University Union Student Positions

Building Manager in Training

This position is a supervised training program that will teach you how to be an effective facility manager, project and event support manager, problem solver, customer service representative, building security staff, event supervisor, resource liaison employee/leader supervisor and mentor. This training program will teach you to fully represent the University Union at UW-Green Bay campus over an entire semester. You will assist all aspects of the operations becoming familiar with all of the offices, staff and policies that govern our building. You will learn opening and closing procedures of the University Union, working the service desk in specific areas of the Union. You will also obtain additional training from our Building Services Team on how to do room setups and event support for customers. You will learn delegation skills to aid in completion of tasks and have opportunities to sharpen your multi-tasking skills.

Building Manager

The Building Manager is the primary University Union staff member responsible during all hours of operation for overall management including supervising the building at all times. The Building Manager also serves as: a resource liaison to various University Union Department, project managers, members of public relations, trouble shooting, building security staff, event supervisor and mentor. The Building Manager needs to be familiar with the entire University Union operations and the various policies, procedures and regulations governing the use of the facility, programs, campus, Union and contracted services offered within the organization. The Building Manager needs to be familiar with campus events and programs as well as the operation of various audio, visual and general equipment used in the building.

Building Services Team Coordinator

The Building Services Team Coordinator schedules, coordinates and supervises the event and custodial services function of the Building Services Team, including: assisting with hiring, training and evaluations. The Coordinator is responsible for the general coordination of event support and needs for student custodial work in the Union. They will also coordinate with other building personnel to ensure the Building Services Team is informed of all necessary information. The Director of Reservations and Event Support may assign special projects.

Building Services Team

The Building Services Team is responsible for two basic functions within the University Union: in the set up function, team members are responsible for preparing rooms for events, ensuring that they are clean and that furniture and equipment are in place prior to the beginning of the program. In the custodial services function, team members assist the University Union professional custodians in maintaining the cleanliness of the facility including: cleaning hallways, entrances, restrooms, meeting and dining spaces, Phoenix Club Recreation, office complexes, and the daily removal and transportation of waste and recyclable materials.

Financial Services Coordinator

The Financial Services Coordinator coordinates and supervises the cash support services for the University Union and Shorewood operations as well as processes and maintains financial records related to these services.

Financial Services Assistant

The Financial Services Assistant has the primary responsibility of assisting with the cash support functions of the University Union. The Financial Services Assistant will need to be familiar with cash handling and University Union policies and procedures.

Graphic Artist

Responsible for proper completion of graphic design and layout assignments. The emphasis of this operation will be to design visual material needed to promote the University Union, its programs and operations.

League and Tournament Organizer

The Phoenix Club League and Tournament Organizer runs weekly tournaments and coordinates the leisure league program in the Phoenix Club. The Phoenix Club League and Tournament Organizer also provides marketing support for the leagues and tournament in coordination with the Phoenix Club Coordinator.

Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

The Marketing and Promotions Coordinator supervises the Marketing and Promotions Team. The Coordinator also provides artistic, programming and marketing support for the area for the entire University Union.

Marketing Assistant

The Marketing Assistant is responsible for the development and implementation of market research strategies and campaigns for public relations. The Marketing Assistant will also serve as an advisor on proper marketing techniques and methods.

Open Mic Host

Play the role of emcee or announces at Open Mic Night.

Phoenix Club Assistant

The Recreational Assistant has the responsibility of customer service and assisting with recreation programs in the Phoenix Club. The Recreational Assistant will need to become familiar with University Union policies and procedures, customer service procedures, cash handling, cash register/computer operation and various recreational leisure activities.

Phoenix Club Coordinator

The Phoenix Club Coordinator supervises the Recreation Assistants through scheduling, orientation, advising, etc. The Phoenix Club Coordinator also provides programming and marketing support for the area along with: customer service, retail management, management of budget and Phoenix Club accounting.

Quiz Bowl Host

The Quiz Bowl Host is responsible for planning, promoting and leading Quiz Bowl and Trivia activities in the University Union.

Reservations Assistant

The Reservations Assistant is responsible for helping customers reserve meeting rooms, academic rooms, special event spaces and outdoor spaces. The Assistant is also responsible for reserving the appropriate equipment needed and selecting the most suitable room setup for each event.

Shorewood Grounds Crew

Golf course and ground maintenance including: mowing of greens, tees, fairways, and rough, landscaping, push mowing, string trimming, trap maintenance, and hole changing. Equipment maintenance for mowers, tractors, utility vehicles and golf carts including: washing, changing oil, greasing and minor repairs.

Shorewood Pro Shop

The Pro Shop employee manages golf shop duties and operates golf rentals and reservations.

Shorewood Restaurant Assistant

Responsible for the kitchen duties, handling orders and cleaning kitchen area.

Sound and Light Technician

The technician assists with the provision of all technical services required for events and programs taking place on campus. Events include concerts, performers, dances, movies, conferences and other events that require use of sound and/or lighting systems.

Technical Services Coordinator

The Technical Services Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of administration, use, maintenance, repair, inventory and storage of University Union technical equipment. This includes the supervision and training of a team of technicians to setup and run the equipment and coordinating all needed technical equipment with customers in the University Union. The Technical Services Coordinator may also be called upon to provide technical advising for various aspects of the building.

University Ticketing and Information Coordinator

The UTIC Coordinator acts as the primary liaison between the Information Center Manager and student employees. The Coordinator must have a basic understanding of all University Union policies and procedures adhering to the University Union mission statement. The Coordinator is also responsible for the training and development of student employees as well as managing the box for on campus events, providing excellent customer service. The ideal candidate must be reliable, dependable and possess the ability to work independently and in team settings. This position is customer service-focused and will require flexible scheduling to meet customers’ needs.

UTIC Assistant

The Assistant is responsible for maintaining constant communication and providing accurate information to the University Union customers, UWGB students, faculty, staff and community members; referring them to the appropriate location or personnel to handle their questions/concerns. Responsibilities also include ticket sales for events on and off campus, retail sales of other merchandise and services. The Assistant is additionally responsible for the production of campus ID cards for students, faculty, staff and guests. The Assistant must be comfortable with UPS and USPS mailing standards since these service are offered through the Information Center.

Website and Multimedia Developer

The Web Developer work with the Promotions Team to develop, coordinate and maintain the University Union website, along with a variety of other related sites and multimedia projects. The emphasis of this position is to develop websites using multimedia tools as educational, promotional and informational tools for the programs, services, facilities and role of the University Union. The Web Developer will pursue a working knowledge of video and other forms of media.