University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Kristin M. Vespia, Ph.D.

HUM DEV 497/PSYCH 497: Internship

I sponsor internships for both Human Development and Psychology students.  The types of internships that I am best prepared to support include those related to college student development (e.g., UWGB Admissions Office), adult mental health services (e.g., Villa Hope Community Support Program), and community support services for adults (e.g., Golden House, Harbor House, NEW Community Shelter, Sexual Assault Center).  I also sponsor internships with the Phuture Phoenix Program each semester.  You can learn more about the types of internships supported by individual faculty members by clicking on "Internship Sponsors" on the right side of this page (after you link to that page, make sure to scroll down until you see a grid entitled "Internship Advisors").  

Students who are interested in completing an internship should carefully read the information about internships (including course prerequisites and requirements) provided on the Human Development and Psychology websites (see links on the right side of this page).  After reading the appropriate internship policy and determining if they meet the prerequisites for an internship, students should feel free to examine my sample internship syllabus, as well.  Please note that I may assign readings specific to the individual student's internship.  However, the general structure, assignments, and expectations outlined in the syllabus tend to be the same for all internships.