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Regents grant sabbaticals

'Musical Potpourri'

Wisconsin Fellows/Scholars programs

Celebration/service awards program

Service awards recipients

Women near Top 25

Game of the Century

The no-timeout game

Student art sale

Employee campaign update

Phi Kappa Phi inductees

News from Bratislava

Test case for affirmative action

Gains on credits-to-degree, retention

Extra credits surcharge

Fox-Wolf Basin indicators report

Cofrin Research Grants

Grants have 13-year history

Discussion follows 'Spinning Into Butter'

Crandall, Daniels scholarships

Background on scholarships

Awards Night

IQ's hosts jazz night

Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band concert

Opera Theater

Student attendance at Resch

Chancellor's office hours

Holiday Luncheon

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Vol. 34, No. 26 / December 9, 2002

The LOG Online e-mail news digest is distributed each week to faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Links are included to more detailed stories at the Marketing and University Communication Web site and to an archive of past issues.

Regents grant sabbaticals to three

The UW Board of Regents acted at its meeting in Madison last week to approve sabbatical leaves for three UW-Green Bay faculty members. Professors Mark Everingham, Social Change and Development; Tian-you Hu, Natural and Applied Sciences; and Dennis Lorenz, Human Development, were granted sabbaticals for 2003-2004.

* * * * *

Revealed: Hidden musical talents of 'non-music' faculty/staff!

Hear the hidden musical talents of 'non-music' faculty and staff. That's the premise of "Musical Potpourri" in the arresting Friends of the Cofrin Library series The Unexpected Zone. The concert is 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. this Wednesday (Dec. 11) in the Union's Niagara A. Thrill to the sounds of James Marker, Angela Bauer-Dantoin, the Lynn Walter ensemble, Jane Rank, Cliff Abbott, Linda Curl, Sue Goral and Stefan Hall. Admission is free.

* * * * *

Fiala, Scheberle picked for Wisconsin Fellows/Scholars programs

Two faculty members will participate in the 2003-2004 Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Wisconsin Teaching Scholars programs sponsored by the UW System Office of Professional and Instructional Development. Andrew Fiala, assistant professor of Humanistic Studies/philosophy, was selected for the Teaching Fellows program for outstanding untenured teachers with between two and six years of experience. Denise Scheberle, professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, was chosen for the Teaching Scholars program for outstanding senior faculty and teaching academic staff. The announcements were made by the UW-Green Bay Faculty Development Council. For 2002-2003, UW-Green Bay's Wisconsin Teaching Fellow is Angela Bauer-Dantoin of Human Biology/biology, and the Wisconsin Teaching Scholar is Jennifer Ham of Humanistic Studies/German.

* * * * *

Old-timers, new-timers invited to celebrate Friday

Reminder: The annual end-of-semester celebration and service awards program is 3 p.m. this Friday (Dec. 13) in the Niagara Room on the lower level of the Union. Colleagues of all vintages are invited to enjoy the reception and acknowledgment of the veterans marking 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service to the University of Wisconsin.

* * * * *

Gee, I didn't think they'd been here that long

Those receiving service awards this Friday are:

35 years: Ismail Shariff

30 years: Ronald K. Baba, Mary K. Baranek, Dolores K. Brault, Arthur W. Cornelius, Diane L. Eastman, Fergus P. Hughes, Sandra A. Johnson, John D. Killinger, Patricia A. Przybelski, Marie E. Stephenson, Pamela M. Suster, and Joan E. Thron.

25 years: William C. Conley, Sharon M. Dimmer, Thomas C. Erdman, Duane K. Kelsey, Michael E. Kraft, Dennis R. Nellis, Ron R. Ronnenberg, and Elaine E. Siegenthaler.

20 years: Carol A. Brabant, Roseanne M. Buttke, Marie S. Helmke Lyon, Pamela J. Kohlmeyer, Sylvia M. Kubsch, Timothy P. Meyer, and Keith W. Rosin.

15 years: Gregory J. Davis, Laura J. Gonnering, Warren J. Johnson, Rosalie A. Kinjerski, Karen M. Sevick, and Christine L. Style.

10 years: Shirley R. Bubolz, Cheryl A. Busuttil, Frances A. Carman, Yarvelle T. Draper-King, Tracy L. Luchetta, John M. Lyon, Jill M. Nellis, Vicki L. Nellis, Brock A. Neverman, Denise L. Scheberle, Brian J. Stahlkopf, Brian W. Sutton, and James E. Valentine.

* * * * *

Women climb in polls

Congratulations to Coach Kevin Borseth and his Phoenix women as they close in on a first-ever NCAA D-1 national ranking in the Associated Press poll. The Phoenix record stands at 6-1 following Saturday's home win vs. Ohio State. UW-Green Bay is getting votes in both major Top 25 polls, at No. 28 in the AP sportswriters' poll released late Monday afternoon and a good bet to rank even higher in the ESPN/USA Today coaches' poll.

* * * * *

Game of the Century: No. 7 K-State visits PSC

It's like having Tennessee or Connecticut come to town! Not since the early 1990s, when pre-season Top 10 pick Georgia visited the Phoenix Sports Center and absorbed a one-sided defeat, has such a high-ranked power played in Green Bay. While Georgia went on to a so-so season, no such thing will happen with Kansas State, the opponent for the Phoenix women at 7 p.m. Thursday (Dec. 12). The Wildcats are a real threat for the national championship, coming off an NCAA "Sweet 16" run, loaded with talent, previously ranked as high as No. 2 in the country, and currently No. 7 in the AP poll. Tickets might be available at the door, but you might also want to call ticket director Marilyn McCarey in advance at ext. 2625.

* * * * *

The legend of the 'No Timeout' Game

If the UW-Green Bay women's basketball team goes on to a storied season (it looks like they might), last Tuesday's road win at Top 25 TCU in Fort Worth will be a tale oft told. The Phoenix made an astonishing comeback from an opening 19-2 deficit. Never calling timeout, the coaches made their veteran players "figure it out themselves" and keep playing, a strategy so refreshing it's actually a story in itself, at http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/sports/archive/sports_7445108.shtml.

* * * * *

Give art, not fruitcake

Student Art Agency suggests you give gifts with some real taste this year, and shop at their annual holiday sale from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday and Tuesday (Dec. 9 and 10) in the Union's Phoenix Room C. They promise jewelry, ceramics, photographs, and much more to choose from.

* * * * *

Campaign update: It just keeps getting better!

Here's an upbeat update on the UW-Green Bay employee fund drive, as year-end pledges continue:

* 210 employees participated vs. 150 last year (40% increase)
* $30,642 in cash and pledges (30% increase over last year)
* Average pledge of $146.

Julie Curro in Advancement noted some time ago that this year's campaign was already a record; she expresses thanks to all who participated (and continue to participate) in pushing higher the total.

* * * * *

Welcome to Phi Kappa Phi

What do 13 psychologists, 12 biologists, 11 nurses, 10 teachers, nine business experts and 49 other students have in common? They were all inducted into the UW-Green Bay chapter of Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi last Thursday. New faculty initiates this year are Dean Carol Blackshire-Belay (Modern Languages), Professor Kumar Kangayappan (Economics), Assistant Professor Brian Merkel (Biology) and Associate Professor Thomas Nesslein (Economics). The complete list of new initiates is available on line at http://www.uwgb.edu/honors/phikappaphi/initiates2002.htm.

* * * * *

Back from Bratislava, she continues 'Slovakian connection'

Prof. Sarah Meredith, Communication and the Arts/Music, continued her artistic and pedagogical connections to Slovakia with a recent two-week trip to perform and teach. Meredith, along with former faculty member Scott Wright and pianist Linda Halloin, performed at the 31st Contemporary Music Festival in Bratislava — the first Americans do to so — and at the first Autumn Festival in Banska Bystrica. Wright, now at the University of Kentucky, and Halloin perform together as Duo Pegasus. Meredith also taught master classes in Banska Bystrica, and taught English and English phonetics to Menotti's opera, "The Telephone" at the Academy of Music in Bratislava. "People in Slovakia are hungry to hear and learn American music," notes Meredith. The trip was sponsored by the American Embassy in Bratislava, Communication and the Arts, and the UW-Green Bay Research Council. Meredith spent the 2001-2002 academic year teaching at the Academy in Bratislava.

* * * * *

U.S. high court will hear Michigan test cases on race, admissions

The U.S. Supreme Court announced last week it would hear two University of Michigan cases viewed as key tests of affirmative action, in which white applicants to the law school argue they were unconstitutionally turned down because of race. In statements last week, UW System officials noted that diversity — strengthening the educational experience for everyone, responding to employer demand for those who can succeed in a global society — is a key element of higher education. Current UW System policy follows the 1978 Bakke ruling; race is a "plus factor," but only one of many in the admissions process.

* * * * *

UW System shows progress on credits-to-degree, retention

The Board of Regents received an update last week on significant progress over the last few years on key measures of student success. A news release outlining that Systemwide progress on retention, graduation rates and credits-to-degree is posted at http://www.wisconsin.edu/news/2002/r021204.htm.

* * * * *

Surcharge on extra credits will take effect fall 2004

Resident undergraduates who take more than 165 total credits or 30 credits more than their degree requires, whichever is higher, will be charged extra beginning in fall 2004. The Regents have approved a plan that would charge twice the price for each credit above the threshold. While average credit-per-student has declined statewide and the move should affect relatively few, proponents say it reinforces the idea that students should plan wisely. Said one Regent, "The so-called professional student should be levied a surcharge."

* * * * *

Grad students will report on Fox-Wolf Basin indicators

Graduate students in the Environmental Science and Policy capstone seminar will report on their semester-long project to determine what indicators should be used to assess the environmental status of the Fox and Wolf River basins at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday (Dec. 10) in Room 204 of Mary Ann Cofrin Hall. Their client was the Fox/Wolf Watershed Alliance, Inc. Refreshments will follow. Fifteen students are enrolled in the seminar taught by Profs. Troy Abel and Ron Stieglitz. The course brought together students with different training and interests to focus on environmental issues of local communities. Full details at http://www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/news/archive/2002dec.htm#foxwolf.

* * * * *

Students can apply now for Cofrin Research Grants

Now is the time to remind students that grants of up to $1,000 are available through the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity to support research projects in the Cofrin Arboretum and in other University natural areas. Successful applicants will carry out a field project in collaboration with a faculty member, and will present results at an annual research symposium in early spring 2004. March 28, 2003, is the deadline for applications. Information and application forms are available at http://www.uwgb.edu/biodiversity.

* * * * *

Cofrin Research Grants have 13-year history

Prof. Bob Howe, director of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, notes that the Cofrin Research Grant program has supported the work of 77 graduate and undergraduate students since it began in 1989. The grants are made possible through an endowment from the family of Dr. David Cofrin and the late John Cofrin.

* * * * *

Discussion follows performances of 'Spinning Into Butter'

Audiences are invited to stay for discussion after performances of "Spinning Into Butter" directed by student Sunam Ellis at 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, Dec. 9-12, in Studio Two of the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts. The play, which tackles both racism and political correctness, provides an excellent vehicle for examining those issues, says Student Government multicultural affairs director Milos Sainovic, who suggested the play be produced here. Diversity issues often are "just shoved down people's throats," says Sainovic. "This is a better way of making them aware."

* * * * *

Students get Crandall, Daniels Memorial Scholarships

Prof. Aeron Haynie of Humanistic Studies/English announces the winners of the 2002 Coryl Crandall and Thomas E. Daniels Memorial Scholarships. Rebecca S. Johnson, Michael Cepress, Cassandra Mahder and Jennifer Loomis are winners of Crandall scholarships, recognizing outstanding academic achievements and commitment to community service. Mahder and Loomis are also recipients of the Daniels award. Both women are English majors who have maintained near-perfect GPAs while working and volunteering. Students receiving honorable mention were Amber K. Pyne, Erika L. Parmelee, Kristin Koffarnus, Kiyohe Huilar.

* * * * *

Background on scholarships

The Coryl Crandall and Thomas E. Daniels Scholarships honor the late professors Crandall and Daniels, who taught in HUS/COA in the 1970s. The Daniels award goes to English and Modern Languages majors and minors, while the Crandall scholarship is open to all in COA or HUS.

* * * * *

You are welcome to attend! Really

Students will receive their Chancellor's Medallions, University Leadership Awards and Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Awards at a program at 6 p.m. Dec. 20 (that's one week from Friday). ALL faculty and staff are welcome to attend, despite what might have been suggested in material submitted for a previous LOG ONLine. If you are interested in attending, please call the Office of Student Life at 2200 ext. 40 with your RSVP before Thursday, December 12th.

* * * * *

IQ's on University turns into University jazz club Dec. 12

Two UW-Green Bay student combos and a faculty combo will perform a mix of jazz standards and original student and faculty compositions beginning at 7:30 p.m. Thursday (Dec. 12) at IQ's, 2105 University Ave. The Faculty Combo includes John Salerno, Tom Pfotenhauer, Stefan Hall, Bob Balsley, Terry O'Grady, Chris Salerno, Terry Iattoni, and Craig Hanke. No cover. There's more at http://www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/news/archive/2002dec.htm#jazz.

* * * * *

Rossini, Prokofiev, Bach, Grainger and UW-Green Bay

The UW-Green Bay Wind Ensemble and the Symphonic Band perform in concert at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday (Dec. 10) at the Weidner Center. The varied program includes music from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet," a wind ensemble arrangement of a Bach organ prelude, the Percy Grainger composition "Australian Up-Country Tune" and plenty of appealing variety. For more, click http://www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/news/archive/2002dec.htm#bands.

* * * * *

Monday is second night of Opera Theater recital

The Opera Theater will present a recital of scenes at 7:30 p.m. tonight (Monday, Dec. 9) in Fort Howard Hall of the Weidner Center. Prof. Sarah Meredith directs. The entire one-act opera, "Sweet Betsy From Pike," will be featured. The humorous opera is based on the popular American folk song of the same title. Scenes from three other 20th century American operas will be presented. For details, click http://www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/news/archive/2002dec.htm#opera.

* * * * *

Student attendance at Resch: on the way up (after 405 for K-State)

It has been a hot topic in the media, but in truth, the Resch Center was alive Saturday for the big men's basketball win over Kansas State of the Big 12. The total attendance of 4,100 was solid by historic December standards, as was attendance at a mid-week game a few days earlier vs. struggling Chicago State. Also worth noting amid ongoing discussion of student involvement: the designated "student section" along the home baseline is only a percentage of those in attendance; students are scattering to try various seats in various sections, mostly in the north end zone of the new venue. The encouraging news is that 405 student tickets were used for Saturday's game.

* * * * *

Feel lucky? Chancellor's office hours are Friday the 13th

Walk-in office hours for Chancellor Bruce Shepard are scheduled to take place this week from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Friday (Dec. 13) in CL 810.

* * * * *

Last call for Holiday Luncheon

Today is your last chance to buy a ticket for Thursday's Holiday Luncheon. Ticket sales are handled though the information desk in the Union. Great music and great food, $8.50 per person.

* * * * *

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