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Videos by our LFRWMP Students from Pulaski High School-- Green Bay and Fox River "Area of Concern" Water and Habitat Impairments

Since 2003, the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program has provided high school students and teachers with hands-on experience in assessing the health of aquatic ecosystems in Northeastern Wisconsin. Teams of students perform a variety of monitoring activities in selected watersheds of the Lower Fox River Basin, using trained teachers and standardized methods to collect quality assured data. These data are shared on the project website and at the annual Student Watershed Symposium, held at UW-Green Bay each spring. Here’s what those involved have to say about the project:

Video 2:

The Lower Fox River Watershed by Pulaski High School

This video was scripted, filmed, and produced by Stefanie Stainton's AP Environmental Science Class, with directing and editing by Independent Study students, Dan Irwin and Nick Reed.  The video provides an overview of the L. Fox River Watershed, current issues and challenges facing the river and Bay of Green Bay, along with some suggested actions that citizens can take to support clean water resources in Northeast Wisconsin.  Pulaski High School is part of the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program and partners with Oneida Nation High School to monitor Trout Creek. The video made its debut at the LFRWMP Watershed Symposium and EMBI Conference at UW-Green Bay on April 19, 2012.

Video 3:

Annual EMBI conference has attendees thinking green

The UW-Green Bay campus was thinking green late last month, when our own Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) held its annual Green Innovations Conference on the topic of water. We’ve got new video that talks about the event, along with the bigger picture of EMBI and its sustainability efforts here on campus — how far we’ve come, and where we’re going into the future.

Video 4:

Katers reflects on winning Green Bay Southwest High Distinguished Alumni Award

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. John Katers has been named Green Bay Southwest High School’s Distinguished Alumni Award winner for 2012.  Katers, Natural and Applied Sciences, is a 1986 graduate of Southwest who holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in environmental science from UW-Green Bay. He earned his doctorate in civil and environmental engineering from Marquette University in Milwaukee.  Katers is widely recognized as an authority on recycling, waste management, renewable energy and more. Here, he offers his thoughts on the Distinguished Alumni Award — and his message for the leaders of tomorrow.

Prof. Katers is the Co-Director of EMBI, which partnered with our program for our 2012 Watershed Symposium.  Prof. Katers planned and made arrangements for all our afternoon tours.  Also to be noted, Katers' alma mater, GB Southwest High School is a founding member of the LFRWMP and monitors the Duck Creek watershed.  The video contains footage of LFRWMP students at the Mahon Creek monitoring station on April 19, 2012.



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