University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Kristin M. Vespia, Ph.D.

PSYCH 440: Multicultural Counseling and Mental Health

Multicultural Counseling and Mental Health is an upper-level Psychology elective.  As suggested by its title, the class examines cultural differences in how mental health and illness are defined and treated.  In a broader sense, however, the course addresses the ways in which privilege, oppression, acculturation, identity, and an increasingly diverse society influence the provision of health (and mental health) care and human services in general.  Thus, students from a broad range of majors (human development, psychology, social work, women’s studies, etc.) may benefit from exploring ways in which culture impacts worldviews, attitudes and beliefs, communication styles, and human interactions in general.

Students should be aware that this class will not teach them how to counsel other people.  Graduate level training and supervision are necessary to conduct therapy.