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Upward Bound


Our Rich History

The Upward Bound Program has been funded at UW-Green Bay since 1990 and is one of 770 such programs in the nation, serving 57 participants per year of an estimated 56,324 students in total.

Since its inception, UW-Green Bay Upward Bound has served more than 300 students, generating in participants the skills and motivation necessary to compete and succeed in postsecondary education.

Academic Tutoring

Weekly after-school tutoring is provided to improve academic performance.

College Visits

Campus tours to area universities and private colleges to explore academic opportunities.

College Placement Assistance

Upward Bound can waive one ACT exam and most college application fees. Pre-ACT instruction is offered to students asearly as their freshman year to prepare them for their ACT examinations. Information and assistance with college applications, scholarships, and financial aid are also provided.

Social/Personal/Career Counseling

One-to-one counseling on a monthly basis (or as often as needed) addressing college, career and personal needs.

What We Offer

Upward Bound provides participants with intense academic development, career exploration, social and cultural exposure, personal support, decision-making and leadership development and direct exposure to the college environment. Students participate in the program from the time of acceptance through high school graduation.

Social/Cultural Activities or Trips

Various activities and field trips offered throughout the year to broaden experience and enhance social skills.

Pre-college Summer Program

Participation in a required six-week pre-college summer residential program (mid-June to late July) on the UW-Green Bay campus to earn high school credit, experience college life and make new friends.


A monthly stipend of twenty dollars ($20) during the school year and a weekly stipend of ten dollars ($10) during the six-week summer program for satisfactory participation.

College Credit

Participation in the Bridge Program the summer following high school graduation. Upward Bound sponsors tuition for a three (3) credit college course, books & supplies, room & board and a weekly stipend.


Up to date brochures in English and Spanish outline what Upward Bound is all about as well as the 8th Grade Bridge Program for Upward Bound at UWGB.

Upward Bound Brochure (PDF)
Upward Bound Brochure (PDF - Espanol)

8th Grade Bridge (PDF)
8th Grade Bridge (PDF - Espanol)