Teaching Assistants Talk


Below, in their own words, you will find reflections of special benefits, insights, and challenges experienced by other Teaching Assistants.



"I really enjoyed fulfilling the role as the teaching facilitator for Professor VonDras' Introduction to Human Development course.  I feel that this experience has added to my collegiate career.  One of the greatest benefits I found with this position was my ability to interact with both the students and the professor.  I was able to talk with students about different aspects of the class and I was also able to discuss the students concerns with the professor.  This position is not an easy one to fulfill.  There were several occasions where I felt overwhelmed by the work involved and students always had questions for me.  I found that a positive attitude and energy helped me through these times.  Given the opportunity, I would, without a doubt, take on this challenge again.  The positive experience I gained from this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am sincerely thankful that I accepted the challenge.  I encourage anyone who is thinking of being a teaching facilitator to accept the challenge and take away from the experience as much as possible!"


Kimmie Wagner

May 2, 2003



"My experience as a teaching facilitator in Intro to Human Development was both positive and rewarding.  I feel that I have gained valuable insight into what it takes to promote a stimulating and intriguing environment in the classroom.  I believe that my experience has helped me discover the strengths that I possess. I was able to use the things that I learned about myself to assist others in learning and understanding the material presented in class, as well as helping the students make connections between the class topics and their own life experiences.  Although this position challenged me to think outside my own personal comfort zone, I discovered what kinds of leadership qualities I have by trying to make class a comfortable place for all the students.  I would definitely recommend this position to any student who is interested in enhancing their academic careers and skills, as well as those who are looking to interact with students in a way that helps them gain knowledge of the material by helping it makes sense in their everyday lives. I have learned valuable lessons through this opportunity, and I plan on using those lessons I've learned throughout the rest of my academic career at UW-Green Bay."  


Christina Engstrom

June 11, 2004