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Fact sheet on Assembly's 2007-09 budget proposal
for UW System, UW-Green Bay

The Assembly budget leaves a shortfall of $120 million in state support for the UW System; this equates to a cut of $2.8 million for UW-Green Bay in the 2007-09 budget period.

The Assembly budget does provide new funding of about $1.1 million for Northeastern Wisconsin's Growth Agenda in the 2008-09.

Even including the Growth Agenda funding, UW-Green Bay will sustain a net loss of $1.7 million over the two-year budget period.

Northeastern Wisconsin's Growth Agenda is a three-biennium proposal totaling $8.2 million. Without adequate funding in the first biennium, UW-Green Bay will not have a strong foundation on which to build the overall initiative.

Assembly Republicans are correct in saying the Assembly budget increases taxpayer support of the UW System by $62 million (about 3 percent) in 2007-09. However, this increase at best funds only about one-third of ongoing, previously approved obligations for salaries and fringe benefits, utilities and debt service - leaving the $120 million shortfall.

The Legislature itself voted in the 2003-05 and 2005-07 budget periods to approve the ongoing commitments mentioned previously. The bill for these commitments comes due in 2007-09.

The Assembly budget cuts would come on top of ongoing and one-time cuts totaling $3.7 million for UW-Green Bay since 2001.

We recognize the importance to taxpayers of keeping public services affordable and taxes low. However, any successful enterprise requires investment and growth. Some targeted revenue increases likely will be needed to support the UW System and balance the state budget.

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