University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Kristin M. Vespia, Ph.D.

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PSYCH 438: Counseling Across The Lifespan

Counseling Across the Lifespan is an upper-level Psychology course (with a Writing Emphasis).  Students in this class learn about a variety of theoretical approaches to counseling and psychotherapy, including psychoanalysis, cognitive and behavioral therapies, existentialism, and feminist therapy.  We also talk about different therapeutic approaches that might be used successfully with specific age groups, such as children, adolescents, and older adults.  In addition, I hope that students learn more about professional issues in counseling and psychotherapy (e.g., licensure and certification, ethics) and about contemporary issues important to the field (e.g., multicultural counseling and assessment, empirically supported treatments).  Finally, I like to expose students to process and outcome research and to its importance to the continuing development of the helping professions.

Students should be aware that this class will not teach them how to counsel other people.  Graduate level training and supervision are necessary to conduct therapy.