Hoppe expressed her desire to help nontraditional students achieve their educational and career goals.

UW-Green Bay's innovative Adult Degree Program is a bachelor's degree program that provides a higher education to nontraditional students who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Students attend half-day Saturday classes once a month and work independently between classes. Some classes are offered online, or through audio and videotape.

For more information about UW-Green Bay's Adult Degree Program, call (920) 465-2423 or visit the program's Web site at

(05-253 / 21 December 2005 / SH)

UW-Green Bay athletic teams perform well in report on graduation success

GREEN BAY - Led by four teams with perfect scores, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay athletic teams had strong results in a new report that measures graduation rates of NCAA Division I student-athletes.

The NCAA's new Graduation Success Rate report shows that UW-Green Bay's women's basketball, women's Nordic skiing, women's cross country and men's golf teams had perfect 100 percent graduation success rates.

Four other athletic teams - men's basketball, men's cross country, men's swimming and women's soccer - had graduation success rates above 90 percent.

In both men's and women's basketball, UW-Green Bay had the highest graduation success rates of any Division I basketball programs in Wisconsin.

Overall, UW-Green Bay athletic teams had a 90 percent graduation success rate, well above the national average of 76 percent for all Division I schools. The report covers students entering school from 1995 to 1998.

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Bruce Shepard said the new Graduation Success Rate provides a more accurate picture of academic success than measures used in the past. Shepard added that UW-Green Bay student-athletes have performed well in every available measure of classroom performance.

"UW-Green Bay student-athletes have a proud tradition of academic success," he said. "This reflects well on these young men and women and also on the support they receive from faculty and staff."

UW-Green Bay Athletics Director Ken Bothof said academic achievement is a major part of the University experience for student-athletes.

"They have consistently shown that they are serious about succeeding in the classroom as well as on the court and field or in the pool," Bothof said.

The Graduation Success Rate is considered a more accurate measurement than those used previously because it reflects the mobility among college and university students. It removes students who leave institutions while academically eligible. About three-fourths of all NCAA Division I scholarship student-athletes graduate either from the institution they started at or where they transferred.

The Graduation Success Rate is one component of the NCAA's effort to improve the academic performance of student-athletes. UW-Green Bay teams also ranked well above national averages in the first Academic Progress Report released in February. That report measures eligibility and retention - two factors research identifies as the best indicators of graduation prospects.

(05-252 / 20 December 2005 / SH)

UW-Green Bay graduates encouraged to 'break down those walls'

GREEN BAY - Members of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay's largest mid-year graduating class were encouraged and challenged at commencement ceremonies Saturday (Dec. 17) at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts.

Commencement speaker William Hanrahan, an assistant state attorney general, welcomed the graduates to an exclusive club with benefits graduates will continue to receive for years to come. Those benefits include higher lifetime earnings, greater flexibility and mobility, and a greater sense of optimism, Hanrahan said.

"This is a family membership," he added. "The benefits will trickle down to your children and your children's children.

About 380 students were eligible to receive their diplomas at commencement Saturday. It was the 36th December commencement in UW-Green Bay's history.

With the awarding of diplomas Saturday, UW-Green Bay has conferred about 23,000 degrees, dating to the first commencement in 1970.

Commencement speaker Hanrahan, an assistant attorney general in the Wisconsin Department of Justice and a 1982 graduate of UW-Green Bay, won the 2005 UW-Green Bay Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award.

Hanrahan urged graduates to reject the ignorance that dominates today's public discourse. Using terminology often used to describe political divisions in America today, he said the graduates should refuse to be members of either red or blue America but instead create a purple state.

"Let's break down those walls," he said.

Graduating class speaker Elizabeth Bostwick, of Richland Center, said the graduates' learning will not end with the attainment of a college degree.

"We must learn from our challenges, to better ourselves and the world around us," Bostwick said. "Continue to grow, continue to learn, continue to be passionate about what you do."

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Bruce Shepard, who presided over the commencement ceremonies, said commencement celebrates the community, not just the achievements of individuals.

"Commencement is about graduates, to be sure," he said. "But it is also about values, commitments, and above all, people whose dedication makes this moment possible."

Shepard recognized family and friends of graduates, community members, faculty and others who helped the graduates achieve their goals.

Other highlights of Saturday's commencement included:

• the awarding of the UW-Green Bay Alumni Association's Outstanding Student Award to April Kobishop of Marinette. Kobishop maintained a near-perfect grade point average while taking advantage of on-campus and online learning opportunities to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree while working in the nursing field.

• the awarding of the Chancellor's Award to three community members — Bernard and Sally Killoran and Robert Southard — for their activities on behalf of the University and community. The Killorans, both retired educators, have made education a priority through college scholarships. Southard, whose career in local radio and television broadcasting spanned six decades, has been a longtime supporter of UW-Green Bay.

• presentation of the John P. Blair Endowed Chair in Communication to Prof. Timothy Meyer. It is the first endowed chair in UW-Green Bay's history. Meyer, professor of Information and Computing Science, is a nationally recognized scholar in the areas of electronic media, public relations and advertising.

(05-251 / 17 December 2005 / SH)

UW-Green Bay honors 62 for service

GREEN BAY-Six members of the faculty and staff who joined the University of Wisconsin Green Bay in 1970 were among 62 honored for their years of service to the institution in ceremonies on Friday, Dec. 16 on the University campus.

Receiving plaques for 35 years of service were Sandra L. Bohman, Cofrin Library services assistant; Kenneth J. Fleurant, professor of Humanistic Studies and Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff; Beverly M. Hendricks, program assistant in Adult Degree Programs; Larry J. Smith, professor of Social Change and Development; Pamela D. Spangenberg, benefits specialist; and Karl M. Zehms, associate professor and chairperson of Business Administration.

Other service award recipients included:

Thirty years - Sandra M. Deadman, Patrea A. Grant, Craig A. Lockard, Terence J. O'Grady, Robert J. Skorczewski and Barbara M. Troedel.

Twenty-five years - Carol A. Emmons, Anne M. Kasuboski, William R. Niedzwiedz, Lloyd D. Noppe and Gayle L. Thompson.

Twenty years - Diane E. Blohowiak, Pamela M. Bramschreiber, Cheryl A. Grosso, Lisa R. Fink, Kenneth L. Knauf, Stephen D. Martinson, Patricia L. Miller, Christopher D. Sampson, Karen K. Swan, Denise H. Sweet.

Fifteen years - Lucy A. Arendt, Barbara L. Barnum Maenpaa, Joseph M. Biese, Susan M. Bodilly, Sheila E. Carter, Lisa J. DeLeeuw, Therese A. Greve, Jennifer J. Ham, Tian-You Hu, Dennis N. Lorenz, Christopher M. Luedtke, James R. Merner, Joseph R. Monette, Jane M. Rank, Michael C. Schmitt, Pamela C. Schoen, Jeanellyn Schwarzenbach, Carol L. VanEgeren.

Ten years - Gregory S. Aldrete, Nancy I. Anderson, Karen L. Bircher, Mark W. Everingham, Deborah K. Furlong, Rebecca L. Harrill, James E. Indgjer, Nora J. Kanzenbach, John F. Katers, Eileen J. Kolb, Paul H. Pinkston, Patricia E. Ragan, Quinn V. Ross, Patricia A. Terry, Barbara J. Tomashek-Ditter, Mark R. Wenzel, Georjeanna J. Wilson-Doenges.

(05-250 / 15 December 2005 / VCD)

Twelve seniors win special awards
at UW-Green Bay

GREEN BAY-A dozen graduating seniors received special awards in ceremonies on Friday, Dec. 16 at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Seven were presented with Chancellor's Medallions, and five were awarded University Leadership Awards. The recipients were nominated and selected from among 385 students eligible to graduate.

Chancellor's Medallions recognize academic excellence and leadership demonstrated throughout the student's career at UW-Green Bay. Recipients were Elizabeth Bostwick, Richland Center; Erin Fahey, Cottage Grove, Minn.; Rebecca Heim, Green Bay; Ashley Moreno, Little Chute; Paul Struss, Green Bay; Angela Wix, Wausau; and Nou Yang, Green Bay.

University Leadership Awards acknowledge students' leadership on- and off-campus during their time at UW-Green Bay. Those who received University Leadership Awards were Cynthia Freitag, Sturgeon Bay; Daniel Schulz, Chili; Jamie Swanson, Grafton; Kristin Trampf, Berlin; and Carol Williams, Green Bay.

The awards ceremony was held the day before commencement ceremonies on Saturday, Dec. 17.

(05-249 / 15 December 2005 / VCD)

First students earn degrees in new
UW-Green Bay/UW-Oshkosh social work program

GREEN BAY - The first students to complete a new, innovative Master of Social Work program operated jointly by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and UW-Oshkosh will receive their degrees on Saturday, Dec. 17. Fourteen are eligible to receive their degrees in ceremonies at 11:30 a.m. in the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Sixteen will receive their degrees earlier the same day at UW-Oshkosh.

The students are the first to enroll in the master's degree program approved in 2002 by the Board of Regents. The Board designated the program to be “a highly innovative model for collaboration among UW-campuses” and to meet a regional need for social workers with advanced education. The only other M.S.W. programs offered in the UW System are at Madison and Milwaukee.

Collaborative program director Judy Martin, a professor of Social Work at UW-Green Bay, called the first graduates — all of them women — the “founding mothers” of the new program and declared them “ready to take leadership positions in the field of social work throughout the region.”

“This group of students worked extremely hard to obtain their degrees,” she said. “The faculty has been excited about teaching this group of motivated and committed students.”

Martin noted that many of the students were working full time, doing a required 16-hour-a-week placement in a social work setting, and raising families while doing required course readings and assignments. Several students changed jobs while in the program, some moved, and five of the 30 had new babies. “This very talented group of students 'did it all' and did it well,” she said.

The program is tailored to meet needs of students with professional experience.

According to Martin, students can enter the program through either institution. “However, we have ONE program, and all students have to meet the same requirements and have access to the same benefits,” she explained.

Faculty members at both institutions teach the courses. Some classes are offered on each campus, and others meet at a central location between the two campuses. Students chose one of the two sponsoring campuses to be their “home” campus from which they'll get their degrees.

Students receiving UW-Green Bay degrees on Saturday are Kimberly Collins, Green Bay; Vicky Coppens, Green Bay; Natalie DeSimone, Manitowoc; Shanna Devos, Green Bay; Eileen Diller, Green Bay; Nancy Krueger, Manitowoc; Pebbles Peterson, Shawano; Teri Phalin, Tomahawk; Nina Powell, Sobieski; Carey Schiller, Oneida; Patricia Scieszinski, Sturgeon Bay; Elaine Tabordon, Algoma; Christy Webster, Menasha; and Doreen Weyenberg, Green Bay.

Receiving their degrees at UW-Oshkosh are Tania Cornelius, Green Bay; Leah Diedrick, Little Chute; Stephanie Feider, Sheboygan Falls; Lisa Frei, Fond du Lac; Sheila Garrigan, Green Bay; May See Her, Wausau; Carol Koch, Oshkosh; Karen Kundinger, Oshkosh; Erin Moran, Appleton; Emily Lewis, Appleton; Sheila Reichert, Wisconsin Rapids; Geri Rettler, Black Creek; Kathryn Sexton, Appleton; Susan Sorenson, Valders; Sherah Seroka, Neenah; and Tera Williams, Oshkosh.

(05-248 / 14 December 2005 / VCD)

Regents grant sabbaticals to five

GREEN BAY - The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents on Friday granted sabbaticals for 2006-2007 to five members of the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Sabbaticals recognize faculty members' teaching and provide for reassignment for a period of time for in-depth study that will enhance their teaching in the future.

Receiving sabbatical leaves for the full academic year were Associate Professors Victoria Goff, Information and Computing Science; Kim Nielsen, Social Change and Development and Women's Studies; and Tara Reed, Natural and Applied Sciences. Goff will complete two books — a textbook on feature writing and a book on the history of Spanish language media in the U.S. Nielson, who has published books on Helen Keller, will complete a biography of Keller's teacher, Anne Sullivan Macy. Reed will develop lab exercises and research tools for use in her classes.

Prof. Robert Howe, director of the Cofrin Arboretum Center for Biodiversity at UW-Green Bay, was granted a sabbatical for fall semester to prepare a book-length work on the history and natural features of the Arboretum. It will serve as a reference to 30 years of accumulated data and research in the Arboretum.

Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, an associate professor in Urban and Regional Studies, will be on sabbatical spring semester. She'll analyze historic data that would enable her to map out suburban trends in the Green Bay metropolitan region for the past 60 years. She plans to develop a course on suburban living.

(05-247 / 13 December 2005 / VCD)

UW-Green Bay announces new direction for Weidner Center programming

GREEN BAY - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Chancellor Bruce Shepard today announced a programming transition for the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts that will be built primarily around campus and community fine arts performances, speaker series and educational programming. The transition will bring the Weidner's programming approach closer to the original concept for the center.

The transition is aimed at ensuring fiscal stability for the Weidner Center.

In announcing the new programming approach, Shepard said it will provide a base for further programming. The University and community entities are actively exploring additional innovative programming options.

"I wish to emphasize our commitment to return the Weidner Center to a financially sustainable base," Shepard said. "I am confident that, just as at the inception of this community jewel, over the decades ahead we will see the Weidner Center continuing to respond to the critical cultural needs of our area through programming responsive to the community's needs."

Shepard and Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce President Paul Jadin also announced that they have appointed a task force of community leaders to develop recommendations for the long-term future of the Weidner Center and other performing arts venues in the area.

The actions are needed to address serious financial challenges facing performing arts venues locally and nationally. Support for the performing arts has declined substantially over the past decade.

The Weidner Center has felt the impact of this decline and of increasing fees charged by promoters of touring shows. The number of season-ticket subscribers has decreased by nearly 80 percent over the last 10 years. At the same time, it is difficult for the Weidner to meet even direct costs of shows with capacity crowds.

Without changes in its operating approach, the center would lose a projected $2 million this year, the Chancellor said.

Shepard stressed that the Weidner Center's new programming model takes effect with the 2006-07 season. All remaining shows for 2005-06 will appear as scheduled, and ticket sales for these shows will continue.

The actions announced today will result in the loss of additional positions — the Weidner's executive director, general manager, director of development and director of finance among them — in the near future.

The Weidner Center opened its doors in 1993. The center was able to establish and build a financial reserve, largely because of the success of touring Broadway productions. However, performing arts centers typically cover only a portion of their costs through ticket sales.

The Weidner Center began preparing for the rapidly changing market three years ago by cutting overhead and employees, revising the programming mix and terminating unprofitable relationships with other performing arts venues.

The financial picture changed even more drastically than expected due to a decline in quality new Broadway product, changes in funding models and increased local competition for the discretionary entertainment dollar.

(05-246 / 12 December 2005 / SH)

Fourth Estate staffer wins national student newspaper award

GREEN BAY - The Fourth Estate, the student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, won a prestigious national award at the recent Associated Collegiate Press National College Media Convention in Kansas City.

Fawn Giese, the Fourth Estate's layout editor during the 2004-05 academic year, won second-place honors in the "News Page/Spread" category for a layout in the newspaper's Oct. 14, 2004 edition. The layout was headlined "Student musicians rock the GB music scene."

The Associated Collegiate Press is the largest national membership organization for college student media in the United States.

Giese finished second to a student from North Carolina State University. However, she placed ahead of finalists from Ball State University, Indiana University and Columbia University.

"I was really happy when I heard I was even a finalist," she said. "I was very excited when I found out who I was up against."

Lindsey Oostra, Fourth Estate editor in chief, said the national award did not come as a surprise to Fourth Estate staffers familiar with Giese's work.

"She was probably the most talented layout person the Fourth Estate has seen in years, and she was missed after she graduated in May," Oostra said.

Giese, of Mayville, graduated from UW-Green Bay in May 2005. She majored in Communication and the Arts with an emphasis in graphic design.

She previously won a regional award for her work on the Oct. 14, 2005 edition of the Fourth Estate. She took first place in layout/page design at the Associated Collegiate Press Best of the Midwest competition in March.

(05-245 / 13 December 2005 / SH)

UW-Green Bay play, actors get theater festival bid

GREEN BAY - The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Theater production "Red Herring" has been invited to the Region III American College Theater Festival (ACTF) January 11 through 14, 2006, at Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal, Ill.

UW-Green Bay cast and crew will give three performances of "Red Herring" at noon, 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 13 in Illinois.

The invitation is an achievement especially when put into context, according to Theater chairperson and "Red Herring" director Laura Riddle. Fifty productions from schools throughout the five-state region were competing for invitations: UW-Green Bay is among the six or eight selected. The five-state region has a large number of colleges and universities both big and small, including a number of institutions with graduate programs in theater. The festival has some 1,600 attendees.

Two benefit performances of "Red Herring" will be presented at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 9 in University Theater at UW-Green Bay to help defray costs of making the trip.

In addition to the tour invitation, six students have been nominated for the Irene Ryan Scholarship acting competition that will take place on Jan. 11 at ACTF. Three of the nominees — Derek Meyer, Merrill; Kristin Stafford, Kingsford, Mich.; and Zach McLain, Fence — were selected for their work in "Red Herring."

The other competitors are Jillian Nelson, Lake Mills, for "The Laramie Project;" Carrie Weis, Lodi, for "A Midsummer Night's Dream;" and D.J. Wierschem, Glendale, who was nominated for both "The Laramie Project" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The competition is named for the actress who portrayed Granny in the television series "Beverly Hillbillies," and who left a legacy providing scholarships for young actors. This is Weis's third consecutive trip to the contest. Wierschem also competed in 2005.

UW-Green Bay has three individuals in the running for Awards of Merit. UW-Green Bay alumnus Christopher Hibbard, formerly of De Pere but now of the Chicago area, who directed "The Laramie Project," is nominated for a guest director award. Two nominations are for work on "A Midsummer Night's Dream." They are faculty member Kaiome Malloy for costumes, and student Zak Viviano, Green Bay, for lighting design.

A UW-Green Bay competitor in the national stage management competition at ACTF is Amanda Scholz, Brown Deer, who was stage manager for "Red Herring" and other productions.

Riddle says "Red Herring" performance day at ACTF will be grueling for UW-Green Bay cast and crew. "It's going to be really tight," she notes. They'll start with a timed load-in at 7:30 a.m., give performances at noon, 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., and follow immediately with the load-out that they have to accomplish in an hour. UW-Green Bay has previously won ACTF awards for load-in and load-out proficiency.

The October production of "Red Herring" in the 100-seat Jean Weidner Theater in the Weidner Center was done with a minimal crew, but Riddle anticipates taking "a couple of extra people" to help at ACTF.

Two, rather than one, benefit performances are scheduled at UW-Green Bay on Jan.6 not only to raise funds for the trip, but also to prepare students by giving them a sense of what it's like to give performances with short turn-around time, according to Riddle. Also, the benefit is being scheduled in University Theater because it more closely approximates the 700-seat venue where they'll perform in Illinois.

This is the third invitation to tour a play to the regional ACTF festival in five years for UW-Green Bay. "The Christmas Schooner" got the nod for 2004 and "Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls" went in 2002. Both times, UW-Green Bay came home with Golden Hand Truck awards for excellence in load-in and load-out. Invitations to ACTF are initiated after objective judges travel to view each play entered for consideration. Representatives of The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. attend the regional festivals to evaluate productions for possible performance at the Kennedy Center.

Ticket information for benefit performances of "Red Herring" at 3 and 7 p.m. on Jan.6 in University Theater is available by calling (920) 465-2217 or (800) 328-8587.

(05-244 / 8 December 2005 / VCD)

UW-Green Bay commencement ceremonies are Dec. 17

GREEN BAY-University of Wisconsin-Green Bay commencement ceremonies will be held at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, December 17 in the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts on the campus at 2420 Nicolet Dr. UW-Green Bay Chancellor Bruce Shepard will preside.

About 385 students are eligible to graduate. The number includes the first graduates of the new collaborative UW-Green Bay/UW-Oshkosh Master of Social Work program that began offering classes in fall 2003. Fourteen individuals will receive their M.S.W. degrees at the Dec. 17 ceremony.

Commencement speaker William E. Hanrahan is assistant attorney general in the Wisconsin Department of Justice where he heads the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Hanrahan won the 2005 UW-Green Bay Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award and also was honored in 2005 for his work and writing on behalf of the vulnerable elderly by the "Wisconsin Law Journal" and the Wisconsin Bar Association. He graduated from UW-Green Bay in 1982 with a degree in Urban and Regional Studies.

Elizabeth Bostwick, Richland Center, will be the student speaker. She is graduating with highest honors, having distinguished herself in both her major of theater and her minor of arts management. Bostwick plans to further her education by earning a master's degree in arts administration.

April Kobishop, Marinette, who is receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, will receive the Alumni Association's Outstanding Student Award. She maintained a perfect grade point average while taking advantage of a variety of on campus and online opportunities to earn her degree while working in the nursing field.

Shepard will present Chancellor's Awards to three members of the community for their activities on behalf of the University and the community. Bernard and Sally Killoran are educators who, in retirement, have continued to make education a priority through college scholarships. Robert Southard's career in broadcasting spanned six decades, including work at all three major television network affiliates in Green Bay. All three have been advocates and supporters of UW-Green Bay in many capacities since the mid-1980s.

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Emeritus Edward W. Weidner will join in presenting the John P. Blair Endowed Chair in Communication to Prof. Timothy Meyer. The first fully endowed chair in the University's history, the position was made possible by a $1.5 million gift to UW-Green Bay from Mrs. Dorothy Blair and the Blair Foundation in honor of Mrs. Blair's late husband, a media pioneer. Meyer, who joined UW-Green Bay in 1982, conducts research in the areas of electronic media, public relations and advertising, most particularly on the impact of media on various audiences.

Honorary titles of Professor Emeritus will be bestowed upon two retiring faculty members. Gilbert T. Null will be named Professor Emeritus of Humanistic Studies (Philosophy) and Anthony H. Galt will be awarded the title Professor Emeritus of Social Change and Development (Anthropology).

(05-243 / 7 December 2005 / VCD)

UW-Green Bay Outreach schedules courses for educators

GREEN BAY-Five new offerings are among courses for educators beginning in January in the winter-spring series organized by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Office of Outreach and Extension.

Two of the new courses are aimed toward teachers of science on the Door Peninsula. They are Teaching Weather on the Door Peninsula: How It Determined Our History and Teaching Non-point Source Pollution on the Door Peninsula.

Other new courses are an assessment development course offered in Manitowoc, and a course extending the "Tribes Learning Communities" concept that will be offered in Green Bay.

One new course, Earth Science for Teachers, will be offered online.

UW-Green Bay courses for educators are for graduate credit unless otherwise indicated in the listing. Some courses are offered with credit options.

Enrollment in most classes is limited, so registration at least two weeks before the start of a course is recommended. Numbers for detailed information and to request registration materials are (920) 465-2480 or (800) 892-2118. Information and registration also are available online at New offerings are added throughout the year and may be found on the Web site.

UW-Green Bay courses for educators align with Wisconsin standards for teacher and administrator development and licensure.

Here's the list of winter-spring courses to date:

Beginning in January 2006:

Introduction to Performance Assessment, Thursdays, Jan. 12; Feb. 9, 23; March 9; plus three hours of online application time, CESA 7 Office, Green Bay. Noncredit option available.

Meteorology forTeachers [Internet course], Begins Jan. 23 and ends May 12. Application to Space Education Initiatives required.

Career Development Facilitator: Course I, Wednesdays, Jan. 25; Feb. 8, 22; March 8, 29; April 5, 26; May 10, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Graduate or undergraduate credit options available.

Teaching Weather on the Door Peninsula: How It Determined Our History (NEW), Friday and Saturday, Jan. 27, 28; Friday, Feb. 10, Crossroads at Big Creek Preserve, Sturgeon Bay.

Using Technology to Enhance Student Learning [Internet course], one face-to-face meeting Saturday, Jan. 28 at De Pere High School. Two-credit course ends April 15. Three-credit course ends May 13.

Earth Science for Teachers [Internet course] (NEW), begins Monday, Jan. 30 and ends May 12.

Beginning in February 2006:

Differentiated Instruction, Wednesdays, Feb. 1, 15; March 1, 15, plus three hours of study group time outside of class, Sheboygan Area School District.

Facilitating and Assessing Writing Using the Six Plus One Traits, Fridays and Saturdays, Feb. 3, 4, 17, 18; March 3, 4, 31; April 1, Jefferson Elementary School, Green Bay.

Tribes: A New Way of Learning and Being Together, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 3, 4; Monday, Feb. 13; Tuesday, Feb. 28; Friday and Saturday, March 3, 4, Fort Howard Elementary School, Green Bay.

Introduction to Differentiation and Gifted Education, Tuesdays, Feb. 7, 14, 21; March 7, 14, 28; April 4, 11, 18, 25; May 2, 9, Green Bay Public Schools District Office Building.

Assessment Literacy: A Practical Approach to Classroom Assessment, Thursdays, Feb. 9, 23; March 9, Sheboygan Area School District.

Supervision of Student Teachers, Friday, Feb. 10; Thursday, Feb. 16; Saturday, Feb. 18, Green Bay Education Association Office.

Introduction to Understanding by Design, Mondays, Feb. 13; March 20; April 10; May 8, Sheboygan Area School District.

Assessment Development: Refining and Improving Classroom Assessment (NEW), Tuesdays, Feb. 14; March 7, 28; April 25, Holiday Inn, Manitowoc. Noncredit option available.

Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 17, 18, Southern Door High School. Options for one credit or workshop only without credit.

Electronic Portfolios: Powerful Professional Improvement Tool, Fridays and Saturdays, Feb. 17, 18; March 3, 4, Mishicot High School.

Classroom Instruction That Works, Mondays, Feb. 20; March 13; April 10, Green Bay Education Association Office.

Leaderhood(TM): Inspired Leadership for Today's Workforce, Thursdays, Feb. 23; March 2, 9, 16, UW-Green Bay Downtown Learning Center.

Developing Good Comprehension Habits in All Readers, Fridays and Saturdays, Feb. 24, 25; March 17, 18; April 7, 8, 28, 29, Sevastopol School, Sturgeon Bay.

Beginning in March:

Conflict Resolution, Friday and Saturday, March 3, 4, UW-Green Bay Downtown Learning Center.

Web Page Creation and Editing, Mondays, March 6, 13, 20, 27; April 3, 17, Sheboygan Falls Elementary School.

Infusing Technology into the Curriculum, Friday and Saturday, March 24, 25, Mishicot area.

Artistry for Learning: The Research-Based Components of the Developmental Process of Tribes Learning Communities(®) (NEW), Friday and Saturday, March 31, April 1; Tuesdays, April 11, 25; Friday and Saturday, May 12, 13, Fort Howard Elementary School, Green Bay.

Beginning in April:

Phun with Foniks, Saturdays, April 1, 29, UW-Green Bay Downtown Learning Center. Options for graduate or undergraduate credit.

Teaching Non-point Source Pollution on the Door Peninsula (NEW), Friday and Saturday, April 7, 8; Friday, May 5, Crossroads at Big Creek Preserve, Sturgeon Bay.

Taming the Wild, Wild Web: Web Quests, Fridays and Saturdays, April 21, 22; May 5, 6, Mishicot High School.

Infusing Technology into the Curriculum, Friday and Saturday, April 28, 29, Howard-Suamico area.

PowerPoint: Present with Pizzazz, Friday and Saturday, April 28, 29, Mishicot High School.

(05-242 / 7 December 2005 / VCD)

Four cited for creative teaching

GREEN BAY - Four individuals have been singled out for "Creative Approaches to Teaching" by the Faculty Development Council at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Karen Dalke, an adjunct faculty member in Urban and Regional Studies, was selected for her first-day strategy for creating a positive learning environment in lecture classes with larger enrollments. She has students form small groups where they introduce themselves to each other, develop a short profile of group members, and report back to the larger class.

Debbie Burden, Karla Larson and Linda Toonen, all lecturers in English composition, were recognized for their strategy of using "partner" or small group conferences, rather than individual conferences to discuss student writing, giving students to learn from each other as well as from the instructor.

The Instructional Development Council makes "Creative Approaches to Teaching" awards once each semester. The aim is to recognize creative teaching and share the winning strategies across campus. Summaries are posted on the Council's Web site. Winners also receive a small honorarium.

(05-241 / 6 December 2005 / VCD)

UW-Green Bay percussion concert is Friday

GREEN BAY-The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Contemporary Percussion and Hand Drumming Ensembles will perform in concert at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 9 in University Theater located in Theater Hall on the campus at 2420 Nicolet Dr.

Prof. Cheryl Grosso directs both groups.

The five-member Contemporary Percussion Ensemble will present five pieces, including compositions by such masters as John Bergamo and John Cage.

They'll open with "Music for Five Pieces of Wood," by Steve Reich, a piece with complex rhythmic patterns that Grosso says is "more challenging to the performers than the listeners." Composer Warren Benson, who died in October, is represented by "Three Pieces for Percussion," one of only two sets of percussion pieces that he wrote. Benson was a percussionist before turning to composition.

Bob Becker, percussionist with the renowned group Nexus, is the composer of "Turning Point," written in 1993 for Nexus. Grosso describes Becker as a "virtuoso xylophonist," and the piece makes use of several mallet keyboard instruments. Sophomore Arianne Timmers will join the Percussion Ensemble on piano.

The Ensemble also will perform John Bergamo's "#33," a quintet written to give the impression that it is performed by one multiple-percussion player.

They'll end their program with "Imaginary Landscape No. 2," by John Cage. According to Grosso, it's an important work in the percussion repertory. Dating to the early 1960s, it employs instruments such as tin cans, bass drum, sauce and frying pans, thunder sheet and conch shell. "It's one of those pieces that gives you the shivers, it's so powerful," says Grosso.

The Hand Drumming Ensemble will perform five Grosso compositions. "It's the most complex group of five works the Ensemble has played in one semester," she says. Their program includes her "Rhythm Chant GZ," Grosso's response to the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York (ground zero).

The 14-member Ensemble includes five percussion majors, four music majors who are not percussionists, and five non-music majors.

Tickets are $6 for adults and #3 for students. The numbers for tickets are (920) 465-2217 or (800) 328-8587.

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UW-Green Bay announces names of December graduates

GREEN BAY - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay commencement ceremonies on Saturday, Dec. 17, will honor approximately 385 graduates eligible to receive their degrees. Those students receiving bachelor's degrees with academic honors are indicated by *cum laude, ** magna cum laude, and ***summa cum laude.

Master of Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning
Brown -- Jane O'Hearn, De Pere; and Trina Kuhnz and Scott McPherson, Green Bay.

Master of Environmental Science and Policy
Manitowoc -- Lisa Smith, Cleveland.

Master of Management
Brown -- Daniella Kravetz, De Pere; and Michael Beaumont, Fabio De Barros, Sondra Grosse, and Shreemayee Kar, Green Bay.
Manitowoc - Mark Hanstedt, Manitowoc.

Master of Social Work
Brown -- Kimberly Collins, Vicky Coppens, Shanna Devos, Eileen Diller, and Doreen Weyenberg, Green Bay; and Carey Schiller, Oneida.
Door -- Patricia Scieszinski, Sturgeon Bay.
Kewaunee -- Elaine Tabordon, Algoma.
Lincoln -- Teri Phalin, Tomahawk.
Manitowoc -- Natalie DeSimone and Nancy Krueger, Manitowoc.
Oconto -- Nina Powell, Sobieski.
Shawano -- Pebbles Peterson, Shawano.
Winnebago -- Christy Webster, Menasha.

Brown -- Sarah Nooyen, De Pere.

Brown -- Yves Dumoulin***, Lindsey Johnson**, Bruce Juchniewich***, and Lora Vandevoorde, Green Bay.
Calumet -- Melissa Anger, Forest Junction.
Clark -- Daniel Schulz, Chili.
Kewaunee -- Amanda DeGrand, Luxemburg.
Manitowoc -- Marsha Schwahn, Denmark.
Sheboygan -- Travis Meerdink, Oostburg.

Brown -- Joan Bachhuber*, Hannah Compton, Jodi Niemi, and Angela Wix***, Green Bay; and Leah Lindsley, Greenleaf.
Dane -- Katie Sunde, Oregon.
Dodge -- Sara Antony, Horicon.
Fond du Lac -- Nicole Fisher, Oakfield.
Green Lake -- Julie Dudek, Berlin.
Manitowoc -- Sara Bruckschen**, Manitowoc.
Marathon -- Amber Voigt, Merrill.
Marinette -- Mary Buchman, Marinette.
Oconto -- Tracy Athey, Abrams.
Outagamie - Lisa Olson, Appleton; and Patrick Revels, Black Creek.

Brown -- Andrew Karls and Amy Wortman, Green Bay.
Kenosha -- Ryan Metzler, Pleasant Prairie; and Ryan Taylor, Twin Lakes.
Marinette -- Michael Nast, Marinette; Jay Watson**, Porterfield; and Grant Russ*, Wausaukee.
Outagamie -- Melissa Ebben, Appleton; and Mark Hoffmann, Shiocton.
Shawano - Kathleen Hansen, Clintonville.
Washington - Robert Bintzler, West Bend.

Business Administration
Brown -- Derek Gonwa, Joseph Jacobs, Annie Moreau, Carl Schuelke, and Amanda Ziemer, De Pere; Andrew Baule, Chad Beltrand, Kimberly Champeau, Nick Cramer, Carrie Cromell, Jonathon Dretzka, Vanessa Guilette, Taylor Hansen*, Sara Hebel, Christopher Heil, Bruce Juchniewich***, Dana Langhoff*, Peggy Maas-Weber, Aaron Roskoski, Nanette Saduske, Casey Tree, Heidi Trzebiatowski, and Robert Typner***, Green Bay; Christopher Toonen, Pulaski; and Darren Umnus, Suamico.
Clark -- Daniel Schulz, Chili.
Dane -- Sarah Price, Stoughton.
Door -- Michael Maggle*, Sturgeon Bay.
Florence -- Cassandra Harrison, Fence.
Fond du Lac -- Justin Thompson, Fond du Lac.
Forest -- Randy Spencer***, Argonne; and Trampas Baltus*, Laona.
Jefferson -- Cynthia Breese and Courtney Butzine, Waterloo.
Kenosha -- Brian Bose and Sandy Resendez, Kenosha.
Kewaunee -- Jennifer Qualman, Algoma; and Amanda DeGrand, Luxemburg.
Manitowoc -- Jennifer Bruckschen, Cleveland; Janil Vaness, Newton; and Benjamin Dimmick, Two Rivers.
Marinette -- Jason Bauer and Thomas Trippler, Marinette; Robert Chapman, Niagara; and Amanda Barber, Peshtigo.
Oconto -- Travis Gulmire and James Schuh, Abrams; Robert Telford, Lena; Bonnie Rost, Little Suamico; Jaimee Scanlan, Oconto; and Renee Possley, Sobieski.
Outagamie -- Joshua Burton, Black Creek; and Jeri Eastman and Robert Watson, De Pere.
Price -- Kristin Herbst, Park Falls.
Shawano -- Sabrina Hoffman, Shiocton.
Sheboygan -- Alicia Polster, Plymouth; Benjamin Hagel, Random Lake; and Patricia Newton*, Sheboygan.
Walworth -- Angela Tritz, Honey Creek.
Washington -- Megan Rushmer*, Hubertus; Katie Sullivan, Richfield; and Laura Muesch*, Slinger.
Waukesha -- Jacob Radish, Elm Grove; Kelly Okray, Menomonee Falls; and Jared Day, New Berlin.
Waupaca -- Jonathon Swenson*, Iola; and Dawn Miller, Marion.
Wood -- Michael Salamonski, Marshfield.
Other states -- Bailey Ogrin, Buffalo Grove, Illinois; Jonathan Merrill, Edina, Minnesota; Jarett Cascino and Nicholas Pederson, Rochester, Minnesota; and Justin Oberg, Rosemount, Minnesota.
Other countries -- Dushani Corea Dharmaratne**, Sri Lanka; and Yavuz Edgu, Turkey.

Brown -- Joshua Wurzer, Green Bay.
Manitowoc -- Holly Blazer, Reedsville.

Communication and the Arts
Brown -- Lance Gunnlaugsson, Kristen Hodek***, Jodi Niemi, and Monique Rogers**, Green Bay.
Dane -- Katie Sunde, Oregon.
Outagamie -- Amanda Starszak, Kaukauna.
Sauk -- Melissa Volk, Reedsburg.
Walworth -- Megan Wexler, Elkhorn.
Washington -- Stephanie Wietor, West Bend.
Waukesha -- Stephen Delie, Oconomowoc.

Communication / Communication Processes
Brown -- Julie Theroux, De Pere; and Maria Alonso, Jocelyn Berkhahn, Lance Phillips, and Gregory Swanson, Green Bay.
Clark -- Mindy Krasselt, Loyal.
Dane -- Benjamin Birkinbine, Madison.
Dodge -- Megan Zimmermann, Juneau.
Door -- Mark Kraemer, Sturgeon Bay.
Green Lake -- Kristin Trampf, Berlin.
Manitowoc -- Daniel Knutson, Valders.
Marathon -- Justin Tiedemann*, Mosinee.
Oconto -- Tracy Heaser, Little Suamico.
Outagamie -- Ryan Haertl, Appleton; and Melynda Pahl, Little Chute.
Ozaukee -- Gregory Highstrom, Cedarburg; and Jamie Swanson*, Grafton.
Racine -- Katie Cummings, Sturtevant.
Sheboygan - Thomas Wegmann, Sheboygan.
Walworth -- Matthew Cole, Fontana.
Washington -- Erin Fahey, Cottage Grove.
Waukesha -- Katherine Frank, Menomonee Falls; and Lindsay Zarnoth, Sussex.
Waupaca -- Katie Algiers and Joel Neumann, New London.

Computer Science
Brown -- Matt Schroeder, Green Bay.
Manitowoc -- Emily Gnadt, Manitowoc.

Earth Science
Marinette -- Lynn Willacker, Marinette.
Other states -- Kyle Sillars, Missoula, Montana.

Door -- Janet Devito**, Sturgeon Bay.
Manitowoc -- Janil Vaness, Newton.
Outagamie -- Michael Walburn Jr., Appleton.
Other states -- Ben Mogren, Winona, Minnesota.

Elementary Education
Brown -- Terri Larson, De Pere; and Kim Frye, Sarah Johanski*, Sarah Showman*, Emily Vandenbush***, and Nou Yang, Green Bay.
Dane -- Meghan Lehl, Oregon.
Kewaunee -- Nichole Rabitz*, Kewaunee.
Lincoln -- Michelle Kaminski, Merrill.
Marinette -- Tonia Westrich**, Niagara.
Marquette -- Stephanie Werdin, Dalton.
Oconto -- Amanda Hanson**, Oconto; and Dawn Krings, Suring.
Outagamie -- Kristina Dorn, Appleton.
Shawano -- Sallie Neeley, Bonduel; and Jennie Beaumier**, Cecil.
Sheboygan - Sadie Luecke**, Elkhart Lake; Sara Weeden*, Plymouth; and Kristin Boutelle* and Jessica Gries**, Sheboygan.
Waukesha -- Erica Heckendorf, Pewaukee.
Waupaca -- Courtny Timm, Manawa.
Winnebago -- Korina Harris*, Menasha.

Brown -- Aubrey Duncan*, Thomas Sawyer**, Bailey Vorpagel*, and Angela Wix***, Green Bay; and Nicole Rentmeester, Oneida.
Clark -- Julie Henaman*, Withee.
Kewaunee -- Ashley Klessig, Algoma.
Milwaukee -- Amanda Hautala**, Greenfield.
Oconto -- Bennett Reinhard***, Abrams; and Wendy Diehlmann and Andrea Schmitt, Oconto.
Outagamie - Steve Sutter*, Appleton.
Sheboygan -- Molly Maciejewski, Sheboygan.
Winnebago -- Lindsey Verwiel, Oshkosh.

Environmental Policy and Planning
Brown -- Roy Faust and Joshua Shaha, Green Bay.
Calumet -- Deborah Nett, Kaukauna.
Waupaca -- Steffanie Orr, Fremont.

Environmental Science
Brown -- Kathryn Bonk, Green Bay.
Marinette -- Jay Watson**, Porterfield.

Kenosha -- Sandy Resendez, Kenosha.

Brown -- Katherine Lautenbach*, Green Bay.
Manitowoc -- Beth Uek*, Manitowoc.
Milwaukee -- Nicole Ford, West Allis.
Sheboygan -- Molly McHugh, Plymouth.
Waukesha -- Jacob Radish, Elm Grove.

Brown -- Chris Allard, Darrin Kehoe, Chad Montoure, and Paul Struss***, Green Bay.
Door -- Joseph Cross*, Sturgeon Bay.
Manitowoc -- Adam Nate, Reedsville.
Marathon -- Caleb Knapp, Wausau.
Oconto -- Benjamin Sohrweide***, Oconto.
Outagamie -- Joshua Blau, Seymour.
Waushara -- Amber Patterson, Wild Rose.

Human Biology
Brown -- Melissa Schink, De Pere; and Eric Erdmann, Cigi Rappert, and Sara Weber, Green Bay. Calumet -- Jamie Sylfest, Appleton.
Grant -- Megan Carmody, Mount Hope.
Lincoln -- Lacy Roberts*** (distinction in the major), Tomahawk.
Marathon -- Laurel Nystul, Wausau.
Shawano -- Sarah Bemis, Shawano.
Sheboygan -- Lisa Pearson, Random Lake.
Washington -- Brian Rohrick, West Bend.
Winnebago -- Breanna Paulick, Oshkosh.
Other countries -- Javier Mendiburu, Spain.

Human Development
Brown -- Stephanie Koenig, De Pere; Kristin Hovde, Denmark; Elizabeth Brosig, Rebecca Heim**, Robert Hudson*, Amber Kueck*, Sara Lechleitner, Nichole Lund, Lacey Moore**, Michelle Pagel, Carol Williams, and Naly Yang, Green Bay; Tricia Obry, New Franken; and Kristen Kessenich, Oneida.
Chippewa -- Ericka Modl, Cadott.
Dane -- Meredith Schluter, Marshall.
Marinette -- Francesca Goetz, Wausaukee.
Outagamie -- Ashley Moreno*** (distinction in the major), Little Chute.
Ozaukee -- Kristi Mayer, Mequon.
Rock -- Noel Hass, Beloit.
Saint Croix -- Eileen Starkey, Hudson.
Sheboygan -- Crystal Jeske, Sheboygan.
Washington -- Lindsey Henning, Slinger.
Winnebago -- Jennifer Spilski, Neenah.

Humanistic Studies
Brown -- Nichole Lund, Green Bay.

Information Science
Forest -- Matthew Marsicek, Laona.
Manitowoc -- Derek Geffers, Saint Nazianz.
Other states -- Michael Schlatter, Boulder, Colorado.

Interdisciplinary Studies
Brown -- Rodney Eisch and Philip Livingston, De Pere; Amy Luce, Green Bay; and Cynthia Freitag*, New Franken.
Door -- Arlene Corona **, Sturgeon Bay; and Susan Lohrey***, Forestville.
Manitowoc -- Karen Goertz**, Manitowoc.
Winnebago -- Roberta Chapman, Larsen.

Kewaunee -- Adam Novak*, Algoma.
Milwaukee -- Daniel Meier*, Milwaukee; and Nicole Ford, West Allis.
Oconto -- Tracy Kroll, Pulaski.
Washington -- Matthew Schultz, Slinger.
Waupaca -- Heather Rose*, New London.

Brown -- Wayne Pierre* and Ryan Sette***, Green Bay.
Marathon -- Sarah Scidmore, Spencer.
Waukesha -- Kathryn Furst, Eagle.
Winnebago -- Aaron Roecker, Neenah.

Brown -- Amanda Oshefsky* Denmark, Cedric Brown, De Pere; and Dave Gembel, Cynthia Hummel, Jessica Schommer, Patrick Tousignant, and Susan Werchek, Green Bay.
Calumet -- Peter Jung, Appleton.
Dane -- Katie Calabresa, Madison.
Langlade -- Maureen Pentz, Elcho.
Manitowoc -- Kelly Reger, Manitowoc.
Marathon -- Cheryl Jahns, Wausau.
Marinette -- Lisa Cook, April Kobishop, and Kristine Dory, Marinette; and Kathleen Morris, Peshtigo.
Oneida -- Nancy Cloutier, Harshaw.
Outagamie -- Emily Decker, Appleton.
Shawano -- Charleen Malone, Gresham.
Sheboygan -- Lori Reineking, Sheboygan.
Vilas -- Lori Sharrow and Judith VanAkkeren, Eagle River.
Other states -- Teodora Machalski, Foster City, California; Janice Durham, Evanston, Illinois; Mary Kelly, Des Moines, Iowa; and Carol Lauer, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Brown -- Jason Partain, De Pere.

Political Science
Brown -- Adam Ruechel, De Pere; Jocelyn Berkhahn, Rebecca Peters, and Leah Sloniker, Green Bay; Christina Zuraski***, New Franken; and Eric Drzewiecki, Pulaski.
Fond du Lac -- Jamie Schmitz, Saint Cloud.
Manitowoc -- James Fenlon**, Brillion.
Shawano -- Sabrina Hoffman, Shiocton.

Brown -- Stephanie Koenig, De Pere; Elizabeth Brosig, Kate Cline, Russell Gabriel III, Rebecca Heim**, Robert Hudson*, Amber Kueck*, Sara Lechleitner, Lacey Moore**, Michelle Pagel, and Amanda Rouse, Green Bay; Brian Bushmaker, New Franken; and Kristen Kessenich, Oneida.
Calumet -- Diana Duquette, Brillion.
Chippewa -- Ericka Modl, Cadott.
Forest -- Rebecca Hetfield, Laona.
La Crosse -- Justin Brandau, Onalaska.
Marinette -- Sarah Frye, Coleman.
Outagamie -- Ashley Moreno*** (distinction in the major), Little Chute.
Ozaukee -- Kristi Mayer, Mequon.
Rock -- Noel Hass, Beloit.
Shawano -- Nicole Larsen, Clintonville.
Sheboygan -- Jennifer Olschesky, Plymouth; and Crystal Jeske, Ashley Magray, and Katie Schepp, Sheboygan.
Washington -- Lindsey Henning, Slinger.
Waupaca -- Amber Schoepke**, Fremont.
Winnebago -- Nicholas Hebeler, Menasha.
Other states -- Michelle Hoffman, Winona, Minnesota; and Abby Pubusky, Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania.

Public Administration
Brown -- Adam Ruechel, De Pere; Byia Martin, Rebecca Peters, and Leah Sloniker, Green Bay; Christina Zuraski*** and Jason Zuraski*, New Franken; and Eric Drzewiecki, Pulaski.
Calumet -- Deborah Nett, Kaukauna.
Door -- Amanda Englebert**, Sturgeon Bay.
Fond du Lac -- Jamie Schmitz, Saint Cloud.
Manitowoc -- James Fenlon**, Brillion.
Outagamie -- Andrea Hildebrand, Hortonville.

Social Change and Development
Brown -- Russell Gabriel III and Holly Herman, Green Bay.
Dodge -- Leslie Kuhn***, Juneau.
Oconto -- Kate Damp, Oconto Falls.
Outagamie -- Cassandra Howe, Appleton.
Shawano -- Jonathan Marlier, Shawano; and Brandon Cacek, Wittenberg.

Social Work
Brown -- Rachel Monfils, Green Bay.
Manitowoc -- Michelle Backhaus**, Manitowoc.

Brown -- Maria Alonso and Rachel Boerst, Green Bay.
Florence -- Cassandra Harrison, Fence.
Green Lake -- Kristin Trampf, Berlin.
Milwaukee -- Sarah Ciganek*, Greenfield.
Sheboygan -- Patricia Newton*, Sheboygan.

Richland -- Elizabeth Bostwick***, Richland Center.

Urban and Regional Studies
Waupaca -- Ryan Pelkey, New London.

(05-240 / 13 December 2005 / BBP)

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