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Last update: 4/15/08

[University of Wisconsin-Green Bay News Release]

For Immediate Release:

April 15, 2008

UW-Green Bay achieves NCAA Division I certification

GREEN BAY-The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay received full NCAA Division I athletics certification for the next decade, the NCAA announced today.

The certification shows that UW-Green Bay is operating its athletics program in substantial conformity with operating principles adopted by the NCAA's Division I membership.

The NCAA certified UW-Green Bay without any special conditions. This second round of athletics certifications by the NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification will last 10 years. UW-Green Bay successfully completed its first certification in 1999.

All 326 active Division I members participate in the certification process, which includes a review of a university's governance and commitment to rules compliance, academic integrity, equity and student-athlete well-being.

"This certification reaffirms our belief that UW-Green Bay's athletics program meets and exceeds our commitment to academic excellence, student achievement and NCAA rules compliance. I am proud of our University's continued focus on those facets and our ability to maintain a high-quality and competitive athletics program that is committed to improving," Chancellor Bruce Shepard said. "This confirmation is also reflective of the strong support the community has for our Division I athletics program."

Starting in August 2006, the University conducted an 18-month campuswide review of the athletics program as part of the certification process, culminating in a self-study document that was submitted to NCAA reviewers.

The study looked to:

engage the entire campus community and educate the larger community about the athletics program and its values;

reveal the areas in which the athletics department has made a positive contribution to the institution and surrounding community;

identify areas of improvement in the athletics department as the program continues to develop a long-range plan.

Before certification is achieved, the NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification reviews the self-study and provides a list of issues identified during the evaluation. It then has a peer-review committee visit the university to ensure any issues or concerns are resolved.

The NCAA does not divulge specific information related to an institution's self-study or peer-review visit or specific information concerning the conditions set forth for certification.

Since its previous review, UW-Green Bay improved several facets of its operation. Among the primary focuses, improvements occurred in the areas of gender equity, compliance, academic support, facilities and staffing.

UW-Green Bay has also moved its men's basketball games to the Resch Center and completed a more than $33 million addition and renovation to its main athletics facility.

"We are very pleased to have successfully completed the certification process and have full certification of our program," Director of Athletics Ken Bothof said. "It is a recognition of the commitment we have as a University and a department to uphold our commitment to the principles of the NCAA.

"I am grateful to all the faculty and staff of the University, community members, coaches and staff of the athletics department, and our student-athletes who gave their time to bring this certification process to a positive conclusion. I believe it has helped increase the awareness of how closely we work with all parts of campus to ensure the overall success of our student-athletes."

For more information on UW-Green Bay's NCAA Athletics Certification, or to view a copy of the self-study report, visit

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