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UW-Green Bay Log News, faculty, staff newsletter

Vol. 38, No. 78, March 20, 2007     /     Log Archive

The Vernal Equinox arrives at 7:07 p.m. today (Tuesday, March 20). The relative position of the sun reaches the point at which day and night are equal around the world, and followers of the Zoroastrian faith and the Persian Calendar herald the start of another year. (That's why, with new year's parties and a late NCAA game, don't be surprised if many of us are running a little late tomorrow.) In campus news today:

Report: First-year seminars are big winners for students
'Sustainable GB' is up and running
Kersten, students engineer move to put Railroad Museum on track
Clampitt in the Wall Street Journal
Who changed their cheese? Phil knew

ESPN touts Phoenix as potential David
Nation's longest winning streak
Hometown team vs. All-America Huskies
'Unbiased' observer says our spirit squad, band are winners, too
Check out Phoenix 'Big Dance' history on 7th floor

Hereby be it resolved: Women are really, really good
Campus hosts Thursday's Hinz-Lasee debate
Additional hours for popular 'Ruins' art show
Reminder: Lecture by NASA's Collins
Verdict helps with closure for Halbach's Green Bay friends
UW-Green Bay to honor Student Employees

'Staggering': First-year seminar had positive impact on students
A pilot program for first-year UW-Green Bay students aimed at increasing student involvement and improving retention has shown significant promise, a new report says. In the 2006 fall semester, six faculty members Denise Bartell, Scott Furlong, Regan A.R. Gurung, Stefan Hall, Andrew Kersten, and Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges each taught a small section, approximately 25 students, of what normally is a 90- to 120-student general education course. The seminar placed increased emphasis on writing and interaction with faculty, and included an interdisciplinary group project that emphasized problem-solving and communication skills. "The results are staggering," comments Gurung.

Seminar students were more likely than the spring 2006 and non-seminar students to say they would select UW-Green Bay as their school of choice if they could start over;

Seminar students evaluated the quality of academic advising to be higher;

Seminar students rated their relationships with faculty members much better;

Participants rated their experience significantly higher in terms of class participation, email exchanges, collaboration with other students, career planning, interaction on grades and assignments, application of theories and concepts, and evaluation of data.

For more, including plans to expand the pilot in fall 2007, click


The first publication on the Freshman Seminar pilot hit the international airwaves last week. Bartell, Gurung, Furlong, Kersten and Wilson-Doenges have published "An Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan to Foster Student Engagement" in the March issue of the UW System's Teaching Forum publication. See

Sustainability here has rich history, and new Web site
Sustainability is part of our heritage at UW-Green Bay. Not surprising, then, that it was a recurring theme during and after the recent master planning work on campus. The new Sustainability Committee feels it important to emphasize what the campus is already doing, to create a Web site site that invites learning and participation (on campus, at work, and at home), and to also provide a forum for ideas about the future. That site the SustainableGB site is up and lively today at

On track: Kersten, students help engineer Railroad Museum repositioning
UW-Green Bay history students under the direction of Prof. Andrew Kersten are advising the National Railroad Museum on a major repositioning as the Ashwaubenon facility prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Kersten and Michael E. Telzrow, the museum's new executive director, have been professional colleagues for years. With an eye on edging the museum beyond its train yard full of artifacts, Telzrow enlisted the University's help in better defining the educational mission in a wider historical context. Kersten's History Seminar course the capstone, research-based class for history majors supplied the architects of a strategic education plan. Don McCartney, Business Administration, and Deb Anderson, Area Research Center, have also assisted. Telzrow is "very impressed" with the work, and Kersten hopes it might "become a model for public history." A great example of connecting learning to life, the story is told more fully in an article at the museum's site,

Clampitt's business/communication research gets Wall Street Journal attention
"How Understanding the 'Why" of Decisions Matters: Employees more likely to embrace changes when fully informed." That was the headline over a lengthy Wall Street Journal article found on page B-3 of the Monday (March 19) edition of America's most important financial daily. The piece summarized the "decision downloading" research of consultant Phillip G. Clampitt, Philip J. and Elizabeth B. Hendrickson Professor at UW-Green Bay and faculty member in Information and Computing Science.

Who changed my cheese? Clampitt helped Foremost talk to workers
Monday's Wall Street Journal article recounts Prof. Clampitt's work with Foremost Farms USA, a Baraboo, Wis., dairy cooperative. A tactical decision by management to shift production strategy hadn't been communicated adequately to workers, who soon resumed making cheese the old way: as fast as possible. Noted the article:

The more-information-is-better rule sounds like common sense, but it is easy to neglect in practice, Mr. Clampitt says. Executives may feel too busy to explain their thinking. They may be so wrapped up in the decision-making that they think their conclusions are obvious. "You're trying to sell," explains Robert DeKoch, president of construction company Boldt Co., who has collaborated with Mr. Clampitt on research. "But if you sell too hard, you're going to be uncredible." Sharing information helps employees see how executives made their decisions, he says.

When the co-op hired Clampitt to help with internal communication, the management team developed a simple presentation "We're Target," they told workers. "We're too big to be Neiman Marcus; we're too small to be Wal-Mart." and took it to each of Foremost's 10 cheese plants. It's a whopper of a URL, and good reading, at

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ESPN touts Phoenix as epic David-vs.-Goliath challenger
Graham Hays,'s excellent columnist, breaks down tonight's intriguing Phoenix/Huskies NCAA game for his national audience. He opens by borrowing an old line: UConn "boasts McDonald's All-Americans at almost every position, while Wisconsin-Green Bay... just eats at McDonald's." He details why Goliath is immensely stronger, across the board... "but every David gets a chance to throw his stones, and you never know what might happen after that." Click

Nation's longest current winning streak resides at UW-Green Bay
Congratulations! Today, the UW-Green Bay women's basketball team stands alone with the nation's longest current winning streak, 26 games. Last night, Middle Tennessee State had its streak snapped at 27 in a second-round NCAA loss to upstart Marist.

David vs. Goliath? It's also 'New North' vs. a national recruiting base
Likely to be highlighted again during tonight's ESPN telecast (8:30 p.m. CDT) is that UW-Green Bay is basically a hometown team. All five starters grew up within a 50-mile radius of campus. Nicole Soulis, Bay Port H.S.; Natalie Berglin, Notre Dame Academy; Rachel Porath, Luxemburg-Casco H.S.; Amanda Popp, Reedsville H.S.; and Kayla Groh, Elkhart Lake H.S., are all products of Northeastern Wisconsin's "New North" region. Contrast that with Connecticut's all-America lineup, which features two players from the state of Ohio, only one from Connecticut, and one each from Georgia, West Virginia, California, New York, South Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana and the District of Columbia.

UW-Green Bay students shine in 'battle of the bands,' too
A self-described "neutral and anonymous observer" who attended Sunday's Phoenix/Lobos game in Hartford reports that UW-Green Bay students won a highly visible off-court competition, as well. "It was obvious to everybody at the arena," our correspondent proclaims, that the UW-Green Bay pep band and spirit squad clearly outshined their counterparts from much-larger New Mexico (enrollment 26,399). What's more, having scouted UConn's band and rally squad, he expects a closer match this time but he again likes the Green Bay ensembles over those from UConn (enrollment 24,000). He says numerous Phoenix fans who regularly follow the team on the road have complimented this year's squads as being among the program's best ever. "Just another way in which our students 'do us proud' on a national stage, highlighting the great job our faculty, staff and students do." Thanks for the update, Bruce, we'll look for a full report upon your return.

For good luck, check out the Phoenix 'Big Dance' history on 7th floor
Kudos to the folks at the Area Research Center on the 7th floor of the David A. Cofrin Library. Their history display case in the elevator lobby is a timely tribute to UW-Green Bay "March Madness." Featured are vintage clips and material from past trips by the Phoenix women to college basketball's "Big Dance" the NCAA Division I tournament.

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Hereby be it resolved: UW-Green Bay women are really, really good
State Sen. Dave Hansen, a proud UW-Green Bay alumnus, said Friday he will introduce a joint Legislative resolution saluting the women's basketball team for its "remarkable season." Click

UW-Green Bay hosts Thursday's Hinz-Lasee debate
The League of Women Voters has organized a forum from 7 to 8 p.m. this Thursday (March 22) in Room 208, Mary Ann Cofrin Hall, featuring the two candidates in April's Brown County Executive race. Tom Hinz and Alan Lasee are running to succeed retiring incumbent Carol Kelso. The University is a partner is sponsoring the forum. "Bring your questions!"

Additional hours for publicized, popular 'Ruins' at Lawton
Lawton Gallery Curator Stephen Perkins notes that the "Ruins" exhibit of contemporary photography and video from China will close at the end of the day Friday (March 23). He shares word that the Lawton will offer extended hours this Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. to capitalize on public interest sparked, in part, by the intriguing nature of the exhibit and publicity in the Press-Gazette and other outlets. If you missed the big P-G story, it's archived at

Reminder: Lecture by NASA's Collins is Thursday
Eileen Collins. Space shuttle commander. Lessons in leadership. Free presentation. This Thursday (March 22) at UW-Green Bay. Don't miss it. More details at

Verdict helps with closure for Halbach's Green Bay friends
Photographer Teresa Halbach of Hilbert was a summa cum laude graduate of UW-Green Bay's communication processes program in 2002. On Halloween 2005, at age 25, she was abducted and murdered in a case that drew national attention. This week's guilty verdict against a Mishicot man was watched closely by former friends at UW-Green Bay. A Press-Gazette story shares reaction at

UW-Green Bay to honor Student Employees
UW-Green Bay will announce the winner of this year's Student Employee of the Year award as part of Student Employee Recognition Week April 9-13. The event offers a chance to stop and appreciate the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who work while attending college. These students not only learn valuable skills that they can take with them upon graduation, but they also make this campus better through their hard work. UW-Green Bay's celebration of Student Employee Appreciation Week will include:

an e-mailed trivia quiz for student employees with a chance to win daily prizes.

specials at the University Union's Corner Store that supervisors may purchase for student employees.

an opportunity for supervisors to receive 'buy one get one free' coupons to take their student employees to lunch on campus.

cookie decorating (and eating) in the Garden Café Booth at 11 a.m. on Monday, April 9, for student employees.

free ice cream at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, April 10 for all student employees, with campus "celebrities" doing the scooping in the Garden Café Booth.

a chance for student employees to win valuable prizes on Wednesday, April 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., if they are brave enough to put their hand in the "spider's nest", also in the Garden Café Booth.

a free movie and popcorn in the library on Friday, April 13 at 6:30 p.m. and free admission to the dance in the Union at 10:30 p.m.

The Student Employee of the Year Award winner will be announced at a ceremony at 5 p.m. Thursday, April 12 in the Phoenix Rooms in the University Union. The award recognizes a student employee that goes above and beyond their job expectations on a regular basis. The winner will receive an engraved clock, and a plaque will be displayed in the area where the student works. An additional plaque that bears the names of all winners hangs in the Student Employment Office. The winner will advance to the state competition, and possibly compete for regional and national awards, which carry cash prizes. The national Student Employee of the Year will be announced in April.

A panel of student, faculty and staff judges selects the UW-Green Bay Student Employee of the Year. Twenty students were nominated for the award this year. UW-Green Bay has over 800 student employees.

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