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Urban & Regional Studies

UW Green Bay URS Alumni Highlights

Professors: Ray Hutchison, Kumar Kangayappan, and Associate Professors Marcelo Cruz, Thomas Nesslein (chair)

Claims to fame: Several, but disproportionate representation among Alumni Association award winners. Also, program graduates frequently return as ad hoc instructors; some “legacies” — second-generation students — are currently enrolled; internships are encouraged; and a senior seminar is required.

History and trends: Today’s program took shape with an early-1990s merger of Urban Studies and Regional Analysis.

Distinguished Alumni Awards: William Hanrahan ’82, assistant attorney general; John Huegel ’71, attorney, authority on contract, construction law; Keith Pamperin ’70, housing administrator, Green Bay and Brown County; John Stoll ’73, professor, public and environmental affairs.

Outstanding Recent Alumni: Naletta Burr ’98, director, On Broadway Inc.

Current enrollments: Steady at about 30 majors per year; many others majoring or minoring in related disciplinary fields including economics, geography.

A Report from Urban & Regional

John S. Bain ’78 has joined Huron Consulting Group in Boston as a higher ed and healthcare manager. Huron addresses regulatory, financial and litigation issues for organizations including Fortune 500 companies and leading colleges.

Karen Carasik

Karen Carasik ’77 was recently featured as “Someone You Should Know,” a feature in Lifestyles Magazine. The artist has been represented in galleries in Florida, the Midwest and California. Following law school at Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago Kent College of Law, she was a successful corporate finance lawyer until 1993. She then became an entrepreneur, and in 2000 began producing a series of paintings and opened a gallery.

Sandra Baenen Chope ’77 is a graphic designer and owner of Artwerks, in Markleeville, Calif. She says she works “from wherever she can get wireless.” She resides in the Lake Tahoe region in the summer and in Tubac, Ariz. in the winter.

Bryan Schacht ’78 is the director of application software research in the Document Systems Group, Sharp Labs of America. He frequently travels to India and Japan to work with remote development groups. He recently finished his private pilot instrument rating and enjoys flying around the American Southwest.

Julie (Licht) Cayo ’96 is the community development planner for the city of West Bend. She received her master’s degree in urban planning from UW-Milwaukee’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Quasan Shaw ’97 was appointed by Gov. Jim Doyle to the Council on Affirmative Action.

Ann Saari ’04 is assistant property manager for Lamar Companies, a property development firm in Charlotte, N.C.

Jason Blohm

Jason Blohm ’01 is assistant director of recruitment services for the University of Nebraska-Omaha. He is pursuing a master’s degree in public administration and is recently engaged.

Ker Vang ’98 is transitioning from a leadership role with the Hmong Association of Green Bay to a new position with the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission.

Jim Schlies ’81, is vice president of economic development for the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He served previously in economic development positions with cities including Green Bay, where he helped develop the I-43 business park.

John Manser

John Manser ’93, a double major in geography and regional analysis, is director of operations for The Salvation Army in Green Bay. With its share of a national grant and generous community support, the Salvation Army will expand its operations locally and serve additional clients with a new community center.

Peter Strzyzewski ’89, has worked 16 years for what is now the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. He currently serves as executive officer for the Office of Asia/Pacific at the Washington (D.C.) Navy Yard.

Stephanie (Gauthier) Phillips ’97 is executive director of The Greater Oconomowoc Chamber of Commerce.

Martin Tirado ’95 is an account coordinator for Svinicki Association Services of Milwaukee.

Lara Vande Walle ’93 is president of the Washington D.C. Technology Council.

Jamie Simon ’02 works in Boston for Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum.

Paul Beyer ’83 is a store manager with Walgreens in the Chandler, Ariz., area. He writes, “We love Arizona because you don’t have to shovel the sunshine, although oven mitts on the steering wheel are not uncommon.”

Chavonne James ’02 is a community planner for the City of Racine.

Adrian Gershom ’95 is Creative Director at, Chicago, and also a principal of Offshoot Design.

Michael Glime ’00 directs the Main Street program in Algoma.

Jeff Witte ’97 is a GIS specialist with the Oneida Tribe of Indians.

J.P. Grom ’97 attended architecture school at Texas A&M, and has been made a principal in the firm Brown Reynolds and Watford.

Lynn Oliver ’97 is a senior planner for the city of Alpharetta, Ga.

Leann Doxtator ’89 is a community planner for the Oneida Tribe.

Craig Tebon ’95 is director of the Main Street redevelopment program in Ripon.

Noel Halvorsen ’92 is executive director of Neighborhood Housing Services in Green Bay.