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Office of Marketing and University Communication

Use of names, marks by student organizations

In general, registered student organizations follow the same guidelines applicable to employees and offices in using the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Identity Marks and trade names. There are exceptions, however. These exceptions relate to the relative autonomy of student organizations, the benefit of communicating their distinctive identities, their campus-intensive focus, and the larger educational mission of student involvement. See examples below.

Flexibility for Student Organizations

While University offices and programs are discouraged from creating their own type treatments of the University name, additional flexibility is permitted for registered student groups.

  • The informal and local nickname “UWGB,” only rarely appropriate at the institutional level, is acceptable usage for student organizations.
  • A Primary Identity Mark is optional for registered student groups.
  • A registered student organization should use the University’s Marks and names only in subordinate position to its group name on logos and promotional materials.
  • The University’s name is not to be the “featured element” of any logos or club names, to make clear the student nature of the organization and the relative relationship.
  • Student organizations may use the Phoenix Emblem without the requirement — in effect for institutionally produced pieces — that a full and formal Institutional Mark appear elsewhere in the design.



Example: Chess Club of UW-Green Bay Example: Phoenix Emblem Usage in appleExample: partial phoenix may be incorporated into a student logoExample: Cycling Club of UWGB


Example of logo heirarchy in layout

Not Permitted

Not permitted: full phoenix emblem may not be incorporated into a logo Not permitted: full phoenix emblem may not be incorporated into a logo