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Urban & Regional Studies


Jalen Karenke (May 2007) in employed as energy specialist with Energy Assistance Program at Integrated Community Services in Green Bay

Christopher Braatz (May 2007) is working as a Transportation Planner for the State of Iowa in Ames, Iowa.

Christopher Gibbons (May 2007) has accepted the position of City Planner in Sumter, South Carolina.

Daniel Lindstrom (May 2007) has been accepted for graduate in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Kathryn Ten Hayken graduated in 2006 and is employed by the City of Ashland as a planner and housing preservation specialist.

Jennifer Faubert graduated in 2005 and is employed by the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C., where here duties include selection of photographs for publication in National Geographic.

Ann Saari graduated in 2005 and now works as an Assistant Property Manager for Lamar Companies in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ann writes, "I jwanted to let you know that my senior seminar really paid off! I liked studying the dead malls and now I get to experience first hand the older shopping centers getting turned around. We just bought a new property last week and it will be interesting to see the change we make."

William Hanrahan, an Urban Studies graduate and a former assistant attorney general for Wisconsin, has been appointed a Dane County circuit judge by Gov. Jim Doyle. Hanrahan gave the December commencement address and received "Distinguished Alumni" designation at UW-Green Bay in 2005. See

Jamie Simon graduated in 2002 (Urban and Regional Studies/Environmental Design) and moved to Boston where she now works for Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc. (HOK), one of the largest architectural firms in the United States.

Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders is a 1995 graduate of Urban and Regional Studies. He worked as Project Manager for the Green Bay office of MIG (Moore Iacofano Goltsman) Inc, one of the leading design firms in the country. He spent five years managing the Duck Creek Priority Watershed Project, a $21.8 million program to reduce non-point source water pollution, and was co-author of the Oneida Nation Comprehensive Master Plan, a sustainable development program for the 65,400-acre Oneida Indian Reservation in Wisconsin. He was project manager for the Village of Ashwaubenon Comprehensive Smart Growth Plan before taking his current position as a Principal Planner with OMNNI Associates in Appleton. See the news release about his work.

Chavonne James graduated in 2002 and now serves as a community planner for the City of Racine. She came to UW-Green Bay to major in Urban and Regional Studies after working one summer on an internship at the City of Racine Planning Department during high school!

Adrian Gershom graduated in 1995 with degrees in both Urban and Regional Studies and Communication & The Arts. He was initially employed until 1997 as Transportation Planner for the Oneida Nation where he authored the portion of their Master Plan pertaining to the comprehensive development of community walkways, bikeways and roads. Currently, Adrian is the Creative Director at and also Principal of Offshoot Design where he creates web and multimedia solutions designed to positively shape the public's perception of his clients. You can see some of this work on Adrian's portfolio site at (very impressive stuff!).

Michael Glime graduated in 2000 and is Director of the Main Street program in Algoma, Wisconsin. You can see some of his work at the Main Street website. For more information about the Wisconsin Main Street programs, take a look at this news report from the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce.


Naletta Burr is a 1998 graduate of Urban and Regional Studies. She is Director of On Broadway, one of the two Main Street redevelopment programs in Green Bay. You may have noticed the addition of four new buildings--and new businesses--on Broadway, along with the rehabilitation of several older buildings. All of this work has been done by On Broadway--and that means that it all has been supervised by Naletta--from the purchase of land, specifications for building design, and locating the client business. You can check out her work with this program at the On Broadway web site. And... Naletta was recently written up in the Green Bay News Chronicle for her work with On Broadway! Check it out here!

Chris Jensen is a 1998 graduate in Urban and Regional Studies. Following an internship with Neighborhood Housing Services, Chris was hired by Integrated Community Services. He now is in charge of building inspection for the city of Appleton.

Quasan Shaw is a 1997 graduate and is the founder and Principal of Root Development Inc in Green Bay.

Leann Doxtator was one of the original participants in the HUD-Community Development Work Study Program. She graduated from UW-Green Bay in 1989 and is a Community Planner for the Oneida Tribe of Indians.

Stephanie Gauthier graduated in 1997 and attended graduate school in Urban Studies at the University of Portland. She is Executive Director of the Greater Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Lynn Oliver is a 1997 graduate of the HUD-Community Development Work Study Program in Urban and Regional Studies. Following an internship with the Brown County Planning Department, she worked as Planning and Zoning Director for the City of Rosewell, GA for several years. Lynn now works as Senior Planner for the City of Alpharetta, GA.

Craig Tebon is a 1995 graduate in Urban and Regional Studies. He is Director of the Main Street redevelopment program in Ripon, WI. You can read about some of their (very impressive!) work at the Main Street website.

Noel Halverson

Noel Halvorsen graduated in Urban and Regional Studies in the HUD/Community Development Work Study Program. He worked as a community planner and GIS specialist with the City of Green Bay before moving to become Executive Director of Neighborhood Housing Services in Green Bay. Many awards that Neighborhood Housing Services has received under Noel's leadership have been reported in local and state news media.

Brad Brezinski (1998-Chancellor's Medallion) served as chairperson and a four-year member of the Art Agency, he arranged for the Kohler Arts Center to sponsor visits by national and international artists to the UW-Green Bay campus. He was coordinator for two years and rallied support for the discontinued Empty Bowls for Hungry Mouths program, which now consistently raises $1,000 per year to benefit a local organization that works with the homeless. He helped renew the Day Without Art - a national AIDS awareness program, on campus. Brezinski has also been active in student government and SUFAC. His community involvement included serving as a judge and coach for the high school Odyssey of the Mind programs and the annual Art street festival.


Jason Blohm is a 2001 graduate of Urban and Regional Studies who had a very distinguished career at UW-Green Bay... how many of you know that for four years Jason was the Phoenix mascot at campus sporting events? Since graduation, Jason has taught high school (his origina career goal) and then decided to move to a career in student services. He currently is a career specialist at the University of Kansas.