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Urban & Regional Studies

Further Information

  • Urban Affairs Association: The Urban Affairs Association is the international professional organization for urban scholars, researchers.
  • Project for Public Spaces: PPS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining public places that build communities.
  • The Urban Institute: "A nonpartisan economic and social policy research organization" or think tank, the Urban Institute site contains papers, research, links and more dealing with urban issues. See their Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center as well.
  • American Planning Association: Organized to advance the art and science of urban and regional planning.
  • The Taub Urban Research Center From New York University: "The Taub Urban Research Center at NYU's Wagner School explores issues and challenges affecting cities and metropolitan regions. The Center issues reports and conducts forums that include participants from government, business, nonprofit organizations, and the academic community."

More help is available on-campus at the Career Services Office at SS 1600, 465-2163. Contact Academic Advising at SS 1600, 465-2362. Another service for UW System students on the Web is UW HELP On-Line. This service provides in-depth information on the programs of the UW System.