Outline for Internship Final Report

  ęD.D.VonDras 2007  



 Your report should be a minimum of 25 pages in length.  Please use the A.P.A. style for your report. Your final report should consist of the following sections and chapters:


I.                    Title page.


II.                 Chapter 1.  Introduction--This chapter should contain a description of your internship, your onsite-supervisor, training experiences, special topics and activities, learning goals, and perhaps motivation for carrying out the internship.


III.               Chapter 2.  Information and understanding gathered through your literature review.  In-depth discussion of special topics of interest (e.g., learning styles, student achievement).


IV.              Chapter 3.  In- depth discussion of special internship training and activities (these should be recorded and detailed in your journal).


V.                 Chapter 4.  Discussion of special ethical concerns and issues as they deal with this professional area (e.g., confidentiality, privacy, humane treatment, etc.), and your daily conduct as a professional (e.g., relationships with supervisors, colleagues, and subordinates, as well as the broader community).


VI.              Chapter 5.  Discussion of special topics in terms of insights, outcomes, understandings, etc., which allows an integration of theory (ideas and issues described and discussed in Chapter 2) and practice (activities described and discussed in Chapter 3).


VII.            Cheaper 6.  Discussion of personal insights and development.  How have you grown from the experience?


VIII.         Reference Section (listing at least 20 research or review articles, book chapters, etc. that pertain to the key topics and discussion noted in each of the chapters).


IX.              Appendix (Log or additional materials).