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Urban & Regional Studies

Department News

Summer 2012

It has been a busy summer! Marcelo Cruz and Adam Parillo have returned from the month-long seminar in Tena, Ecuador where they worked with students from several countries, including UW-Green Bay, to assist the city and university with their transit planning. Earlier in the summer Ray Hutchison was in the UK to present a paper titled Zoopolitan Futures at the ISAZ (International Society for Anthrozoology, the study of human-animal relationships) Conference at Cambridge.

As the summer comes to a close, we look forward to come changes for the Fall Semester. We will be joined by a new faculty member, Dr. Tonmoy Islam, who received his MA in Economics from Vanderbilt University and his PhD in Economics from the University of Kentucky. Tom Nesslein will be the new Chair of the department. Ray Hutchison will begin his year long sabbatical -- although the sabbath is the day of rest for various Old Testament religions, this particular sabbatical will be used to complete writing of a book under contract to Rutledge.

Spring 2012

Congratulations to recent graduates from Urban and Regional Studies: Kameron Franz, Benjamin Gerrits, Mark Roeder, Nicholas Schuelke, and Mai Xiong.

Did you know that graduation used to be held outdoors?!

Fall 2011

Congratulations to the Fall 2011 graduates from Urban and Regional Studies: Patrick McGregor, Trevor Martin, Gabriela Parra, and Annette Wilber.

Summer 2007

Moving On. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Francis Carleton, who has moved on to greener spaces in Las Vegas, Nevada. Francis has been a valuable member of URS for many years, teaching our core course in Community Politics, entertaining large sections of Introduction to Urban Studies, and lending a steady hand to the capstone Senior Seminar. We wish him and his family the very best!

Frank Byrne Memorial Award. Congratulations to Jenna Gravitter, recipient of the 2007-2008 Frank Byrne Memorial Award. This award is given to the outstanding student in urban and regional studies to support their field research activity. Jenna earned this award because of her academic work (described as best in the class by her instructors in the URS core courses). Not coincidentally, she also has the highest GPA of URS majors. She has worked with Dr. Marcelo Cruz in the On Broadway, Inc. comprehensive plan and will return next year to work on the redevelopment of the Larsen properties on Green Bays west side.

Summer Time... and the living is easy. Well, maybe easy, but not exactly uneventful. Summer courses are being taught by Francis Carleton, Marcelo Cruz, Ray Hutchison, Bill Laatsch and Tom Nesslein. Ray Hutchison will spend a week in Chicago this June to complete work on a long-standing project concerning historiography of Mexican immigrants to the city in the 1920s and 1930s. Marcelo Cruz will take a group of students to Ecuador and to the Galapagos archipelago in July.

May 2007 graduates -- We have a bumper crop of graduates this year. Congratulations to Drew Anderson, Christopher Gibbons, Christopher Braatz, Kathryn Newbanks, Leslie Renard, Jonathan Arndt, Danielle Fosdick, Zachary Miller, Lucas DeLaporte, Chad Bulkowski, Lacey Samz, Daniel Teaters, Jalen Karenke, Thomas Baron, Daniel Lindstrom. And they are going places already! Dan Lindstrom will be attending graduate school at the Ohio State University (the oldest planning program in the country), Chris Braatz has a job in tall corn country with the Iowa Department of Transportation in Ames, and Christopher Gibbons has been hired as city planner in Sumter, South Carolina.

Spring 2007

It's all about you! Check out the recent news story from the UW-Green Bay Alumni magazine -- a special feature on Urban and Regional Studies graduates!

Frank Byrne Memorial Award. Congratulations to Danielle Fosdick, Christopher Braatz, and Thomas Baron, recipients of the 200-6-2007 Frank Byrne Memorial Award. This award is given to outstanding students in Urban and Regional Study in support of their field research activity. For the last year, Danielle, Chris, and Tom have worked with Dr. Marcelo Cruz and with On Broadway, Inc. on a comprehensive plan for the redevelopment of downtown Green Bay's west side.

Marcelo Cruz was was invited to the University of Castilla La Mancha in Albacete, Spain from April 15 to April 22 to give lectures on urban trends in US cities and to join an international group of scholars to discuss the Proyecto ciudad difusa -- a comparative study on urban form in European and North American cities.

December 2006 Graduates -- A small but distinguished group of URS students attended the December graduation ceremonies. Congratulations to Nicole Dashek, Erin Heise, Bati Tola, and Travis Urban

May 2006 Graduates -- Ten students graduated from URS during the spring ceremonies. Congratulation to Jennifer Faubert, Gavin Hassmer, Michael Klemens, Elizabeth Moran, Jaren Naniot, Joshua Keeran, Christopher Schanz, Brett Wearing, Fue Xiong, and Nicholas Zinke.

Summer-Fall 2005


Hard to believe that the summer is finished, but your faculty in Urban and Regional Studies have returned from summer travels and will be joining you in the classroom next week. Marcelo Cruz returns from his spring semester sabbatical, which included travel to Ecuador and to Los Angeles to continue research projects with faculty at UCLA. Ray Hutchison spent two weeks in Italy at the beginning of the summer--a week in Florence to study the Renaissance city and to meet with officials at Firenze (University of Florence) and also with the director of a foundation about possible student trips and conferences, and then a week in Venice to present a paper titled The Racialization of Urban Space at a conference on Public Space. In August he traveled to Philadelphia to present a paper titled Gang Spaces: How Street Gangs Transform Urban Space at the American Sociological Association.

Summer 2004

Summer is a busy time... in fact, faculty sometimes joke that they are more busy in the summer than during the regular school year! Ron Baba has received news of a research grant from the Environmental Protection Agency for a study of the impact of urban development on the Baird Creek watershed. Marcelo Cruz has returned with 10 students who spent two-weeks in Switzerland in one of the special travel courses that he runs each summer. Ray Hutchison recently signed a contract with Westview Press for a third edition of The New Urban Sociology (with Mark Gottdiener) and another contract with SAGE Publications for a three-volume Encyclopedia of Urban Studies. Bill Laatsch has returned from a two week trip to the real frozen tundra-- northern Siberia in the Russian Republic. And the summer is not even half-way through yet!!