Photo Gallery

Viking Camp 2013

Owen and Elspeth

Viking Metalworking

Students Metalworking

The hot flames of metalworking

Students harnessing the craft of metalworking

Elspeth showing student how to knit.

Elspeth using the loom

Elspeth showing students how to use the loom.

Owen making staves for a bucket

Students making food over the medieval fire pit.

Elspeth showing everyone a book.

Elspeth and Owen seated, working and listening.

Elspeth knitting

Students making food over the medieval fire pit.

Elspeth enjoying her meal.

Students gathered in the house making food.

Elspeth and students talking while food is cooking

Group photo of the Viking Camp from 2013

Deconstruction 2017

Photo of the outside before deconstruction

Photo of the inside before deconstruciton

Walls are starting to come down.

Walls are taken down and now working on roof.

Taking down the center piece of the roof.

Trying to get the center piece to the ground.

Student documenting dimensions of each piece.

Removing the roof.

View of one half of the roof removed.

Half of roof removed

Half of roof removed continued.

Students measuring columns and pieces of house.

Removal of the other half of the roof.

The roof of the house is almost finished

Removing a nail.

Removing the frame of the roof continued.

Contemplating how to remove a piece.

Removing the frame of the roof.

Removing the frames of the roof.

Taking a break from the hard work.

Columns and frame of house only remain.

Only the frame of the house remains.