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Last update: 4/21/08

[University of Wisconsin-Green Bay News Release]

For Immediate Release:

April 18, 2008

Area student historians will compete in state history contest

GREEN BAY-Forty projects by 59 northeastern Wisconsin middle- and high school students have been selected to advance to the state National History Day Contest on May 3 in Madison. In addition, another 27 projects are alternates. The judging took place April 5 at the regional competition at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay when 330 students vied for the honor of advancing to state competition. Winners at state level will go to national competition June 15-19 in Washington, D.C.

Four projects won special prizes. The Brown County Historical Society gave awards to Jennie Stage, Kaleidoscope Academy, Appleton, for her junior individual performance project, “The First Wisconsin Milk Strike,” and to John Vanden Heuvel, Tyler Friestrom and Dennis Schneider, Seymour High School, for their senior group documentary, “German Prisoners of War in Wisconsin.” The Wisconsin Labor History Society recognized Samantha Phillips and Megan Swain, Gibraltar Middle School, for their junior group documentary, “Stuck in the Factories!,” and to Samantha Francar, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, for her senior individual exhibit, “Understanding Child Labor Through the Newsboy Strike of 1899.” All four of the award-winning projects will advance to the state competition.

All of the entries were required to address some aspect of the 2008 national theme, “Conflict and Compromise in History.”

JUNIOR DIVISION: Other projects selected for the state competition and alternates who will take their places in the event they do not compete are:

Papers - Rachael McCrary, Bay View Middle School, Howard-Suamico, “A Woman's Right: Jessie Jack Hooper and the Suffrage Movement”; Erika Jensen, Bay View Middle School, Howard-Suamico, “What Schools Don't Teach You: Reasons Behind the Holocaust”; and Samantha Petit, Freedom Middle School, “Children in the Holocaust.” The alternate is Taylor Voskuil, Kaleidoscope Academy, Appleton, “Lucretia Mott.”

Individual Performances - Adam Anderson Waggoner, Red Smith Middle School, Green Bay, “Shoeless Joe's Truth.”

Group Performances - Nicole Beine, Claire Hillstrom, and Erin Johnson, Kohler Middle School, “Eva Heyman: The Girl Who Still Speaks”; Ruthie Kovanen and Laurel McKenzie, Kaleidoscope Academy, Appleton, “The Trial of Lester Cole”; and Rachel O'Keefe and Sarah Molepske, Kohler Middle School, “I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King Jr.” Alternates are Ashley Clark, Monique Coulthard, Stephanie Schoettler, and Marissa Bloomer, Kaleidosocope Academy, Appleton, “Triangle Shirtwaist Fire”; Ashon Anderson and Eva Butzen, Horace Mann Middle School, Sheboygan, “Women's Rights”; and Ashley Barbe and Brianna Wagner, Horace Mann Middle School, Sheboygan, “Japanese Internment Camps.”

Web Sites - Jake Radford, Freedom Middle School, “Tuskegee Airmen”; Stevan Mazibrada, Kaleidoscope Academy, Appleton, “The Black Hand”; Eric Johnson, Bay View Middle School, Howard-Suamico, “NOT Wanted: Alaska.” All of the alternates are from Kohler Middle School and include Maggie Kessenich, Shannon Hoeppner and Kendall Wolf, “Auschwitz: Unfair Discrimination Against Humanity”; Benjamin Steinert, “The New Deal's Laws”; and Ryan Tengowski, “The Stock Market Crash of 1929.”

Individual Documentaries - Christian Blank, Kaleidoscope Academy, Appleton, “The Subject of Slavery in the Constitutional Convention”; Alex Jobe, Kaleidoscope Academy, Appleton, “Third Industrial Revolution”; and Alexis Janssen, Gibraltar Middle School, “Sacagawea.” Alternates are Eric Kissinger, Horace Mann Middle School, Sheboygan, “Martin Luther and the 95 Theses,” and Timothy Perkins, Kaleidoscope Academy, Appleton, “James Naismith, the Inventor of Basketball.”

Group Documentaries - Katie Evraets, Kelsey Obremski, and Chamila Harindi Amithirigala, Horace Mann Middle School, Sheboygan, “Emmett Till's Murder,” and Lily Zehfus, Melyssa Louwagie, and Kim Lammers, Kohler Middle School, ”He Who Toils Here: Kohler Strike of 1934.” Alternates are Alex Bicigo and Dominic Busnelli, Kaleidoscope Academy, Appleton, “The AFL-NFL Merger,” and Henry Rymer and Jack Violetta, Bay View Middle School, Howard-Suamico, “Prohibition: The Law of the Land.”

Individual Exhibits - Angela Sjoland, Kohler Middle School, “Civilian Conservation Corps: A Solution to the Great Depression”; Nick Ramcheck, Bay View Middle School, Howard-Suamico, “The Bloody Battle of Iwo Jima”; and Courtney Bougie, Freedom Middle School, “Hortonville Teacher's Strike.” Alternates, all from Freedom Middle School, are Logan Schmeck, “Farmers vs. Industrialists”; Dylan Garner, “Pearl Harbor”; and Kaitlyn Piette, “Remember the Alamo.”

Group Exhibits - Sammie Leibham and Brianna Skufca, Horace Mann Middle School, Sheboygan, “Title IX in Sports: Erasing the Stereotype”; Alicia Vonckx and Marissa Kortz, Freedom Middle School, “Angels of Mercy”; and Matthew Winter and Aaron Jeffery Senkbeil, Horace Mann Middle School, Sheboygan, “Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Color Barrier.” Alternates are Madeline Albers, Madeline Parshall and Tasha Gjesdahl, Freedom Middle School, “Little Rock Nine”; Danielle Neese and Alexis Korman, Kohler Middle School, “Nun a hi dun a tlo hi lu i”; and Brittany Grohskopf and Stephanie Gerber, Horace Mann Middle School, Sheboygan, “The Black Hawk War.”

SENIOR DIVISION: Other projects advancing to state competition and their alternates are:

Papers - Nathan Zalewski, Sheboygan South High School, “On the Brink of World War III: The Cuban Missile Crisis,” and Ellie Fisher, Manitowoc Wilson Junior High School, “The Scopes Trial.”

Individual Performances - Nathan Ruffalo, Appleton West High School, “32nd Division Battle of Buna,” and Benjamin Jones, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, “The Battle of Bannockburn.”

Group Performances - Erin Miller and Tyler Martell, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, “The Lost Generation.”

Individual Documentaries - Anna Solberg, Manitowoc Wilson Junior High School, “Call It Mistake”; Malia Thao, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, “Out from the Jungle”; and Kristen Vincent, Suring High School, “One Team, Two Cities.” Alternates are Jezzi Leigh, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, “Taliesin Murders,” and Michaeleen Wilmsen, Appleton West High School, “The Psychological Effects of the Atomic Bomb.”

Group Documentaries - Gretchen Miron and Bailey Mulholland, Kimberly High School, “A Black Man's Struggle in a White Man's War,” and Crystal Ambrosius, Jamie Artin and Hannah Aho, Seymour High School, “Changing Perspectives: All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.” Alternates, all from Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, are Elise Sieracki and Katherin Lukas, “Title IX: A Story of Heart, Dedication, and Passion”; Natalie Singer, Rebecca Bradley, and Randall Callsen, “Kent State Shootings”; and Emily Paulson and Layna Hronek, “Typhoid Mary: Civil Liberties vs. Public Safety.”

Individual Exhibits - Annalisa Valli, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, “Under the Veil: Women's Rights in Afghanistan,” and Bailee Hower, Seymour High School, “Flappers of the 1920s.” Alternates are Kasey Klavekoske, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, “Massacre at Wounded Knee”; Jeffrey Boldt, Sheboygan North High School, “The Struggle Between Horicon Marsh and Humans”; and Amanda Landwehr, Sheboygan North High School, “One Child Policy.”

Group Exhibits - All from Seymour High School are Katelyn Mae Lubinski and Alex Moeller, “Burger Battle”; Stacie VanDeHei, Julie Vande Hei, Leah Scheurer, and Stephanie Marquardt, “Farmers Fight for What's Right”; and Nicole Muelemans and Courtnie Hopkins, “A Compromising Cover-Up: The My Lai Massacre.” Alternates are Eric Auchter, David Schultz, Andrew Jacobson, and Cory McLinn, Manitowoc Wilson Junior High School, “Sputnik”; Ryan O'Loughlin and Michael Stubbe, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content”; and Elizabeth Schmitt, Natalie Serketich, Emily Peterson, and Mariah Lieser, Sheboygan North High School, “The Kohler Strike of 1954.”

Web Sites - Sonya Hochkammer, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, “The Antis: Opposition to Woman Suffrage”; Ross VanMaren, Appleton West High School, “The Insanity Defense”; and April Song, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, “Women in the Military.” Alternates are Stephanie Haegler, Sheboygan North High School, “The Decision that Ended World War II,” and Meagan Backhaus and Malarie Bergene, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, “Evolution of Women Over Time.”

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