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Veteran's Services

Credit For Military Experience

Veterans must submit an official transcript and DD 214 (Copy # 4) with honorable discharge to the UW-Green Bay Admissions Office for evaluation of their military training and experience. In granting credit, UW-Green Bay follows the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations and University policies. No duplicate credits will be granted. After initial admission to UW-Green Bay, prior military credits are evaluated by the Registrar's Office.

Students who have completed Basic and Advanced Training with the military may be eligible for the following transfer credits:

  • 2 credits MIL SCI 211, Leadership and Military Science I
  • 3 credits HUM BIOL 116, First Aid-Emergency Care Procedures
  • 1 credits PHY ED 121, Personal Conditioning
  • 2 credits MIL SCI 212, Leadership and Military Science II
  • 3 credits MIL SCI 221, Basic Leadership and Management I
  • 3 credits MIL SCI 222, Basic Leadership and Management II

There is a chance you may be eligible to receive more credits based upon the type of advance training you received from the military. You would need to have a transcript sent from your military affiliate: