the lower fox river watershed monitoring program    
University of Wisconsin Green Bay
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Program Staff

Program Director - Dr. Kevin Fermanich, UWGB:
As overall program director, Dr. Fermanich oversees the water chemistry school-based monitoring activities, develops procedures, coordinates activities between partners, reports project results, and interfaces with the community.

Principal Investigator - Dr. Timothy Ehlinger, UWM:
Dr. Ehlinger specializes in the study of the habitat requirements, ecology and reproduction of fishes and aquatic macroinvertebrates of north temperate lakes and streams. As part of the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program, Dr. Ehlinger manages the continuous monitoring sondes, develops biological monitoring procedures, oversees invertebrate and fish sampling, serves as an instructor for the summer workshops, and assists in the publication of project results.

Ornithology and Herpetology Expert - Dr. Robert Howe, UWGB Cofrin Center for Biodiversity:
As the Director of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, Dr. Howe focuses his research on vertebrate ecology, conservation biology, and bird population dynamics. Dr. Howe coordinates the bird and amphibian surveys for the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program.

Program Assistant - Jill Fermanich, UWGB:
Jill serves as the primary contact for the teachers in the school-based monitoring program, and assists in the development of the monitoring manual and QA/QC procedures. She also plans and organizes the annual Summer Teacher Workshop and the Student Watershed Symposium.

Watershed Modeling Expert - Paul Baumgart, UWGB:
Using GIS software, Paul analyzes water quality data to estimate nutrient and sediment loadings for the Fox-Wolf basin. He also assists with the workshop training sessions, coordinates with USGS monitoring activities, performs QA/QC of school-based water data, and performs supplemental stream monitoring activities.

Master Teacher - Lynn Terrien, Green Bay Southwest High School:
As Master Teacher, Lynn acts as a liaison between the different schools participating in the monitoring program and the universities. Lynn reviews and develops curricula, assists with the procedures manual development, helps to plan the summer workshop, and coordinates activities between schools.

Graduate Research Assistant - UWGB:
The graduate assistant provides a variety of support services for the project, including assistance in school-based monitoring activities and training, QA/QC of school-based water data, maintenance of the website, and servicing of USGS automated samplers.Graduate assistants also perform independent thesis research related to the project.

Undergraduate Technician -UWGB:
Undergraduate technicians provide necessary duties such as servicing automated samplers, conducting low-flow manual sampling, and processing samples for delivery to GBMSD. Also, students may provide assistance for the school-based monitoring activities as necessary.


July 28, 2010