the lower fox river watershed monitoring program    
University of Wisconsin Green Bay
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

USGS Real-time and Historical Data

The U.S. Geological Survey has established or upgraded 6 monitoring stations as part of the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program. These stations record precipitation, gage height, and discharge. As streamflow increases due to runoff events, automated samplers installed at the stations take water samples, which are analyzed by the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District laboratory for total phosphorus, dissolved phosphorus, and total suspended solids. This data, along with bimonthly low-flow sampling, will enable researchers to model sediment and phosphorus loads delivered to Green Bay. Online real-time and historical data are available for the following stations (select other menu items for historical data or other information):

Reports are also available from USGS on the Upper Fox River Basin. One such report that may be of interest is:

  1. funded jointly by the LFRWMP, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin and the USGS
  2. funded jointly by the LFRWMP, Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District and the USGS