the lower fox river watershed monitoring program    
University of Wisconsin Green Bay
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Overview of School-Based Monitoring Events (poster)

Field Sampling

School-based monitoring activities are scheduled throughout the year. Physical and chemical water quality parameters are assessed in the fall, spring, and summer monitoring events. Habitat assessment are conducted in the fall and summer sessions. Also, amphibian monitoring is conducted each spring, and macroinvertebrate and bird studies are scheduled for June of each year.

Teacher Workshop

Participating teachers return to the UWGB campus each July for hands-on training in watershed assessment, data handling and analysis, and curricula integration. Teachers also gain exposure to other aspects of the program, including the USGS continuous monitoring stations and UW-Milwaukee's fish sampling team.

Student Watershed Symposium

Each year in May, the annual Watershed Symposium provides a forum for sharing student research projects from all of the watersheds. Students present findings in oral or poster format from projects on assessing and improving stream health. Presentations are judged by agency personnel and university faculty, providing high school students a rare opportunity to interact with researchers in water quality fields. An annual report is published to include the proceedings from the Symposium.