Independent Study and Honors Project Syllabus

  ęD.D.VonDras 2005  




Independent Study and Honors Projects are student-centered learning activities.  They provide an opportunity for a deeper understanding in a specific area or topic. The syllabus is personalized to the student's interests and concerns, and thus is modifiable so as to create an exceptional learning experience.  Specific learning goals are to be listed in the student's Independent Study form application. Course credit is available, and usually equates into 40-45 hours of research activity per credit hour.  The Independent Studies and Honors Project activities and goals are flexible and may include the following activities:



Meeting Schedule: 



Meetings usually on a weekly/bi-weekly basis throughout the project.



Honors Project Requirement:


The Honors Project requires a 3.75 G.P.A., along with the development and pursuit of a unique research question that may take the form of a literature review and reorganization (e.g., meta-analysis), a position paper, or an empirical project.




Independent study and Honors projects are evaluated based on successful completion of, (A) all goals listed in syllabus; (B) development of a bibliography/portfolio comprising research articles and their brief summarization; (C) submission of a full-length research report (25 pages or more).